24 Hours in Pattaya Thailand – Party Like a Rock Star – Adult Content

Warning: If you are easily offended by drinking, sex, and prostitution


Pattaya is named the “City of Sin” for a reason.

Only have 24 hours to experience the city of sin and sex?  If so, not a problem.  Although we recommend at least two nights, you can still have a hell of a time in 24 hours at Pattaya Thailand.

Below is the Kings of Thailand recommended guide to Pattaya Thailand if you only have 24 hours or less:


Check into your hotel.  If you take our advice, stay at the “Penthouse Hotel” (http://www.penthousehotel.com/)

This is an adults only hotel.  The rooms have ceiling mirrors, a stripper pool, and a sex swing.  The mini bar is full of alcohol, condoms, lubrication, handcuffs, and much more.

For those of you who have heard of Penthouse Magazine, if Larry Flint were to design a hotel, this is pretty damn close to what it would look like.

Prices are not that expensive, usually around 1,500 – 2,000 baht (45 – 60usd) a night for two bedrooms.


Soapy Body Massage time.  If you’ve never had one before, a body massage is the most perfect 90 minutes you will ever experience.  Have no idea how amazing a soapy massage is, google it.

From the Penthouse hotel, take a taxi truck and have them take you to Sabai Dee Body Massage located on Pattaya beach road Soi 2.

When you walk in, you will see a stadium full of Thai girls (aka Fishbowl).  Take a seat, order a beer, and check out your options.  All the girls are trained professionals and will take great care of you.

Cost: 2,000 baht for 90 minutes.


Late lunch / early diner at the Hard Rock Hotel located on the beach road.


Time to bar hop.  Grab your wallet, put on a smile, and walk around one of the many bar streets.  Each bar offers something unique and special.

Looking for a “sleezy” but yet an amazing time, check out world famous BJ Bar, Lolitas.

At Lolitas they specialize in two things, beer and blowjobs.  Take a seat, sit back, and enjoy the best beer of your life. There are worse ways to spend 15 dollars…


Time for the world famous Pattaya Walking Street.

Here you will enjoy a hundred different strip clubs full of dancing Thai girls.  Some are better than others.  Here are 3 must see places:

One of our favorite places.  Features a nice stage, hot tubs, and beautiful women.

Angel Witch:
Must see.  They put on some amazing sexy “shows”.  You’ll have to see it to believe it.

One of the newest and best GoGo Clubs in Pattaya.

This is one place you do not want to miss.


By now most of the GoGo clubs and bars are closed.  Go to the dance club Insomnia.

It is here you will find A LOT of freelance and working girls who finished their shift.  The music is good, the atmosphere is friendly, and the girls are beautiful.


Time to head to the hotel.  If you haven’t already, make your choice.  You want enough time you experience her a few of times before you fall asleep.

Morning / Afternoon

Have sex one more time and send the girl on her way all the while enjoying the benefits of unattached sex.

Brush your teeth, eat some breakfast, and go get another soapy massage.  Make sure to pick a different girl than the night before.  Each girl has her individual specialty.

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  • Tobias Garza says:

    Many thanks for sharing your thoughts about. Regards panilul.se/map23.php filippa k knitted gown

  • jason says:

    wow what a recomendations or tips. Looks like one need to eat right to boost the stamina and loaded up the balls with more sperm……..you kow what i mean… soapy , blow job bar, sex with girl brought back to hotel then sex her up again next morning and then soapy again.

  • drmahendra says:

    I had visited 3times to pattaya but i can’t find any hardcore sex parties is there any place for same, Pl tell me

  • Parvez says:

    I want to visit Thailand historical & nice place. Also will enjoy sex with thai giri age 19-25 years. I shall have stay thailand only three days. How can i find & manage the girl ? How much costly . Any problem there ? First time i shall go Thailand. Also play Badminton there. Please help me the information. My age 32 hight 5’9″

  • rja says:

    Hi Bosses, in next week going to pattaya. can u tell where can i find good shemales with cheaper price and howmany hours.

  • Dhruv says:

    Hi Seven

    I am going to be in Pattaya with a friend next week. Do your recommendations hold good even today? I see that this post is from 2011, so just confirming.


