Never Pay For Sex with a Freelance Girl in Thailand – Adult Content

“All the women in Thailand are whores.  I’m just going after the white girls.”

“Not all Thai women are whores! But some will want payment in exchange for sex. This isn’t like Europe or America, they don’t have the same standard western beliefs as we do.  Prostitution isn’t taboo for Thais, it’s a large part of their culture and economy.”

“If you are so naïve or lazy that you feel you have to pay for sex every time, why would she not accept your donation in high tourist places like Pattaya and Samui…”

This is a conversation I recently had with a friend who is new to Thailand.  Although wasn’t the entire truth, it does sum it up quite nicely.

The fact of the matter is, the country of Thailand is prostitution driven.  There is a large portion of girls that will only have sex for money, we call these girls whores.  But there is an even larger portion that will “accept” money for sex, but payment is not necessary.

Those of you familiar with this website know that we separate all Thai girls into four categories.

This post will focus on two of the four: Freelance Girls and Good Girls.

For the rest of this post, we are going to defer to a good friend who is a member of the Gods of Thailand community.

This man prefers to stay unanimous.

One year ago I had a question for him.  “You’ve been living in Bangkok for six months now, how many girls have you paid for?”


“Impressive!  You don’t speak Thai, you’re not rich, and it’s not like you’re the Brazilian model type.  What’s been your method?”

He laughs and and explains how easy it is to take home girls for free in Bangkok.  The rest of this post will be a summary of what he had to say.  The following advice has been proven to be successful:

A few things you need to know about my friend:
1- He gets laid whenever he want in Bangkok
2- He never pays for sex in Bangkok
3- If he doesn’t see a girl hot enough, he doesn’t lower his standards for an easy lay, he just goes home

Bangkok has many nice clubs which are full of beautiful women.  In fact, it blows Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Samui out of the water.  There is no shortage of women in Bangkok.

Most of the clubs will have three types of women: whores, freelancers, and good girls.  I don’t waste my time with whores.  I focus on the freelancers and good girls.

This is the method used:

1- Don’t Show Interest Too Soon

Don’t ask to take her home after 5 minutes.  Don’t offer to buy her a drink as part of your introduction.  Let her do something for you first, then reward her with a drink.  Every time she does something that you like, reward her in some way.  Let her work for your attention.  (Very similar method as if you were to pick up a woman in your home country.)

2- Mind Frame

On an attractive scale, always act like you are a 9 and she is a 6.  Don’t be a jerk about it, just make it clear that she is cute, but that doesn’t impress you.  She needs more than a cute smile and a hot body.

3- Bribery

After an hour or so, start to let her know that you kind of like her and you’d like to see her tomorrow.  Tell her you want to take her out to lunch and a name one of the expensive restaurants.  Tell her you want to take her for drinks at Banyan Tree Hotel (Fancy rooftop bar in Bangkok).

Tell her you hate her shoes and that you are taking her shoe shopping tomorrow to buy her a new pair.

Use one of the above bribery methods.

4- Invite Her to Your Place

After a couple hours of the first three steps, it’s now time to take her home.  Invite her over for a glass of wine (Thais love wine).  But let her know she can only stay for 30 minutes because you have to get up early and work tomorrow (time constraint).

5- At Home

Once she is at your place, the difficult work is done.  You don’t need to try that hard to close the deal.  If for some reason she won’t stay over for the night, just set up a lunch tomorrow and send her home.

If at this point she asks for money, either you messed up one of the above steps or you took home a hardened professional.  Use this as a learning experience.

The Morning After:
One major problem with Thai girls is, once you’ve slept with her, she may want the girlfriend experience and cling to you.

If this is the case and you don’t want to be tied down, then you have a little problem to deal with.  You’ve got a very cute girl in your bed that you promised to do all these things with and you want her gone.

This is what you do: you wake up, have sex, and shower.  When you are done with the shower, tell her you need to go to work and you’ll call her later.  (Since you already told her you need to work early tomorrow, she’ll believe this.  Even if you don’t have a job, tell her you work on the computer and you need your privacy.)

Make sure to exchange phone numbers with her and give her a hug.  Only call later if you like her.

If you don’t like her that much, ignore her calls and text messages for 2 days and she’ll eventually get the hint.

To Recap:

1- Don’t show too much interest early on
2- Bribery works
3- Get her to your place
4- Have a plan to send her home in the morning

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  • steve says:

    I”me considering a trip to Thiland on man way to Europe. I want to find a young attractive woman to fuck through Amy trip in e4urope

  • Dude says:

    Thai women for the most part are gold-digging manipulative whores NEVER bring one back to the west.

  • Gurmeet singh says:

    I want to go Pattaya..I want to see near pleces to Pattaya… Can I know where I can spend my holidays nights ?

  • Gurmeet singh says:

    Its good for knowledge

  • Brockstar says:

    I think question of whether to pay for sex straight up or putting in the time to butter her up and get it for “free” really comes down to whom that person is. First and foremost, neither option is FREE. You’re paying in both cases, what it really comes down to is do you mind CONSCIOUSLY paying for sex. I know plenty of guys that have paid accounts on thai dating sites and a lot of their free time on them nor do they have a problem spending money on drinks, hotel rooms etc. etc. yet they are adamant about never “paying” for sex. Their paying for sex, no doubt about it, but it doesn’t feel like they are paying for sex and if doesn’t feel like you’re paying well then you must not be paying for it.

    In my case I’ve nailed bargirls and gogo dancers (in Thailand and Philippines) without paying directly, but it can take A LOT of patience and I’m not a patient guy. So for me, paying 1000 baht is much more convenient than using “game”. The minute we’re both naked and about to get it on, I don’t care whether I paid her 1000 baht or if she thinks Im Ben Affleck, all my focus is on her.

    • Exactly, I couldn’t agree more. As they say, “Time is Money” but also, “Money is Money”!

      In Thailand you can easily pull girls for free or you can pay upfront to save yourself the “hassle”. Either way works, just depends on the person’s patience level and how he likes to spend his money.

