Cheap Hotels in Thailand | Guest Friendly Hotel Recommendations

Cheap Thailand hotels, penthouses, and Villas. Every Hotel in Thailand that we recommend is guaranteed to be Guest Friendly. Which means, there will be no additional charge if you bring a Thai woman into your room.

Best Way to Compare Hotel Prices in Thailand and Asia

Hey Guys, This is just a quick tip on how to save money booking hotels in Thailand and Asia. For the longest time I was recommending this.  But finally there is a pretty...

4 Star Guest Friendly Hotels in Bangkok Thailand

This is a list of 13 awesome”guest friendly” hotels in Bangkok Thailand.  These are all 4 star hotels which tend to be less than a 100usd a night. My Top 3 Recommenda...

13 Awesome 5 Star Hotels in Bangkok Thailand | All Guest Friendly

Here are 13 of my favorite 5 star hotels in Bangkok Thailand.  Throughout my time in Thailand, I’ve stayed in nearly all of these hotels at least once and can personally ...

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