Nightlife, Party Life and the Women of Koh Phi Phi Thailand

Nightlife of Koh Phi Phi Thailand
The Nightlife in Phi Phi is an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. There are many options available to please everyone: Sports Bars, Irish Pubs, Boxing Rings, Beach Parties, Fire Shows, and more.

At 9:00pm, the whole island turns into a party.  Since there is no shortage of places to go, this is what we recommend for the first night to maximize your fun.

9:00pm Phi Phi Nightlife

Get some Dinner at an Italian restaurant called, “Cosmics”.  Hands down the best tasting restaurant on the island with incredible prices.  Get pasta for 100 baht or a pizza for 130 baht.  Chat with friendly tourists sitting next to you.  Make a friend or two.

10:00pm Phi Phi Nightlife

Head to Reggie Bar.  This is a two story bar with a Kickboxing ring in the center.  Here the establishment will have “fake” Thai boxing fights for your enjoyment.  However, these tend to be pretty lame once you realize the fights are fake.  But these fights work as a filler.

Here tourists can get in the ring and fight other tourists.  Win or lose, they get a bucket of alcohol.  Sitting back sipping on a beer while others fight in the ring for your enjoyment is quite entertaining.  If you are lucky, you’ll even see some girls fight.

This is by far the best part, it’s not only funny to see girls fight with gloves and chest guards, but the best part is when they are friends and do it for the free drink.  However, when one hits the other a bit too hard, all hell breaks lose.  You then have two wild cats in the ring going crazy on each other.

All the while, you sit back enjoying your drink.

Note, if you are a fighter, this is a great place to test your skills.  Win a fight, and you not only get the free drink, but you also get the respect and popularity of everyone who saw.  Talk about “social proof”.  You can roll on the ground in your own vomit later that night and still get laid.

(If you lose and handle the loss respectfully, you don’t lose any “social proof”.  But if you are beat to hell, your night is finished.  You‘ll just want to go home and soak your wounds.  Enter the ring at your own risk.)

11:00pm Phi Phi Nightlife

Move to the beach.  Slinkys and Apache Bar put on amazing Fire Shows.  Ever since trying to burn down my neighbor’s house when I was five years old, I’ve always been fascinated with fire.  And these guys do not disappoint.  By far the best fire shows you will see in Thailand.

Midnight (Optional)

Head over to Stone Bar which is a couple hundred meters down the beach from the fire shows.  Here you sit back to enjoy a joint, beer, and some shots.

00:30 – 02:30 Phi Phi Nightlife

Dance like you’ve never danced before!  Okay, if you don’t dance, no problem.  Along the beach you have your choice of 4 dance floors all with different music and different types of girls.  If you like hippies, go to the bar playing reggae music.  If you like girls all messed up on alcohol and drugs, go to the techno/trance dance floor.  Personally, I like the hip hop / modern dance floors.  Here you can see how the girl really moves.

(Never underestimate a girl that knows how to dance.  They will always be worth the time it takes to bring them home)

If you don’t want to go home alone, this is your time to meet your future pillow mate.  Around 02:30 – 03:00 the clubs are required to turn off the music.  And then a strange phenomenon happens….all the cute girls are gone.  You look around and see an abundance of threes, fours, and fives.  Guys, life to short to take home another ugly girl!

Don’t worry men, if you strike out that night. There are 4 boats coming the next day with new women!

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  • Paul Lucas says:

    Hi I saw that you posted you can enjoy a joint in Phi phi. I know hat marijuana is highly illegal in Thailand but is it available in Phi Phi easily without much hassle? UI have medical conditions that are alleviated with cannabis.

    • Just be smart about where you buy it. In Phi Phi, Stone Bar is a safe place. (Never heard of anyone having issues with buying a joint there. However, they will be mixed with tobacco.)

      There’s no medical marijuana loophole in Thailand like there is in USA.

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