  • josh says:

    This is very simmilar the mystery method. Just another proof it works all over the world 😉

  • james says:

    I will be going to Bangkok for my out of Philippine renewal of visa , I would like more information about mj, coke, extasy. Unless getting close to mama son or bar girl is the best way to go.

  • Benny says:

    I’d rather pay, than be lying and deceitful and end up hurting many girls’ feelings. Shame on you.

  • iwyn says:

    i plan to vist thailand by ext month i need girl along with room. with free of cost. i like thai girls too too much.
    let us give the hotel names with girls

  • Manu .m says:

    Hi,,,, I am deaf man want sex a gril youg,, pls rely

  • Nok says:

    We must ban all kind of prostitution in the country. See what these fat , big belly with sexual frustrated men using our sisters, mothers and kids:

    • Maybe that is the way to go. But remember this, it is not foreigners that created the “sex trade” in Thailand. Prostitution among Thai people in Thailand is well beyond anything that foreigners have influenced in your country. Even Thailand’s elite blatantly orders prostitutes and openly have “giks” which are little more than paid long-term prostitution.

      Before you start blaming foreigners for all your problems, look inwardly first. Prostitution, corruption, and drugs abuse in Thailand started with Thai people and will only end with Thai people stop this themselves.

      You must fix the “problem” inside first before you go to the classic and uneducated response of, “Foreigers are terrible people that are ruining your country.”

      • Benny says:

        I don’t think he blamed foreigners. He said “we must ban” and as a reason he stated that he doesn’t like the way foreigners treat the women. He doesn’t say that the latter is the cause of prostitution.

    • Meidich Hoertz says:

      Right. You bitch about that, but then hold out your hand for the money she made sleeping with the big-dicked farangs who used her as a pin cushion and then threw her some of their spare change. The bigger question is: why don’t you men step up and earn a living so that your sisters, wives, etc. don’t have to rent out their pussies to random white guys who will drive them like rental cars?

      Just be honest and admit that you’re jealous because you have no cash and you’re hung like a mosquito.

  • ken crossley says:

    what an absolute load of bollocks, take a girl back to your place, then she knows where you live, fkin clown, lucky you havent got a knife sticking out of your back by now, pure fantasy bullshit.

    • Meidich Hoertz says:

      Hey, high roller, since you can get a room at a motel for 9USD, why don’t you just take her there? I’m sure that Seven isn’t dumb enough to take her somewhere where he can be traced. Or, maybe he does the pea-and-walnut shell game, switching rooms often.

      Once my contract is done, I’ll be going to Thailand in January of 2016 and I’ve already planned for that. I’m getting a nicer room for my base of operations (35USD/night) and then moving around to various, humble establishments (9-13USD/night) for my nocturnal activities. It will cost me about and extra 320USD for the whole month I’m there, but fuck it, I spend about the same per month on coffee and the morning paper.

      If you’re too broke to afford that, if you’re going to Thailand on a thread, you might want to ask yourself if you can afford it; maybe you’re just too big of a loser to really consider it.

  • vual grimoire says:

    That’s a lot of time and bullshit for fucking some stupid Thai chick. Just be honest.
    Sincerity and lack of gaming works wonders with most women.

    I don’t bother with all of the above bollocks. I’m into perving women pretty hard and most women are actually more perverse than men once they’ve decided you’re serious and not some geek looking for a quick vanilla screw. Perving takes brains and work and faith and concentration and patience and really being into the woman’s body, he reactions. It requires experience and guile and brains and total honesty.

    As a result, I don’t bother with silly little girls under 30 who are stupid enough to think the porn they see on the internet is sex. Porn is to sex what McDonald’s is to food.

    I’m drawn to women over 40. They’re peaking sexually at that age, are often very smart, ambitious, accomplished, have a lot of fire burning and go to waste because of their age since most men are too shallow to get past her having a few extra pounds or aren’t as tight and toned as some 20 year old bimbo.

    But those are stupid hetero guys and the pervy women don’t want them.
    Cut to the chase by looking a woman in the eye and tell her what about her attracts you. That’s the key, actually. There’s got to be some unnameable thing about that’s gotten your attention, something burning somewhere, her vibe, who knows, it’s impossible to define but very obvious when it happens.

    Tell her exactly what it is that drew you to her. If you’re not articulate and are insincere and she could be anybody, just take the poster’s stupid advice and ignore what I’m telling you.

    But if you burn from the inside out and believe feeling understood is the greatest gift two people can bestow on one another and that sometimes the fire burns for an hour or for a lifetime. You just don’t know.
    It happens a lot because Bkk is full of very smart, very savvy, older women who don’t want to hear a lot of bullshit. From my experience they just want to know what you want.
    I wasn’t actually looking when i was in a Sathorn bar and I saw a white woman about 45 sitting near me. She eyeballed me for a bit, longer than normal and that indicated she might want to talk.
    I saw a certain look in her eye, anger and frustration, but humor and humility too. She was reading Fast Food Nation. She raised her chin and ran her hand down her neck very slowly. I see women do this a fair bit when they have some vague idea of interest. Maybe it’s instinctive. I don’t know but I’ve seen it before, variations of that movement. Could be an animal thing, like when a prone cat shows her throat as a sign of being open to more contact.
    So I stood up and went and sat with her and didn’t say anything for a minute, just looked in her eyes. I didn’t have anything planned or any line. She looked at my, curious. For some reason I said very slow and low. “I would touch you.”
    Her eyes were green and huge and made me dizzy. It felt like a wild affair coming to life.
    She said, “How would you touch me?”
    So I told her how I would touch her, in detail, what I would do and most importantly, WHY I felt compelled to do these things.
    If she was some young bubblehead, I would have never felt the need to even look back at her, some vacant shopper chick who wants new shoes. Those kinds of girls are always the worst at sex, no passion, no heat, no humor. Like screwing a wooden chair.

