Plan an Unforgettable Night in Koh Samui Thailand

So you only have one night in Koh Samui Thailand and don’t want to waste it.  What do you do?

Never fear, the Gods of Thailand are here for you.  Follow all or some of our advice to create a memorable night.  (Unless you blackout, then it will truly be an unmemorable night.)

8:00pm Nightlife

Time for some food so you can make it through the night.  In Samui you have your choice of restaurants, however if you are not looking for cheap food but quality food, visit one of these 3 restaurants:

1- The Cliff
Located right on the beach between Chaweng and Lamai which gives you an incredible view of the ocean.  The food is very good.  Try Scalps or an Australian steak.

2- The Shack
Hands down the best steak place in Koh Samui.  Managed by an American who makes sure each steak is of the finest quality.  Located in Fishermans Village.

3- Oceans 11
Known as the best restaurant in Koh Samui.  Oceans 11 has limited seating and only works with reservations.  Try the lamb.   Located in Bo Phut.

10:00pm Nightlife

Time to start drinking.  Here are a few recommendations:

1- Ark Bar
Lie on a cushioned lounged chair, grab a drink, and enjoy the fireworks.  After spending a couple hours here, many tourists leave Ark Bar with some of the best memories.

2- Soi Reggae
Check out Samui’s bar street.  Here you’ll find over 30 bars along one street and each bar is full of beautiful Thai girls.  Get a few drinks with your friends, play some pool, and enjoy the company of multiple women.  Start at Position 69 for 50 baht Redbull vodkas.

Kings of Thailand Challenge: Try one drink at each bar until you’ve had ten drinks or can’t walk anymore.

3- Happy Inn / The Resort
Like Gentlemen Clubs?  If so, this is the place for you.  This is Samui’s premier Gentlemen’s Club.  It’s not cheap, but it features the best looking Thai girls on the island.

Midnight Nightlife:

Time to go where the action is.  It’s time for the Green Mango area.

You’re probably already feeling pretty good, but now it’s time to kick it up a notch.  Go to “After Dark” which is a small Swedish bar.  Here they have 50 baht Tequila shots and 100 baht buckets.  Upstairs you’ll find a private room with a nice pool table and a dart board which can keep you busy for hours.

But, after a couple of shots, go to another bar and do the same.

1:00am Nightlife:

Time to dance and find yourself some women.  Go to Green Mango Club.  You’ll find it by following the music and girls.

Dance at one of the two dance floors, hang out at the bar, play pool, or just people watch.  You’ll have a blast.

3:00am Nightlife:

Green Mango is closing up, now it’s time for the after party club, Sound Club.  Here is the beginning and the end of the night.  Have a few more drinks, get drunk, act stupid, have fun.

If you’re a single guy, all the cute Thai girls leave around 5am, so don’t wait for the last moment to find your nightly companion.

Sound Club closes around 6am.


Wakie, Wakie, you’ll have a nice hangover in the morning but you also had a hell of a night!

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