Pattaya Thailand – The Real City of Sin

Pattaya Thailand - The Real City of Sin

Pattaya has been described in many ways:

The Real City of Sin

The City That Will Destroy You

If there were a city designed purely for a bachelor party, this would be it

In fact, best selling author, Tim Ferriss, described Pattaya Thailand as:

A bit dirty, but fun all the same.  Thai people in general are quite “uninhibited”

If you are looking for beautiful beaches where you can take your wife and kids, this is NOT the place for you.

If you are looking for the most beautiful Thai women you have ever seen in your life, this IS the place for you.

If you have never been, this city is unlike anything you’ve ever imagined.  There are literally thousands of beautiful women waiting for you.  They are beautiful, they are fun, and they are ready to please you.

Welcome to Pattaya…the City of Sin!  

The Types of Women in Pattaya Thailand

Simply put, if you like good girls, this is not the city for you.

If you like the most beautiful Thai freelancers and working girls, then this is where you need to go.

Where most cities in Thailand have one bar street or GoGo Soi, this city has over 20 streets lined with bars and GoGo clubs.  You can easily lose yourself easily in the swarm of bars and beautiful women.

Although there are exceptions to the rule, Pattaya is mostly made up of working girls.  It is 90% prostitutes and 10% good girls.

The 4 Types of Girls in Pattayan Thailand

1- Bar Girls
Pattaya features around 1,000 bars full of girls.  This city has been said to have 10,000 bar girls.

GoGo Dancers
Love dancing girls?  Then this is your home.  Head to walking street and experience the best strip clubs in Asia.  See beautiful Thai girls on stages, in hot tubs, performing lesbian shows, and more…

Massage Girls
Whether you want a world famous soapy body massage or a standard Thai massage, you have choices in Pattaya.  Pattaya features three large body massage parlors right on the main street and hundreds of regular massage establishments.

Don’t like to pay full price for a girl or be tied down early in the night?  Go to the after party dance clubs like Insomnia for your choice of Freelancers.

To sum it up, you will not find another location in Asia that features so many beautiful women all of which are available to you.

Now we will leave you with words of wisdom from a good friend that introduced me to this lovely city:

This city will destroy you.  It’s unlike any place you’ve ever been before. And if you do it right, you will remember your first trip for many years.

But to really do it right, it’s not cheap or especially relaxing.  I’ve been living in Thailand for 10 years now and I can only handle 3 days in Pattaya.  Your body, your dick, and your wallet are drained after that.

Prepare to spend 1,000 baht an hour for the time you stay there.

Expensive?  Yes.  But every night you spend in Pattaya is a night to remember.

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  • manu says:

    Hey man you have done a great job each and every page is useful thanks for this.

    Where I can get elite class girls in pattaya and koh samui.

    • I guess that would depend on what you mean by elite class? If you mean the hottest of the hot. This is what I recommend:

      The Resort (Happy Inn). The is the only real Gentleman’s Clubs in Samui. The girls are fucking hot, but this place isn’t cheap. Most of the girls want a minimum 5,000 baht for the night. Drinks are about 9 dollars each.

      The two GoGos that have the hottest girls in Pattaya are Iron and Alcatraz. But you must get there fairly early. Most of the time, all of the hottest girls will be taken by 12:30

  • magicmike says:

    “prepared to spend 1,000 baht a hour..”
    Im a regular to pattaya in fact just got back from a short 2 week stay. 1,000 baht a hour is just nuts… this is not the case, any guys working out a budget for there pattaya trip let it be known 4000 a day is ample spending money. Sure if your only here for 24 hours go crazy but on 4000 a day i have great time, girl every night… sometimes 2. Bare in mind tho some days im spending 3000 others 7000, swings and roundabouts really. If your young like myself (26) and average looking £1000 will get you 14 good days and nights.

    • Yeah, it’s A LOT of money for Thailand. However, when I was introduced to Pattaya a few years back, I went with some guys that wanted to PARTY. You can do it way cheaper, but if you want to go all out for 3 days, that is a good amount to budget for. (Note, that also included the flight from another place in Thailand.)

      Crazy, but that’s Thailand. I can live in Pattaya pretty well for 60,000 baht a month. Or I could party it up like a rockstar for 3 day for 72,000 baht.

      That’s Thailand for you 🙂

  • bahman says:

    very very useful
    thanx pal

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