    So the ‘trick’ is sincerity and honesty and compulsion. Without those, forget all the bullshit in this article and just pay for a very hot, experienced pro to do her thing and then leave without having to give her some nonsense about working.
    Being proud of not paying is strictly for amateur idiots.
    Every adult male knows you don’t pay a whore to show up, you pay a whore to leave. That’s the whole point.

    • Alf says:

      Love that last line, I`ve done it to 2 wives…………………..And ni, they didfn`t get THAT much.

    • BigD says:

      Exactly right, that is a lot of timewasted! When I work my time costs minimum $100/hr. So getting to step 4 is 2 hours… c’mon on that is minimum $200 of my time.

      I have met girls and in 15 minutes they are naked on the floor of my hotel room with legs open telling me how good I am.

      And I have no problem to pay $50 to support the local economy if it saves me time.

      Now of course if you are looking for a long term g/f or wife sure take the time, but don’t screw over the good girls with you manipulation and lies.

      F–king amateur…

    • dave says:

      This is some awesome shit you talked about and I really need more of it. I totally agree about the energy, eye contact and showing interest thing… Please guide me which books should I read to get more knowledge about the thing you talked about.

    • BKK specialist says:

      For those who don’t wish to read all Vual’s nonsense above it boils down to this:

      He goes after the old 40+ ladies because he can’t get the younger ones. Yet, he is very quick to call bs on everyone else and has actually convinced himself he has some special insight into women (based on ONE event mind you).

      Not sure about you, but I wouldn’t take advice from someone going all the way to Thailand to “pick up” 40+ yr. old women. Practically any man walking (or even in wheelchair) can do that.

  • Emily says:

    This article made by idiot for idiot.

  • Jake Loves says:

    Hi Bro,

    First let me say I am very good friends with an ex-marine, ex-French nightclub bouncer and currently MMA cage fighting champion. I forwarded this page to him and he is extremely upset. I wish you were man enough to post your photograph on this website so he can try to run into you in the streets or nightclubs of Thailand. He loves all women, especially Asian women and has been married to both Thai and Vietnamese ladies. He can also speak French, English, Thai, Khmer and Vietnamese fluently. He is a teddy bear around women and takes care of them like the beautiful angels that they all are. And I mean – whores, working girls, old ladies, mothers, sisters, daughters, etc. He is the sweetest man in the company of women – and the devil reincarnated in the presence of scum like you. There is nothing more he likes to do that put filth like you in their place. In fact, he lives for it. My friend pretty much trains all day to be a human killing machine and by night, a living nightmare of people like you. Not a single time he goes out a nightclub in Asia does he NOT get into a RAMBOesque fight. Stallone might be an actor, but men pretty close in ability to Rambo exist. My friend has actually murdered several people around the world. He has killed in war, he has killed as a bouncer, and he has killed in bar fights with dogs like you. NO! I take that back. Dogs are beautiful, loyal, loving animals. You are not. There is no name for what you are. I have seen my friend knock out 10 men in 7 secs in a bar fight (and these are experienced Asian Street thugs). I have seen him and 2 of his friends (soldiers, warriors, martial arts champions like him) knock out over 40 men in under 2 mins in a urban street battle in Asia. My friend has hardly lost a fight in the ring/cage… and he has NEVER lost in a down and dirty street fight. All he has is his bare hands to fend off men with swords, knives, machetes, etc. They all go down – FAST. And sometimes, times go too far – and some are killed. He has read your website and he would love to meet you. BEWARE, my poor, poor fool of a sad excuse for a man. For he is out there! Be a man – show me your image! You don’t have to just be in Thailand. We party in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, etc. We are out there. And we know how to sniff the likes of you out.

    • Iceman says:

      You have a friend that have killed people????? And have been married to both Thai an Vietnamese ladies??? Obvious he cannot hold on to a woman, and is clearly nothing but a violent beast that should be put down immediately, or rot in jail!!!!

      • jakeloves says:

        Yes. Correct. He obvious cannot hold down a woman and yes he is nothing but a violent beast. You speak the truth. You statement does not contradict anything I wrote.

    • Jake Hates says:

      Ab-so-fucking-lutely the funniest shit I’ve ever read in my entire life. I’m a first timer to this site, but have lived in Thailand for 17 years, and I would confidently say that the above post is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to gospel. My guess is, that you’re a pasty skinned slob who’s a level 372 spell master on World of Warcraft or some fucking shit like that, with no “real world” mates past or present, who dreams of one day having a girlfriend all of his very own, right? I’d normally never even waste my time replying to kind of dribblish shyte you wrote, but my friend, I’ve got to say you made me laugh like I haven’t laughed in a seriously long time, so hard in fact that I simply couldn’t resist the urge to taunt you some more. You poor little faggot, what world do you live in, hang on, I should probably say realm shouldn’t I, LMFAO!!!!!!!! It must be so frustrating to have all these wild emotions swirling around in your dank stale sweat smelling insecure little body, and not being able to do a fucking thing about it, “Why have you forsaken me oh lord I beckon of thee, amongst this wasteland of monsters not worthy of the companionship of maidens so fair. I scream out to thee oh lord reach down from the heavens above and rescue me from the darkness and depths of this hellish planet, so that I may ascend to my rightful place upon the clouds of Olympus and rain down my wraith of fire and vengeance upon these mere mortals.” I’ll let you in on a few little secrets Rupert, Thailand is a place of refuge for many people who have done things they perhaps wish they hadn’t, or then again are proud of what they have done but the laws in their own country don’t share the same view, the kinds of people that would take your cage-fighting hero and smash his skull apart like egg shell before kicking his brains across the footpath to the poor starving stray dogs for a hearty snack, 20 minutes before sitting down to a juicy slab of blood red Kobe beef with their smoking hot wife at El Gaucho, and not so much as turn themselves off dessert, this is reality kid. Secret number 2: Unless you are blind and or totally fucking socially retarded (Which you obviously are), you will notice that the streets of this country are lined with cum swilling anal ready gang-banging ass to mouth tarted up fuck and forget WHORES, and it may well surprise you that some of these whores get smart, they are carnivorous and as cold blooded as an Arctic wolf, the lies these filthy cunts will concoct and lengths they will go to to deceive have yet to cease to amaze me, they would eat you alive sunshine. So, now that we have those little secrets revealed for you, may I quietly suggest that you leave adult sites like this one to the grown ups,shut your over-opinionated under-educated face and fuck off, before somebody works out who YOU are, and gives you a practical run down on impromptu preparation of snacks for stray dogs, the only real victims here worthy of human pity.

