Nightlife, Party Life, and the Women of Koh Samui Thailand

Sound Club Samui Thailand
Koh Samui is a large and small island at the same time.  In regards to size, it is Thailand’s third largest island after Phuket and Ko Chang.

When it comes to the nightlife of Samui, you might find this island to be a little small.

Although there are many bars, clubs, and discos throughout the island, the nightlife really revolves around two areas: Chaweng and Lamai.

Both places have their pros and cons.

Lamai Nightlife – Samui:

Lamai is often described in two ways:

1- It’s great if you are an older man who loves prostitutes.


2- The bar scene is like Pattaya but the girls don’t look nearly as good.

Throughout the last couple of years, Lamai has attempted to compete against Chaweng for the nightlife crowd, but has failed miserably.  On Friday and Saturday nights you’ll find Fusion, Lamai’s dance club to be full of older men and not so good looking prostitutes. However, for some reason there are a lot of cute Thai girls and foreign girls around during the day.

From 10pm – 2:30am you won’t need us to guide you.  Just walk around Lamai and you’ll find bar after bar full of Thai girls.

After 2:30am the bars will close.  The bar girls that didn’t get any action during their shift will head to Fusion Club.  Fusion Club is known to stay open we’ll past 5am.

Thailand has something for everyone and Lamai’s nightlife is good for one thing, bar girls.  But if you’re coming to Samui for more than mediocre looking whores, then Lamai’s nightlife is probably not the place for you.

This is where we introduce, Chaweng…

Chaweng Nightlife – Samui:

Chaweng is where everything happens in Koh Samui.  If you’re looking for great restaurants, bars, clubs, and cute women, then this is where you need to go.

The nightlife of Chaweng is small and large at the same time.  Most people will start at their preferred little bars, then around midnight everyone will end up in the Green Mango area.

The Green Mango area is a street closed to traffic which consists of over 40 bars and 3 major dance clubs.

The dance clubs do not get going until midnight, however once that happens you’ll find them packed.  Sweet Soul and Green Mango are the clubs open until 3am.

After 3am is when the party moves to Sound Club which is open past 6am.

Sound Club is a two story building with two different dance floors, pool tables, VIP area, and is packed no matter the day of the week.

Whether it’s a Wednesday or a Saturday, the nightlife in Chaweng is great every day of the week and goes late.

Where to go for Foreign Girls in Chaweng:

Some men simply don’t like Asian women or like some variety.  If this sounds more like you, then there are plenty of women traveling to Samui from all over the world.  Here are 3 places for finding beautiful women not from Thailand:

1- Ark Bar / Beach Bars
Ark Bar is one of the most well known beach bars in Samui.  Tourists flock here more than any other place before midnight.  During the day you’ll find many girls lounging around, drinking, and tanning on the beach.  During the evenings you’ll find even more women having drinks before they go to Green Mango.

2- Foreigner Bars
Along the Green Mango street you’ll find many different styles of bars.  If you don’t like Thai girls, then stick to the foreign bars.  Go to places like “After Dark” and “Hush Bar” which is full of foreign women on most nights.

3- Green Mango Club
After a few drinks, it’s time to hit the dance floor.  If you like foreign women, skip Sweet Soul and go directly to Green Mango Club.  You’ll find a good amount of “white” women between 1 – 3am.

Where to go for Thai Girls in Chaweng:

Like Thai girls but don’t really like the bar girl scene?  No problem.  Chaweng has many options for you.

1- Any Bar
Most “normal” bars will have Thai girls.  Just don’t go to the empty ones.  Find the one that is playing music you enjoy and make sure it has a girl or two in it.

2- Dance Clubs
You’ll find many Thai girls inside the dance clubs.  Check out Sweet Soul and Green Mango Club.  They will be full of Thai and foreign women.

3- Sound Club
Don’t brother going to Sound Club before 3am.  This club doesn’t get busy until Sweet Soul and Green Mango Club are closed.  Once they close, most of the girls will move to Sound Club.

Warning: After 5am all the cute Thai girls disappear from Sound Club.  They will have found a guy or went home alone.  After that you are stuck with freelance girls and ugly girls.  Be sure to make you choice before 5am arrives.

Where to go for Bar Girls in Chaweng:

If you like bar girls then Chaweng will not disappoint.  You’ll also find the quality is beyond that of Lamai.

1- Soi Reggae
Soi Reggae is the well known bar street in Samui.  It’s along Chaweng Lake and consists of over 20 bars full of girls and fun.  Located at the end of the bar street is a two story disco, Reggae Club.  (Note: Reggae Club is dead almost everyday of the week.)

2- Green Mango
The Green Mango area is full of different styles of bars, including girl bars.  Simply walk around the Green Mango area and you’ll have your options.  Then if you find a girl you like, you can bar fine her and take her to the dance club which is right around the corner.

3- Dream Girls
Dream Girls is Samui’s main strip club.  However, we use those words loosely.  The women do not get completely undressed, they will always have clothes on.  These girls are professionals, so don’t expect them to go with you at a discount.

Samui’s nightlife has something for everyone, enjoy!

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  • Neo Rob says:

    Hey Boss 😉
    Thanks for the Guide for Dummies on Samui 🙂 before I crack down the big question, here is a little experience of mine from my last trip to Thailand. I mostly visited Bangkok & Pattaya where I had to munch on mostly on massage shops. Since I don’t drink! Going to a Beer Bar or GoGo and sit there with a pop in my hand! Made me look like a stupid.
    Here is the big question! Are there any massage shop in Samui where a good looking “Therapist” could be visible? Where do you suggest to stay between Chaweng and Lamai for that particular needs 🙂

    Also, does anyone knows if Chweng Cove Beach resort & Le Murraya guest friendly? Emailed them a week ago but no reply yet!

  • jake la says:

    Here i am again reading your precious advices, i am heading back for Christmas and new year to thailand again, last year i went to phuket , this year i was thinking of plan a week in samui and a week in phuket. My question is what s the situation of foreign girls in samui, ratio? nationalities? i was being able to score every night in phuket most of them russian girls in clubs, and the few nights i strike out i got a thai girl last minute. I know there is no guarantees, but i would love to have more info about the actual situation of foreign girls and ratios in samui before planning my trip. Thanks a lot

    • There’s a pretty good ratio and diversity of foreign girls on Samui. Go to Ark Bar Beach Club during the daytime and you’ll see it packed with 80% foreigners. Most of the girls will be from Canada, England, Australia, Israel, and Sweden.

      It is a lot more difficult to pull Russian girls on Samui because there aren’t as many of them around when compared to Phuket. But this is quickly changing.

      Around XMAS, everything will be fully booked…which means there will be A LOT of options on the island.

      • jake la says:

        Thanks for your fast reply, the youtubes i have seen don’t seem promising specially ark bar, looks like a cock fest, Even with that i think there is big advantage to pull during day time if you are fit with game on the beach gives samui and edge over patong. I can’t praise you enough on your website, a true guide 🙂

  • Vikas says:

    Want a girl n man for couple massage in hotel anantara lawana koh samui

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