Where Can I Find Russian Prostitutes in Thailand? [Answered]

Russian Whore

Lately we have received quite a few emails asking about Russian prostitute’s in Thailand.

If you are looking for Russian prostitutes, Thailand is an “okay” place for this. I know for a fact that there are plenty of Russian prostitutes in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Samui. (Probably in Phuket too.)

A Few Things First:

1- I never recommend call or internet services. Tried this a few times and the women NEVER look like their photos. A complete waste of money if you like good looking women.

2- In Bangkok you can find plenty of Russian street walkers, but I personally wouldn’t touch them. To me, there is something very dirty about street walkers in Thailand.

3- Russians are not cheap. If you are looking for a 500 or 1000 baht fuck, Russians are not for you. You’ll usually be paying between 3,000 and 7,000 baht for this. Although my friends and I have pulled a few Russian prostitutes for free from Insomnia Club in Bangkok and Pattaya.

4- I don’t know of any Russian massage parlors in Thailand.


Here you have two main options: Prostitutes on the streets (street walkers) or freelancers in clubs.

For street walkers, checkout the streets near Nana Plaza.

For freelancers in night clubs, go to Shock 39, Spicy, or Bossy.


On the main walking street there is a very big Russian brothel. Sometimes they can have some VERY good looking women there.


They recently opened up a Russian brothel right next to Green Mango dance club called “Galaxy”. Most of the women are not that great looking, but there are a couple cute ones.

You will not find Russian street walkers in Samui. However, you can sometimes find a few of them at Ark Bar when the girls are not working.

My Advice is This:

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Meaning, when you are in Thailand, fuck Thai girls or tourists. When you are in Amsterdam or Eastern Europe, fuck Russian girls.

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  • gino says:

    Russian Escorts
    European Escorts
    Thai Escorts
    Bangkok Escorts Agency

  • LBH says:

    Hi, I am in Phuket for a few days. It seems.its quite difficult to find good looking legitimate russian/eastern European escorts online.

    Do you know any good russian brothels or specific places in Phuket were one can easily pick up or be picked up by good looking russian escorts?

  • saurbh says:

    where find best Russian girls in Bangkok and how many rate..

  • mohan dk says:

    Like and useful I visited status in a year 5 times I agree with u when in Roma behave as roma

  • Akash Abhishek says:

    Can u plz tell me that how much for russian girls in galaxy bar(pattaya)?
    and can i take her to my hotel for one night???
    if yes then how she will take?

  • Isani says:

    Please tell me the Current rate short time or night of Russian girl/Europeans girl in patyya or Bangkok ?

    Date 20.07.2016

  • Chris says:

    I’ve had a crazy notion applying for a job in a brothel. Unfortunately I’m not a girl. I’m a 20 year old male. Feminine looking though. Do they have brothels in Thailand for guys like me. I’d love to be like one of those girls behind the glass windows. Any advice on how I might find myself in that situation? I’d like to try it for a few months. If someone could help me I’d even let them sell me to a brothel. I know that’s kind of weird. Any thoughts?

  • Michael says:

    When I was in Pattaya threes ago, a popular disgo for Russians called Hollywood. Many off duty Russian strippers, and Eastern European prostitutes hangout there to!

    But it is extremely hard to tell who is looking for business and who is simply having fun there.

  • rakesh says:

    how much is charged for model type russian girls

  • salvatore says:

    are the russian girls friendly

  • Dr Amit says:

    Planning to go to bangkok. My stay will be at hotel conrad bangkok. Can u give me information wether this hotel is guest friendly and where i will get girls on nearby place to hotel.

  • Himanshu says:

    Pls call only for Hindi or Gujrati language pls call me

  • Ranjit Singh Daler says:

    Can Ipick good looking russian girl in insomnia or other club back to my hotel room? Do they join an Indian? Or there is any problem in fucking russian girls.

  • kartick oraon says:

    Where can I find Russian postitute girl in pattaya in Thailand

  • Rajesh says:

    In January 15 have trip to pattaya please advise me where I find European and Russian girls . I will stauy on walking street

  • Rajesh says:

    We are 7 adults in Thiland 24 Nov to 28 Nov.
    we want Russian girls. pls contact

  • Tom says:

    Update about Galaxy :

    like other bars – XO, Moulin Rouge, Russian Cabaret – with slavic ladies (russian, ukrainian, moldovan) this is a “strip-club”, not a gogo bar like others thai bars.

    That means that if you can pay the bar fine to take one (or more) women out of the bar, there is no guarantee that you would end up in bed with her.

    In Galaxy, the fee for a woman is 4000 TBH per hour, 15000 THB for the whole night (from 8pm to 4am).

    The ladies in Galaxy are more like “normal” women : you will have to seduce them the right way in order to get to know them in a deeper way – which basically means coming to Galaxy (or any other club) quite often, choose a lady, stick with her and buy her a drink (1500 THB) of a bottle of champagne (4000 THB) each time so that she can stay with you.

    Then, it’s all about you and her : if you can make her grow her desire for you…

    I personally obtained a date for free with a VERY beautiful girl (during her free time),
    after coming many many times to Galaxy and failing with 2 others women the last 2 years.

    With this girl, I went to Galaxy 4 times and bought 1 drink and 3 bottles , plus the tips, and the drinks on the date, for a total price of around 20 000 THB (and we only kissed passionately on our “first” date).

    Conclusion :
    YES it’s possible to go out with a beautiful russian girl from a bar,
    YES it’s very expensive,
    NO it won’t be as easy as it is for thai ladies as you will have to seduce her like a “normal” girl.

    Therefore if you are only looking for easy and hot sex without anything serious with a girl,
    it doesn’t worst the pain,
    stick with thai girls.