      • LoL, I think someone needs to get laid…

      • Jake Loves says:

        Jake Hates – your response makes no sense.

        • Meidich Hoertz says:

          Almost a year later and your tale of you and your “RAMBOesque” friend still slays me. How fucking funny!

          Let’s see: you write, ” There is nothing more he likes to do that put filth like you in their place. In fact, he lives for it. My friend pretty much trains all day to be a human killing machine and by night, a living nightmare of people like you. Not a single time he goes out a nightclub in Asia does he NOT get into a RAMBOesque fight.”

          So, you’re saying he’s a violent sociopath whose sole purpose in life is to hurt others?

          You also scrawled, “My friend has actually murdered several people around the world. He has killed in war, he has killed as a bouncer, and he has killed in bar fights with dogs like you.” Wow, what a hero! You brag about consorting with a murderer! That makes you a badass by association, does it? Funny how none of the authorities have apprehended him. Is he bulletproof, too? Why haven’t we heard about these epic fights in the media? I mean, if two British tourists are murdered and the whole world reads about it, why haven’t we heard anything about these epic murdering sprees?

          You go on to spew, ” I have seen my friend knock out 10 men in 7 secs in a bar fight (and these are experienced Asian Street thugs). I have seen him and 2 of his friends (soldiers, warriors, martial arts champions like him) knock out over 40 men in under 2 mins in a urban street battle in Asia. My friend has hardly lost a fight in the ring/cage… and he has NEVER lost in a down and dirty street fight. All he has is his bare hands to fend off men with swords, knives, machetes, etc. They all go down – FAST. And sometimes, times go too far – and some are killed.” So, you just stand there and watch this–that’s the limits of your participation? Do you realize how fucking weak and pathetic that makes you sound? You’re basically saying, my (imaginary) friend is a lethal motherfucker, so show me some respect because I’m the sidekick/comic relief.”

          Finally, your little missive wheezes to a halt with, “He has read your website and he would love to meet you. BEWARE, my poor, poor fool of a sad excuse for a man. For he is out there! Be a man – show me your image!” So essentially, you’re in a jealous rage because the men who post here are doing things with their “dirty private parts” to multiple, exotic women and their “dirty private parts” that you’d give your left nut (if it could be found) to do. You realize it will never happen for you, so you try to piss on their fun with this laughable threat. Then you demand that Seven post a picture of himself. Why? So you can whack off to it, imagining yourself to be one of the women he’s boning?

          Of course, then there’s the emotional tampon quality to your narrative. I imagine you’ve been friend zoned throughout your entire adult life, whereby women will complain to you, have you do their chores and menial tasks, offering the merest glimmer of hope, just to string you along and you take the bait like a fucking guppy. Get into therapy, loser.

          • jakeloves says:

            Hi Meidich Hoertz,

            Yes, it seems he’s a violent sociopath whose sole purpose in life is to hurt others.

            No, i never consort with him. Just have had to work with him on occasion. I have no interest in being a badass.

            I guess you don’t understand third world corruption that you find in places like Vietnam, Latin America etc. The authorities actually are fond of him and seem impressed by what he has done when they show up after all is said and done. You are quite naive. 90% of crime never gets reported in the media (in any country). And in communist Vietnam, forget about it. Yes, British tourists – of course – or any other Anglo tourist for that matter. But who cares about a bunch of low life Asian thugs, taxi drivers, etc…? Nobody. And not the local authorities. This kind of vigilante justice actually benefits them. And they probably do plenty of their own behind closed doors.

            Of course I will stand there and watch. It is not my fight. He is a savage beast fighting with savages. I just work with the guy on occasion. And that is the point of first post. He is the one who is most offended with Seven’s post. And anytime he gets offends, he wants to deal with it with violence.

            Jealous rage over men going to Asia to have sex (whether paid or unpaid)… what are you talking about? I’m all for it. I’ve had sex with hundred of women all around the world, and have no problem at all paying for it. And hope to continue to have sex with hundreds more and pay for it.

            You missed the point of the post entirely.

            Seven’s article is specifically about “how to lie, cheat and manipulate” women in Asia who are expecting money in return for sex. Basically Seven is all about going into the world of paid sex and trying to hustle your way out of paying. Now it takes no rocket scientist to understand that the world of paid sex exists in the lower end of the social strata. And in that same lower strata exists the low life criminal element as well as the crazies like my friend. And the final message to Seven is that one particular crazy, is now offended with Seven. Does not like what Seven is trying to propagate on his website to others, and would love to straighten out Seven face to face.

    • Alf says:

      Got yaself a real hero to suck up to haven`t ya.

      • jakeloves says:

        Nope. I don’t believe in heroes. Just a flawed, but very dangerous person I have spent time working with. And the simple point of my initial post is that he hates what Seven has written and stands for.

    • BigD says:

      dude you need to learn how to write less and get to the point, no offense but no one has time to read all that bullsh-t.

      and who the f-ck cares about your friend.

      i have a friend who was a sniper for Navy SEALs A) he has killed more people than your friend ever will B) when he was active he could probably kill your friend with his bare hands in a few minutes.

      to say that you friend has killed as a bouncer is the most idiotic thing ever a) he would likely be in prison b) if he is not he is still a real scum bag for using that training not to simply subdue someone that is drunk.

      more or less your friend sounds like he should be taken to the mental ward or given the death penalty.

      • jakeloves says:


        1) Nobody should care about my friend. He is a violent beast. Where in the post was I asking you or anyone to care for him?

        2) so your Navy Seals friend has killed more. So what? So many dictators, drug lords, soldiers have killed so many more…. This is not a competition.