    • Yeah, most of those recommendations still hold true. A couple of changes though:

      1- The soapy massage shops are there and still great. But the price is about 300 – 500 baht more.

      2- Alcatraz in now the best GoGo in Pattaya. (Try to get there before midnight if you want to see the hottest girls they offer)

      3- I’m still a fan of Penthouse Hotel, but it is far from being a “classy hotel”. The rooms are built for sex…which can be a little much for some people.

      Besides that, my advice is to get drunk and enjoy bouncing from one GoGo to another.


  • Kim Engelhary says:

    I will be going to Thailand for two weeks in a few weeks, i amvery glf i found your site, it has helped me decide on where to go in bangkok and where to find women both “good and bad” girls 🙂
    I only wish you guys had larger list of escort agancies, wich to use and not. U have only two. I am sure there are more good once then those two and wich one to sray away from. I have been in touch with Jen at nareebkk/jasmin escort. Who has been very help full and answer all my q, if she delivers i will let u know so u can put this on there too. But other then that, i am very glad for all the info you have on your site. And i will take your 24hr in PattYa and staying at the Penthouse hotel:)
    Thank you for all your information


  • Jake says:

    Hi Seven,
    I’m going to be in Patttaya in Jan and I was wondering if you have any other hotel suggestions? I plan on staying at the penthouse one night or two but would also like to have another option, preferably 4-5 star. Cheers mate 🙂

  • When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox
    and now each time a comment is added I get several e-mails
    with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove
    people from that service? Cheers!

  • hulk says:

    Hello KoT and thanks for your website.
    I just wonder what is your to-do-list recommendation in Bangkok and Pattaya for 7 days of staying?

    • Personally, I like to hotel hop. Stay a couple nights at one hotel and move to another.

      Not sure where I picked up this habit, but it works well for me. This way you will become familiar with different areas in the city and easily meet new hotel girls in the process. I recommend only staying in 4 and 5 star hotels

      As far as partying, 3 days in Pattaya is enough. Just be sure to make it a great 3 days!


  • strona says:

    Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and
    I’m impressed! Very helpful information specially the last part 🙂 I care for such info much. I was seeking this particular info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

  • Simone says:

    I (female) went with my boyfriend to Sabai Dee massage. We hired two girls (2,000 baht and 2,400 respectively). We loved the soapy massage and the girls were fun. No problem with them letting us touch them. We’d definitely go again!

  • percy says:

    Just my opinion but I would not stay in Penthouse Hotel. I checked in for 3 days…left 30 mins later. I didn’t like the room or the location (even thougj its litterally 5 mins from Walking Street) but I didn’t feel safe. Maybe I’m justa bit picky. I ended up going on http://www.agoda.com and booking LK Empress a meter up the block. I lost my money because of no refund policy but I did t care.

    Just my two cents.

    • Yeah, Penthouse isn’t for everyone. But I will tell you, I haven’t had any problems with safety or theft in that hotel. (I tend to stay there a couple times a year.)

      For me, it’s the perfect hotel for whoring in Pattaya. However, there are plenty of nicer 4 and 5 star hotels around.


  • magicmike says:

    IMHO 24 hours just isnt enough… i recommend anybody heading to pattaya do so for at least 2 weeks and by 2 weeks i mean 14 days actually in pattaya not including traveling.

    You’ll find it hard on your visit not to for a soapy as every taxi driver in pattaya seems to advertise them. Dont be scared its not a scam they are just working for their 50 baht commission for taking you there. Most of the time this taxi is costs nothing… the 50 baht comes from the parlor.

  • Jboy says:

    Been there, done it, got the T shirt. However let me say this is an experience any male old enough to know better should do at least once in your life time. The buzz when I land in BKK hits me as soon as I get off the plane. Sin city is an adult playground, if you have thought of it it can be done somewhere in some way. I cannot just recommend it, it is a must do adventure preferably for at least a few days. Enjoy as I certainly intend to continue to!

