My Wife and I Want to Have Sex with a Thai Girl

threesome sex in thailand
Recently I received a question from a couple traveling to Thailand that are very interested in having a threesome with a Thai girl.

They have no problems paying for sex in Thailand, they just want to know what the best way to arrange this is.

Here is the question:

My wife and I are traveling to Thailand soon, my wife always wanted to try sex with another woman, she is too shy to attempt it at home.

Do you think this fantasy could happen with a bar girl or freelancer as you call them?

Or do Thai girls prey solely on men?

Here is Our Answer:

Hey ****,

As a whole, bar girls, GoGo dancers, and freelancers will prey on men.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions to the rules.  There are dirty hookers in Thailand that will fuck anything.  There are horny prostitutes in Thailand that will fuck anything.  And there are sex workers who are business women that will do it because the money is right.

Here are three proven ways for you and your wife to have sex with a Thai girl:

1- Bar Girls / GoGos
Not all bar girls and GoGo dancers will be into this.  However, some will be willing to do it.  You will need to quickly weed through the girls that are okay with this by simply asking the girl or the mamason (manager).

2- Dirty Massage Girls / Soapy Shops
Many couples will do the threesome experience with soapy massage girls.  As with bar girls, not all massage girls will be okay with this and it will cost extra.  When you go into the establishment, you will be greeted by the manager.  Then ask the manager if he has any girls that will do what you want.

3- Escorts in Thailand
Hands down this is your best route to go.  Escorts in Thailand are trained to fulfill your fantasy. And if you chose the right agency, they will match you up with the right girl who will make your dreams come true.

But it will cost!

About 6 months ago I was having a drink with a married couple who came to Thailand for this.

What they did was use  The price is 5,000 baht (150usd) for one girl for two hours.  But if that girl was going to have sex with two people (husband and wife), then it would cost 10,000 baht (300usd) based on their pricing structure.

So the escort agency recommended that instead of one girl for 10,000 baht, they can get 2 girls for the same price.

So instead of having a threesome, they had a 4-some with two very sexy Thai girls that are professionally trained to make sure their customers have the greatest experience possible.

And judging by how they told the story, it was expensive, but it was worth it.  Now this husband and wife plan to come back to Thailand every year.


Yes, it’s possible to find a Thai girl to have sex with you and your wife.  In fact, this is one of the best places in the world to turn these fantasies into reality.


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  • Jack says:

    I had a Thai girl who was bi which I didn’t know on first meeting. When I found out I took her to Beach road Pattaya to find a girl for her and me. It was amazing as she was fluent Thai and chatted several and one agreed. Following nite same routine this time walking street she found a girl she was attracted to but this girl has a problem her girlfriend had no work all day and her offered her for free. End result 3 girl n me Amazing

  • Ash says:

    Helo my wife want to experience sex with some other guy and i am too want to experience sex with thai girl so we are planning to visit thailand so how can i get these experience ? And whom to contact for safe sex

  • reza says:

    hi me and my wife need doing something with other people, girl our cople in pattaya how can i do it?

  • ash says:

    which is the best escort agency in pattaya, and it is safe to have sex with this girls.

  • Suren says:

    I’m going to hatyai thailand soon…so I just want to know is there any place for my wife having fantasy…my wife just plan want to have sex with thai man … any idea

  • Chris says:

    Just a heads up about the couple who are thinking about a threesome in Thailand ,my wife and I just got back from bangkok, we had the same idea ,we went to soi cowboy for a night out, went too a number off bars ,the last one we went too which should have been the first great night a couple off the girls at our table were gay my wife had no trouble with them and I had no proplems with the other girls around Bangkok there are a lot off hotels that are guest friendly if you know what I mean ,have fun.

  • jkpallob says:

    I need to know followings.
    1)How i get a fresh girl who will interested to accompany with me hole day in bangkok?
    2)What place will be the best for sex?
    Please reply me.

    • By fresh? What do you mean? Clean? Virgin? What?

      Thailand is easy for sex, but it’s not that easy. Just by showing up, virgins aren’t going to be offering you blowjobs for free.

      If you want to meet Thai women, here are three solid options:

      1- Meet them online with a dating website

      2- Meet them in Thailand at malls, clubs, or bars

      3- Escorts / Prostitutes

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