        The simple point of the post is there is a mentally unstable man, capable of real violence… who has read Seven’s post and is now offended by it. And likes to hurt those that offend him…

        Yes, he is a real scumbag for killing as a bouncer. Thank you for stating the obvious! Again, this is the point of the post. A dangerous scumbag is out there. They flee the countries they commit ‘idiotic’ crimes. Hide out in Asia… and have their own ‘twisted’ form of moral code. A code Seven, the writer of this post, seems to have broken in his eyes. Not mine.

        Of course he should be taken to the mental ward. Of course he should be given the death penalty. But this hasn’t happened, has it? Truth is many times, stranger than fiction.

  • aldo cervelli says:

    I have visited Thailand many times , not to meet prostitutes or have sex for money …. Thailand is a lovely place with a nice history . Thai girls are very lovely and nice to have dinner with them
    Whores are in Thailand , all over EUROPE , Japan , everywhere in the world …. I have never visted a BAR in Thai …. many other places are nice to visit

  • Cyn says:

    i’m Thai girl ^______________^
    u know i think it’s shit web, lying and deception. Thailand women have dignity and good tradition, we are not prostitutes have sex for money.
    Their attitude worse to much.


  • Jess says:

    This is a really unnecessary manipulative way of banging girls that will more than likely go home with you without the need of lies and just being upfront about your intentions. Spending a couple of hours spouting BS to get the girl back is a chumps game. There is no point when you can just ask her to come back to yours, say you won’t be paying for anything, if she says she is working say fine go fine some customers get some cash and then link up in the day. Using the above methodology just increases the jaded view of Westerners. Although, the more that people use these methods the easier it is to just bee honest and get the girls to come home that night.

  • says:

    I live in the states & met a thai girl online. She says she is a model that has a US passport. I offered to buy her a ticket to the states & stay with me for a couple weeks. Am i crazy?

    • You probably are a little crazy, but then again, so am I.

      From what little information I know on this particular situation, I’d say there is a very small chance of it being legit. But a much bigger chance she will suggest that you send her the money first. Then she will buy the ticket (this is a common scam.)

      Do a webcam chat with her, and ask to see her US passport. If she can’t produce it immediately, that is a warning sign.

      My rule of thumb: Never EVER send money to a Thai girl unless you are already scheduled to arrive in Thailand within a couple of weeks and simply want to “reserve” her.

    • BigD says:

      use the money to go to thailand dumbass

  • Sebastian says:

    In my opinion it is not necessary to use bribery to get a freelance Thai girl to have sex with you. Many Thai girls want foreigners because the Western way of looking is an ideal of beauty for them and being together with a foreigner is a status symbol.

    What is also true is that many of those girls hope to end up being your girlfriend to live a better life. It is also possible that the girl you want to seduce is just into you 😉

  • AJ says:

    I just wanted to ask who is the freelance thai girl in the picture. She is gorgeous!

  • People bragging about getting laid “for cheap” in the age of the Internet are doing life wrong.

    *whispers* (Woman want to and can fuck more than men.)

  • Marcello says:

    Isn’t it cheaper (and easier) 2 give her a 1000 when the bar is closing asking straightly 2 came U’r home?
    Do u really need 2 employ 2 days of time 2 ride a freelance in Bkk???

  • Steven says:

    I am not a Thai … I am an American. This is definitely a hot topic, and it is evoking a viceral response from Thais, both men and women. I have been to Thailand several times, living in Visayas in the Republic of the Philippines. I like my sex, and I love my life! That being said … I can understand your motivation for sex in Thailand. Good luck in your endeavors … but remember, what comes around goes around!

  • Brian FORBES says:

    I have just read all the comments and responses. Overall your standards and suggestions put forward is typical of western ways to fuck people over.
    In business. In life we do it because we can the promotion of this to con cheat and abuse women or girls or ladyboys or males who seek to survive by using sex as their work tool is sad.

    I have travelled the world and in many places where poverty reigns people fall into the sex trap either working in the system or using it. You argue for a few dollars for a fuck…yet dare not do this with local girls or whatever your taste in your home country.

    Shame on you and all who seek to abuse others with the humanity of a cockroah and next time someone fucks you over…robs cheats cons or worst to you or your buddies remembrr you instigated their action from your own throw a stone in the pond and try and control the ripples.
    Maybe when you are older and have children your circumstances will change put your daughter or son out on the street and watchall the punters take them and remember the action of your youth.

    Yes i am a fat boring old fart but hey i still get laid by pretty girls….no for cash or advancement because a good heart is always a good heart.. the land pf smiles will change its name one day as soon as farang is mentioned to the land of scowls thank you amvassadors for the white human race who visit Thailand and other similar situations Brian Forbes

  • jay says:

    Imho,the vast majority of Thai girls working 9-5 jobs will have sex for money.Cultural attitudes towards sex and getting paid for it differs dramatically from the West.So most of them tend to oblidge.
    In my experience, they certainly do!

  • Thaiwoman says:

    First, I’m Thai WOMAN who is married with American. And I’m considered a good person with educated and good job. This is the worst topic I ever read. ” Live like a King in Thailand”?? You would never to live like that just because you have money to pay for food or hookers. Please remove the word KINGS from your website You better use another words, because We have only ONE KING!! I bet you are just one of the many guys who is looking for hookers anyway, it’s true that there are many prostitutes in my country, but it doesn’t mean most or all Thai Women are like that. I know we all have different opinions but this is unacceptable!! There are so many good Thai women. You just can’t find one because your attitude and so you not deserved !! Good Luck in your life and I hope you can find the good woman to be with! I will pray for you.

  • Sutasinee says:

    No matter how you word it this site and everything you talk about is disrespectful to our country and to the Thai women, why be so proud of treating ladies like shit and then boasting about it to all your sad readers.
    How can you sleep at night knowing you are offending so many people. You should apologize to all the people you have offended.
    Why you not answer me, what you have to hide, What country are you from? Would you be happy for my brother to treat your mother or sister like this? Don’t come back to Thailand. How long can you stay like this in your head, you need to growup and become a real man and stop being little boy and learn some respect!

