3 Smartphone Apps for Sex in Thailand

Smartphone Apps for Sex in Thailand

It wasn’t easy, but recently I finally made the switch from my Blackberry to an Iphone.  Although the Blackberry brought me so much pussy in Thailand, most of the girls are starting to make the change to Apple and Andriod.  So it was time to switch…

(Which unfortunately makes this old strategy less effective in Bangkok.)

I’ll keep this short and sweet.  There are three phone applications that you NEED to have when you are in Thailand.

1- Line:

This is used for free texting and free calls to anyone who has this app.  It’s like skype, but used by every single hot girl in Thailand.

2- WhatsApp:

Pretty much the exact same as Line, however once this app started charging one dollar a year, a lot of people started switching over to Line – which is still free.

3- Circle:

This an app that is nice to have, but not really needed.  Basically, you activate it when you are partying at a club in Bangkok and it will show you a list of people that are in the same area.  Then you can check out their profile and send a message.

Just send a simple hello and invite her for a drink.

Note: My friends and I have pulled some VERY hot girls using this app while in Bangkok.  When Thai girls party, they always have their phone on them and check it every 5 minutes.  So make sure you have a good picture attached to your profile.

Bonus- Tango and Skout

Tango and Skout smart applications are AWESOME for meeting Thai girls when you are already in Thailand.  When you login, it will list all the girls who are using this application in your area.  Your send a mass message to all the cute ones, and then sit back and relax as the responses roll in.

– – – – – – – – – – –

All three of these smart phone applications are free and nearly every cute girl in Bangkok will have Line and /or WhatsApp active on her phone 24/7.

(Also, these apps will only be useful if you have an internet data plan with your Thai SIM card.  I recommend that you use the mobile phone company DTAC or True.  These can be found inside any major shopping mall in Thailand.  Unlimited internet in Thailand starts at 10usd a month.)

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