  • Ankur says:

    I need a Russian girl in Pattaya. Any recommendations?

  • alok says:

    i need russian girl in pattaya

  • tausif says:

    thanx for all imformation

  • Jarrod says:

    As was mentioned in the article, if you want Russian/east European girls then save your pennies and head to Amsterdam. I was absolutely shocked at how good looking some of these girls are and for about $70 for a fifteen minute fuck was well worth it. They don’t come close to the Thai girls in hospitality and personal service but how often do you get to fuck white girls that look like Victoria Secret models?

  • naveed says:

    i want to meet russian girl i need partner now i am in pattya help me

  • Tee says:

    Sorry for the previous comment. You can find Russian or Ukraine girls 20 – 30 years old at Raja hotel Soi 4 Sukhumvit. 2600 – 3xxx BHT for short time. You should go there around 10 PM. Another place is front of Grace hotel, you can find Uzbekistan/Turkey/Iran ladies 30 – 40 years old. 1000 – 1500 BHT for short time. Another place is beside Coffee world (Subway) at Soi 7/1 Sukhumvit. There are some Russian/Ukraine mature women there (1000 – 1500 BHT for short time). If you go Pattaya, you find Ukraine ladies at front of Midtown hotel 2000 BHT for short time.

  • mrblues says:

    heeeey how i can find the russians girls in phuket im coming at 5/1

  • kiladi says:

    Tried the Russian girls in bangkok. I will just say one thing – avoid the Russian hookers in Bangkok. They all have some issues with their body (beaten up, abused etc), and they seem to be held under duress. And in any case, they are not in the least bit good looking, and their attitude is terrible, and performance is nill. Not sure where the other posters are finding the good ones in bangkok. Not worth the money spent. I will rather wait, save up, and go to Amsterdam or Dubai for this experience.

  • noman says:

    looking for sexy 25 something girls in pattaya

  • sanjay says:

    I found a Uzbekistani girl outside tony disco whom i took to my room. I know her name and passport no. She was very nice.how can i get connected with her again .

  • Arvind says:

    Hello Gods of Thailand,

    You mentioned “On the main walking street there is a very big Russian brothel. Sometimes they can have some VERY good looking women there.”

    Which and where on walking street is this Very Big Russian Brothel please mention.

  • robin says:

    i dont know what the hell price you guys paid but i myself fucked two girls one half russian half kazaki another uzbeki in pattaya the first just for 1500 baht the second 2000 baht both were goodlooking but around 30 years i am from iran and for the next trip i am planing more of these russian girls , just try to be a bit creative somehow difficult but possible.

  • sam says:

    I will come bangkok in spril so can you tell me where I find pool party

  • sam says:

    I was came pattaya 5 times but I never search russian girls if I want russian girls so where I search if you have so gv me ur number next month I will cm again for 14 days

  • Robert says:

    Where Can I Find Chinese Prostitutes in Thailand?

  • Jack says:

    I want meet rishan girl please help me

  • mohamad says:

    hi i am niky from armania i want a lidy russian for 3 hours that aboat 2000 baht for always i peyment to you reward if u find for me if u can find please give me your number telephon or mobile thanks

  • Although they are not Russian, you can see many Uzbeki (which look very similar) pros around Grace Hotel in the Arab quarter.

    I had quite a few of them in the same van as I was in on my last visa run to Lao.

    Came oh so close to pulling a freebie off this petite brunette with super sexy eyes. This chick was a hardened pro though and I couldn’t get more than some mutual grabbing and rubbing out of her.

  • magicmike says:

    I find Russians in pattaya to be WAY too expensive… hot looking no doubt but given the choice of going home with 1 Russian chick or 2 just as hot Thai chicks for the same price there can only be one winner.

    I was once quoted 4000 from a WS Russian girl… safe to say i did not accept this offer, for 4000 i could take 4 Thai girls at the same time and have some real fun.

  • Tom says:

    What is the brothel in pattaya called? I only heard of galaxy and moulin rouge that offer striptease only.Would like a little variety as well 🙂

    • For Russians, Galaxy if your best bet. (Never been to Moulin Rouge, so can’t offer any input there.)

      If you want a striptease, go to any strip club in America or Europe. Thailand is where guys go for the full experience. Not just the cock tease.

  • Dmitry says:

    Hello, I’m from Russia myself and I have a couple of questions.

    1. Why would anyone want a Russian prostitute in Thailand? Russian girls are great sometimes, but why go to Thai for them?

    2. How can Russian girls find clients in Thailand, if they are much more expensive than the local ones? They cost the same 3000 to 7000 baht here in Moscow, yeah, but isn’t it an enormous and non-competitive price for Thai?

    • You’ve got me why someone would come to Thailand for a white girl. Although I’m told that a large portion of the clientele for the Russian Brothel in Pattaya are Thai men. But then again, after having a couple hundred Thai girls, it’s good to have some variety.

      They do charge WAY more than the Thai hookers and most of the Russian girls aren’t very impressive looking. But people like different things.

      • Jony says:

        well it nice to be with someone whose another anglo saxon meaning white and speaks English plus for 150$ aussie dollors or 5,000 baht you can have the time of your life witch some of us just dont get in Australia

        Also some of them look just like hot tennis players and thats hot

        • will says:

          the russian girls in pattaya are the most expensive women in the world..the lady drinks start at 500B then i was told by one of the russians that its 3000B/h minimum of 2 hours so 6000B.. i had agreed on that…but then that just turned out to be the bar fine and the girl wanted an additional 10,000B ontop of that…so in my opinion the russians are very beautiful but i agree while in thailand its easier and way cheaper just to stick to thai women

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