The 7 Best GoGo Clubs in Pattaya Thailand

7 Best GoGo Clubs in Pattaya Thailand

We often describe Pattaya as the ultimate city built for sex.  And once you’ve been there, you ‘ll know what we mean.

One of the best things to do in Pattaya is go to the world famous walking street and jump from GoGo club to GoGo club.

If you aren’t sure what a GoGo club is, imagine a standard western style strip club…except for one little detail…touching is recommended…in fact, it’s often required if you sit and try to watch.

All these places have free entrance and are worth visiting.  But if you’re short on time and don’t know where to start, just work down this list of the 7 Best GoGo clubs in Pattaya:

1- Alcatraz
The best GoGo club in Pattaya.

2- Angle Witch
What is a trip to Pattaya without stopping at Angel Witch to see some awesome sex shows.  The shows are far better than the girls.  You come here for a beer or two, but go elsewhere to choose your girl for the night.

3- Baccara
Right up there with Alcatraz, this is almost always considered one of the top three GoGo clubs in Pattaya.

4- Iron Club
This is located in the center of the walking street.  Before Alcatraz opened, this was our go to GoGo Club before Alcatraz opened.  They still feature some of the hottest girls in Pattaya.

5- Whats Up
This is a solid GoGo club that is worth going to on your GoGo crawl.  Get here before 1:00am before all the hottest girls are taken.

6- Diamond
Not the easiest club to find, but the owner is a friend and takes great pride in making sure the girls are good at what the do.  And many of them are fucking hot.  Best to just ask where this club is.

7- Sensations
I keep on skipping this club whenever I’m in Pattaya because I spend so much of my time at the other ones on this list.  However, I’ve heard from countless friends and readers of this website, that Sensations is one of the best new clubs in Pattaya.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Try to hit up a couple of these GoGo spots each night that you spend in Pattaya.  And if you haven’t been to Pattaya before, get ready to say:

“I can’t believe there are some many beautiful women in one city.”

They may all be hookers.  But fuck, they are some of the most beautiful Asian women you’ve ever seen – guaranteed!

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  • Satneu says:

    I am a guy who is not interested in hardcore sex but like to see woman nude and watch close in naked.I am coming to Bangkok and pattaya for a 6 days trip in January.hence please guide me more on the nude hard core strip clubs with more attractive woman’s in Bangkok and pattaya

  • joesiva says:

    Wish to visit the pulsating clubs in pataya.tq pls furnish details of d clubs before planning to experience life in pattaya personally.

  • DAAB... says:


    His neighbour, so close, name is NUI 2 A GO GO si really a total fake and absolute trash for the way, the mama san try to abuse about the drinks and the bar fines for the customers…The girls focus much more on their dance and drinks instead of the customers… IN REVENGE… SENSATIONS A GO GO CLUB IS REALLY EXCELLENT…

    Friendly mama san, friendly staff for the drinks…

    And the girls ??? HAHAHA… Really very friendly and very good heart…And much more sexy than in the NUI 2 A GO GO…

  • Alex Noxudol says:

    Good choice!!!

  • Tommy says:

    I like Whats Up *** 😀

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