  • Sutasinee says:

    I have a question, are you really a man or a bitter woman out to make Thai ladies look bad? I am a Thai woman and think this website is sad and perfect mr loser king! Where are you from? How would you like if someone talk about your mum or sister like this , you give Thailand a bad name and disrespect our king by naming this website “the king of Thailand “

    • Thank you for your comment.

      This website is no way disrespectful to the actual king of Thailand. The title of this website is merely a way to quickly describe the purpose of the site:

      “How to live like a king in Thailand”. They are two very different things.

  • Only bad guy have a live. says:

    Don’t worry girls. They will get back what they did.

    I recommend you guys to not have even a daughter. She will grow up to be a toy to the number of men same as the number of women who you lie to.

    Bless yourselves to not get a daughter. ;D

  • Only bad guy have a live. says:

    Thank god, I found this site.

    I just lost trust in men. Thanks for showing me the reality.

    I’ll share this page as much as I can.

  • M&M says:

    I am also a thai girl. I have been reading some of your stories, which you posted in this website. First of all, I would like to suggest that you should not use the domain name as a ” Kings of Thailand”. The reason of this is because it can mislead people to understand that you tried to discredit out beloved KING. If you would like to stay in Thailand without any difficulties, please be careful a little more.

    As for your attitudes, well … I am certain that noone can change yours at this point. However, what I intend to write here is there are a lot of good girls in Thailand. By saying good girls, I see different than what you think. IMO , girls ,who are that easy to follow you home after some nice meals or clothes etc, are so “not” good Thai girls at all. If you have been in Thailand for a big while as you claimed, why wouldn’t have known such an easy fact?

    Also, I see a lot of “UGLY” foreigners walking in Bangkok acting like they are so proud of being white men. However, the truth is you guys are “not” the prize at all. What you guys can be are more like a very old, fat, bald holding egos and poor.Lots of educated thai women profoundly know that those kind of white men are only the “loser” in their countries . This is because even white women ,who have the same species as them, find them so too disgusting to associate with. Poor you!

  • Rada says:

    Almost of thai girls not always easy n not stupid

  • Anabellee says:

    now i know how to avoid this kind of man,thanks for a tricks
    i’ve never known before till i found this site actually ~~~

  • 5thkindofthaigirl says:

    Dear all real men,

    I don’t care when you focus on hooker, bar girl, freelance or some kind else that is their occupation but how can you focus on a good girl, lie to her, just for free making love, give her fault hope, treat her like the angle and leave her in a next day?

    You just have fun but you can change her life forever.

    Please don’t do like that if you are a human, not a cold blood animal.

    In the future, may you have a daughter. She is a pure white good girl. She wants a guy who love her then she meet a guy as you. How is your feeling?

    A good girl, We have parents, family, dream. We deserve to be a wife, not just a used toy.

  • Margarita says:

    Fuck you! Asshole! You’re just an idiot and useless man. Go to fuck yourself bastard! You’re such a pimp. Your mom would have fed you with yo dad’s semen fo’sho.

  • Praew says:

    I’m a Thai girl . I understand the purpose of this site but I just want you to know that in my country have many kinds of woman , I accept that have many girls and womens sell their body in Thailand you can enjoy with them because they are willing to take care of their customers. but please sympathetic with good girls they just want a man who can love them and take care of them , they are sincere and they are serious about relationship so do not play with their heart!!!

    ps. I wish you all a bad man enjoy to have sex with thai girls and gets big bonus likes HIV , gonorrhea, siphilis,Herpes simplex blah blah blah and death with a sexually transmitted disease. white man but depraved .

  • Tong Po says:

    This is nothing but a guide for can’t-get-laid losers. Not all Thais want money for sex- that’s retarded thinking in the extreme and demonstrates a complete lack of culture. …American?

    If you cannot get sex in the age of the Internet without paying, you might want to consider… I dunno… having a shower? Losing weight? Getting plastic surgery? Killing yourself?!

    ‘The Real Man’s Guide to Thailand’? More like ‘The Real LOSER’S Guide to Thailand’…

  • Mr. G says:

    There is truth in what you say. I have a friend that networks with lovely hi society girls via university. The guy is slim. athletic, no tattoos and a medical doctor. The girls even take him out and they pay. I fXXXing hate the guy LOL

  • Franc Leo says:

    I like the advice about hooking up in Thailand. Give us more.

  • Thanks for your comments everyone. I especially love the haters.

    What people often overlook is that this post is designed to teach you how to take home “freelancers” for free. This isn’t about dealing with bar girls, gogo dancers, hi-so girls, or good girls.

    This is for when you are in tourist area clubs full of hot freelancers.

  • IKnowThai says:

    Man, I’m reading some of the responses. Knee deep in bullshit!

    “John” shame on you!

    LOL! good luck guys. I’m sure I’m going to be called a hater but I can say with no degree of uncertainty 90% of this info is inaccurate.

    Anyone that follows this advice good luck, you’re going to need it.

    The irony of this misinformation, is that most Thai women will never date a western man because they don’t want to be viewed as gold digging Isaan girl or prostitute, specifically because they think all westerners think like the shit I’ve read above.

  • IKnowThai says:

    Jesus Christ this is terrible advice! This guy is basically telling you how to rip-off prostitutes. This will not end well for you if you follow this advice and eventually it will catch up with you. Thais are incredibly vindictive and if they think you’ve caused them to lose face they will go out of there way to get even with you.

    FYI, only prostitutes accept money for sex, same is true in Thailand.

    “They’re not all whores, but if they can get away with it, they will allow you to pay them for sex. This isn’t like Europe or America, they don’t have the same standard western beliefs as we do. Prostitution isn’t taboo for Thais, it’s a large part of their culture and economy.”

    “If you are so naïve or lazy that you feel you have to pay for sex every time, why would they not accept your donation in high tourist places like Pattaya and Samui…”

    What a load of bullshit!!! This is wildly inaccurate and insulting to the Thai people.