  • Arild B. says:

    Hi all
    I went to “Sabai dee body massage” yesterday. I ordered a beer (200 baht) and chose a girl. The price was 2400 baht for 90 minutes. She gave me a very unprofessional soapy massage for 20 minutes. I had this twice in Bangkok before but this wasn’t even close. The girl wouldn’t let me touch her. This is very unusual in Thailand because Thai girls are usually very caring and cool. I decided to ask for another girl but the manager came and told me that I had to pay another 2400,- baht. It wasn’t even half an hour so I said no. I agreed to pay 300,- baht to the first girl. I got another girl and it was a happy ending but this was really lame. They try to rip you off. I don’t recommend this place.

  • Miles Tenk says:

    Sabai Dee body massage (forgot to mention the name in my previous post):
    Stay away from this place. A total rip-off. Most of the girls are dead meat. The crew are real jerks. Very unprofessional. No privacy, you’re in the room naked but people come and go. LOL! I have tried 3 different girls. Only one was OK. They give you a soapy massage for half an hour and a shot so that’s it. Not 90 minutes. They don’t let you touch them. Go to other places and keep away this one. You’re warned. The price is 2000,- and 2400,- bht. not 1700,- as mentioned here. For this money you could get a very nice girl here in Pattaya. Good luck!

    • Hey,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Looks like the price has increased a bit, I’ll look into it.

      Regarding the treatment, I have had nothing but good experiences there as have my friends who visit Pattaya monthly. Not quite sure why your experience was not great, but this is still one of my favorite places to get a soapy.

  • Ted Roberts says:

    May I offer a suggestion? If you like to “dress up” a little (and it doesn’t hurt to distinguish yourself at the better after hours places) don’t pack a ton of clothing. There are some great tailors in L.O.S.—fast and cheaper than you’d ever imagine! You’ll look better than you ever have for 1/2 the price and have a great wardrobe to take home.

    • I agree 100%. I like to wear a nice pair of shoes, jeans, and a dress shirt in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. And the tailors in Thailand can make you a very nice fitted dress shirt for under 30usd.

      Dressing up a little can go a long way in Thailand

  • Germán Jóse Moralés Bolaños says:

    Hello my name is German,

    I have recently (7 months ago) broken up with my ex-gf and need some pooty-tang ASAP. Her name was Lina…she’s the FUCKING BITCH that broke my heart. Now I pay for sex here in Nicaragua, but all the girls are ugly as fuck!! The ladyboys in Thailand look better than these Indian looking trolls.

    Anyways, the prices, the sexual hotels, soapy massages, cheap food and beer, this place sounds too good to be true. I’ve never heard of a bar where you can drink a beer with your friends and get a BJ as you’re conversing LOL!!

    What is a good month/time to fly to Thailand? the weather?
    I’m sort of ugly(short with a flat nose) will girls come up to me?
    Is 3 weeks in Thailand too long?
    If I wear “sporty cloth” like blazers, fedoras, leather shoes, and vests, will I get more Pussy?

    Thanks for any info you can give me, Brother

    • Sorry to hear about all that.

      It’s true, most of the prostitutes around the world don’t look nearly as good as a Thai prostitute. Compare a Russian hooker and a Thai hooker after 10 years, the Russian will look like a used up piece of garbage while the Thai will still look good.

      When in Thailand, pussy will easily come to you. Just come here and go to the fun “hooker” places like Nana Plaza in Bangkok or Pattaya.

      Don’t worry about dressing up unless you are trying to pull “good girls” in non-hooker clubs like RCA in Bangkok.

      Hope this helps!

  • T. Roberts says:

    Tastes are all a little different for each of us. I thought that your choices may have been a bit limited and expensive. Also note that your club choices are the typical “tourist” spots…a bit too slick & a touch too many Baht to enjoy to the fullest. In my many trip to Pattaya I’ve found that the atypical venues will provide more for the bux and be less crowded…while still providing attractive (and often “hungrier”) ladies. (p.s.: I’d forego the soapy entirely…over-rated for the $ spent). Just an opinion.

  • Vampire says:

    It was some awsome sugession i have been through…..ha ha i really like the 15doller one…..thanks for so good knowledge…..

  • Raliartisan says:

    Man can couples get the royal rockstar treatment?

  • Adam says:

    Man It’s hard to believe that! Sounds amazing, maybe I’ll fly there a month earlier (-:

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