List – The 7 Best Nightclubs in Chiang Mai Thailand

List of Night Clubs in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is not the easiest city in Thailand to party in if you are coming in blind.  However, if I have a rough guide, you’ll find that there are some nice clubs with very beautiful women in them.

During my time in Chiang Mai, I found that there were some clubs that I loved, and some that I hated.  This is the list of my top 7 nightclubs in Chiang Mai Thailand that I found myself going to more than once.

(NOTE: If you want directions, you’ll have to Google them or do what I did, jump in a random tuk tuk and say, “Take me to…..”.

1- Warm Up

Easily the best nightclub in Chiang Mai.  In fact, when I asked for recommendations, this was always top on the list.  Completely packed on weekends, think of Route 66 in Bangkok.

2- Zoe Yellow Bar

Cheap drinks, mostly a foreign crowd, however you can find some very attractive Thai girls in the mix.  One benefit is, the Thai girls that come here will almost always speak good English. (Non-English speaking hot Thai girls is one of the biggest downsides of Chiang Mai.)

3- Infinity

Known as one of the biggest clubs in Chiang Mai.  This place will have quite a few of people on weekdays and be completely packed on weekends.  Not the cheapest but it’s the most upscale nightclub in Chiang Mai.

4- Mandalay

Not a bad place with mostly a Thai crowd and an okay mix of music.  300 baht cover for foreigners. (Currently Closed Down.)

5- Fabrique

If you like Thai bands, this is a good place for you.  Every night they have a live band.  On weekdays you can get a table pretty easily, on weekends you’ll have to get their early (around 12).

6- Bubbles

You can find “some” attractive girls here on the weekends and some okay ones on the weekdays.

7- Spicy

One of the only late night clubs in Chiang Mai open after 2:30am.  Will be packed almost every day of the week.  Only a few hot girls each night, so when you see one you have to jump on it right away.

The Thai girls will be mostly freelancers or bar girls who just finished work and looking for an extra pay day.

Bonus: Lucky Club (The Late Late Club)

When everyone leaves Spicy around 4am – 5am, this is the only club that is still open.  Here is your last change for finding some action.  Note though, there will be slim pickings and the women will be outnumbered by men 3 to 1. (Beware of ladyboys.)

If you’re like me and refuse the throw in the towel until the last option is exhausted, you’ll find yourself here on those nights where you didn’t see anyone who caught your eye or all the girls that you liked only spoke Thai.  Although it’s rare that you’ll find a truly hot girl here, it’s always worth a shot, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

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