  • Big John says:

    Thats what ruins women in Thailand is jerks like you. If one night pussy is all you want, someone should cut it off.

  • billy Idol says:

    what a jerk a man could be ?!

  • Average Guy says:

    Hey! Nice website. Just want to give my comment on this… I’m a 24 year old guy.. pretty average.. from Europe..

    I went to thailand a year ago, Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Samui. If you want girls, i’ll recommend: Bangkok and Pattaya.

    Phuket: only “pay” girls.. I fucked a tourist girl though… I dont like Phuket, expensive and to many tourists…. We got our ass kicked on a disco by the staff.. dunno what that was about.. maybe they dont like us taking their girls….

    Samui: Full moon party is nice, lots of nice girls (swedish, english etc. but no thai girls). Not a good place if you want free “good” thai girls.

    Pattaya: Excellent place! This is guys heaven.. If your a young foreign average/good looking guy, everything is possible here. Go to a club with your friends, spend some money on bottles and the girls are all over. Just invite them over to your table and you can take them home later if you want to. I took a 10 home one night… Yes she asked for money for gas for her bike (she took us home on her bike), so i gave her a little cash, but i could have refused… In pattaya p*ssy comes to you, dont worry… I could have get laid every night..

    Bangkok: Like pattaya, find a good club with nice thai girls, spend some money and invite them over to you. I was very drunk one day, sat on a chair doing nothing when a nice little thai came over and asked if i would take her home to my hotel… hell, why not…….. 🙂

    Good luck… and… dont pay for girls……. 🙂

  • Cyril Gallet says:

    Thanks for all the advice. Going to Bangkok and Koh Samui next month!!

  • John says:

    This place is alternate reality when it comes to getting laid. If you have an ounce of game and aren’t hideous looking, you’ll never have to jerk off again. I’ll give a few examples

    1. I got laid last Saturday by driving up to a bar that was closing, asking a girl (freelancer) where she was going, told her I was going to the same place and asked her if she wanted a ride, along the way I asked her if she wanted to go my house and she said yes. Literally a 2 minute pull. She asked for “breakfast money” the next day and I gave her 60 baht.

    2. I was at a school in an elevator and a girl (student) asked where I was going tonight and then gave me her number, I called her late that night after partying with my friends, met her at my bike and then went straight home and ……..

    3. Every “good girl” I’ve taken out has slept with me on the first date. The date usuallys of a drink or two, a walk around near my place and then inviting them over.

    I read this article about a year ago before I moved out here and can vouch for this stuff, its real boys!

  • Dan says:

    Awesome site King! Thanks!

  • Narak farang says:

    I am 35 years old , and live in pattaya around 1.5 year
    I dont pay for sex and i fuck , good girls, bad girls, hokkers, and freelance… and i never pay for it…

    my way is easy….

    1. Find the one you like to fuck
    2. Take hear out of her comfort place, that will say that i tell her that i will go and shoot some pool in another bar or pool house…. and ask if she wanne come whit me…. (95% say yes) when you play some pool whit here, tell her that you like ladys that like you and not only see you as a ATM, so you never pay for sex… just make a statment , dont discuss it and after that countinue talk about everything els…
    3. after 1-2 houer i take her and go eat some chep thai food… 40-60 bath
    4. and then its time to take her home around 01:00-02:00 so i ask her if i gone drive her home or if she like to go my place… BUT i will not pay you to stay… if you like me you can come… 80-90% will say okey and go becouse they already know about this all evning….
    and if it not work, then i drive her home and i will fuck here in soon future… for free… becouse she like me… thats why she spend the all evning whit 😀

    • Love it! And doing this all in the city that people believe it’s very difficult to take home a girl for free.

      You’re spot on when you talk about making the statement of never paying for sex. When dealing with any kind of “working girl”, I will often say that upfront in the conversation in a way that leaves no room for negotiations.

      Thanks for your comments.

    • Mo says:

      well, she is certainly not fucking you for your spelling capabilities…

    • sun says:

      fooling women is dangerous plus this guy is fooling professional prostitutes.its like playing with a venomous cobra and this guy isn’t a snake charmer.westerners do make a mess of things cant say the same for Hindus and Buddhists.(swastika symbol is used by all Hindus and Buddhists but only the germans misused it may be all demons from the netherworld are taking birth in Europe and america this is one of the main reason we don’t allow westerners in holy places in India.idiot germans don’t even know swastika is not even a war symbol.

  • Honest Monger says:

    “The fact of the matter is, the country of Thailand is prostitution driven. ”

    Maybe the obese person thinks his own country is driven by chocolate cake? We’re talking about the 2nd largest economy in South East Asia here. Who’d have thought that all that industrial and agricultural output is outperformed by a sub-section of the “leisure” industry!

    Prostitution is generally looked down upon by “mainstream” Thais. Normal Thai women are also concerned about the image of Thai women abroad because of the publicity from Pattaya and Sukhumvit. They are, in fact, decent people like anywhere else. I’m not saying that many prostitutes aren’t nice people too but let’s not pretend that they are deemed on a par with nurses!

  • Candy says:

    In my point this might not be named as a strategy to only have sex over a night with someone but a way to overuse them
    But on future i might use it and with some mix of my own ways if i really would like to stay with the girl over a time and maybe my stay time in Thailand

    .. if you don’t know anyone’s language and cant communicate well with .. it does not mean she/he is unable to feel anything

    • True.

      This is the preferred method of a friend of mine. I may use a variation of it every now and again. But lately in Bangkok my new strategy is to take the girl to more than one location and then “assume the close” by telling the taxi to take you home after you finish eating.

      club / bar – different club – restaurant – my home

  • Jammy says:

    I’m Australian and enjoy sex with Thai girls

    The “speak like a gentleman, act like a dick” method – more politely “women love confidence” – works everywhere. Acting in a way that subconsciously makes them think of you as an important man is all biology, ingrained over countless generations prior to our modern, thinking, rational brain evolution.

  • tommyarbi says:

    Kings of Thailand
    I fly to Thailand in December. If it does not work. I make official complaint 🙂

  • Vic says:

    What an odious, mysogynistic, con artist you are. The women referred to in the title are freelance sex workers. For anyone to want to con what are generally, and comparatively, very poor women selling their main assets, shows just what a heartless, woman-hater and abuser you really are. You know nothing about Thailand and much less about decent human relationships. Shame on you. I suggest you question your motives and start to learn a bit about decent human behaviour.

    • Honest Monger says:

      Vic, you are an ignoramus. If there’s one thing I like to see more than a nice neatly-trimmed Thai bush then that’s the disgruntled faces of bitter and twisted white women who, often for the first time, find that they cannot compete for the men. The girls you are referring to are indeed “freelance sex workers”. That is a very succinct, descriptive, functional and therefore apt term for them.

      “Comparatively” poor? Compared to whom? I imagine you’ve factored the consumer price index into your calculations? “Generally”? How do you know? Or did a feminist-driven “study” reveal that they were all trafficked there by evil men too? Give it up dear. And put the kettle on whilst you’re at it.

  • sorena says:

    I’m Iranian and enjoy to sex with Thai girls.

    • Hi,

      I’m American and I like to have sex with beautiful women whether they are Thai or not.

      Now that we got basic introductions out of the way 🙂 I hope you enjoy the website and that it enhances your time in Thailand.

  • Robert says:

    The difference with Thailand or most SE Asian countries vs. most western countries is you don’t need to be a PUA to meet and attract beautiful ladies. If you are tall, white and not a creepy old scumbag all you need to do is pretty much show up where there are women and they will approach YOU! However I’m half Asian and they all think I’m Thai (or whatever country I’m in) until they hear me speak. Once they know I’m from USA it’s over and takes little effort to get them to go home with you…skills with women will always help but are not as necessary as one might think. If you are an American / British etc. in Europe you still look like them and you have to make a move but if you’re 6’2″ white and in a room full of 5′ Asian women you stand out (pun intended) My advantage is I look Asian and they all want a guy that is not from their country but looks like he is…They all want a foreign guy but also one they can bring home to meet mom and dad and trust me it helps if you can pass for Asian 😉

  • Rich says:

    Just to clarify I think it’s all solid except step 3 which is icky. I prefer being authentic (while also not being a pussy), but it’s personal preference.

  • Rich says:

    IMO not cool to make promises just to get in her pants. You dont need to do it anyway. Just by virtue of being a foreigner with his shit together (e.g. not washed up old-fat-whoremonger) you are golddust to her.

    To put this in perspective, if you goto somewhere like Sweden as a Brit or American with game, you can absolutely tear it up, because of two factors: 1) you’re exotic and 2) you can approach and escalate, which 99% of the native guys cant do (cultural conditioning)

    The same holds for Thailand, PLUS…

    -They see anything/anyone western as cool, modern,trendy
    -There’s ALSO the financial difference – in Sweden for example girls will jump all over you even though they may well be richer than you. HERE, for alot of girls, you are orders-of-magnitude richer and better educated than her, even if she’s middle class with a decent job.

    It really is candy from a baby.. the trick is just realising that, and acting accordingly.

    • Good advice, which is very useful no matter where you are.

      Regarding step 3, as you mentioned, this is a personal preference. This is what works for a friend of mine. For the PUAs around the world, you can simply exchange the word “bribery” for “setting up a day 2”.

      Thanks for your comment!

  • Emily says:

    I’m Thai ,
    and after i read you blog… ….What!??!!
    why you said like that !
    a lot of good girl,good culture
    and just some crazy girl you can pay for sex What about good girl?
    Please ..don’t abuse us!

    • Thanks for your comment.

      True, this is not the nice guy approach to pick up, but it is an effective strategy.

      Note: Nice guys tend to be the ones that get fucked over in Thailand if they visit unprepared and uninformed.

    • Jhon says:

      Hi i agree with you ther are alot of Good girls , can you introduce me one nice friend to learn Thai to have better understanding and communication, i love Thailand its heaven
      as all people are Good except a few …………. which we can ignore

    • Raj says:

      I agree. when the writer writes – “its a city / country with whores” that’s not true. though prostitution is widely accepted, (legally its banned) bangkok has only few areas where these things happen (nana plaza, patpong, soi cowboy etc) and its a big city with its own culture, good families, good boys & girls.. (you picking up girls in this manner may be your smartness; and you can apply this everywhere in the world with little difference; but this doesn’t make the girls – whores.. they just fascinate more in their teenages)..
      but one thing i must say – thai girls (the good family girls you find in malls, metro rail, everywhere in town – wearing mostly shorts & minis) are very beautiful… and sweet..

  • Adam says:

    BTW this method works anywhere in the world!

    • Ricky says:

      1. Talk to her for a few hours when you first meet and end up buying her a drink or two?
      2. Take her shopping next day and buy some shoes?
      3. Then take her for lunch
      4. Then to your place with some wine

      How many $$ and how much of your time will the above all take and without any guarantee of any bang for your bucks already spent.

      Why not just offer the 1500 or 2000BHT, get what you wnat and send her on her way and at least your not leading her on or giving her any false hope?

      • I agree, paying cash is often the easy answer. But sometimes it’s fun to just play the game.

        The hardcore freelancers will have not of this. But this can easily work with the part time freelancers who have hope of a normal life outside of the sex trade.

        • Abc to Z says:

          Men who lie to women that love or like her just want to have sex with her for free only . If you think and do this .Shows that you are a guy with a weak mind .You are not a guy but loser who think the winner or smart but actually this is very stupid and silly guy .You overlook beauty of frienship and sincerity .What a shame you have good chance to spend lovely time in the nice country and nice place , friendly people and also nice culture but your mind can not toch these good things surround you at all . You have a issues about respect with others and your ownself .I hope you will be strong physically and mentally in someday . You will found the beauty of things around you here . I always please to welcome eveyone to visite Thailand. Thank you for think of my country .

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