2014 Green Mango Nightclub Review – Samui Thailand [Videos]

Hey Guys,

Every week I get emails asking about Koh Samui and where are the best places to party. Although there are only a few nightclubs options on this paradise island, there is only one that is always the best and always packed on every night.

That is Green Mango Nighclub on Chaweng Beach Road.

Basically when it comes to partying on Samui, there are only three places I recommend:

1- Ark Bar
Awesome beach parties on every Wednesday. And a great place to meet Thai and foreign women all day and all night (up till midnight).

2- Green Mango Nightclub
This will be your next stop as Ark Bar starts to winds down around midnight. This club is packed every night of the week and is full of thai girls and foreign girls.

Green Mango has two different dance floors with two different DJs. (Hip hop and House.) The foreign girls will mostly be in the “House” music side while the Thai girls spread out evenly between the two.

The Thai girls here will be about an equal mix of “good girls” and “hookers”.

3- Sound Club
This is the after party club on Samui and is only a two minute walk from Green Mango. This is mostly a hooker club….you go here when you want to pay 45 dollars for a hot Thai girl to take home.


Before midnight people will usually drink at their favorite bars or relax on the beach. But after midnight, everyone starts to make their way to Green Mango.

Here are three videos I took inside Green Mango earlier this year:

Enjoy paradise,

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  • Dwight says:

    I went to Samui in Dec last year and was staying at the Ark Bar which is 3 or 4 min walk to Green Mango. This is one of the coolest clubs Ive been to. Its an outside club and the vibe is incredible. Good music. Friendly bartenders. For what I remember as I pretty wasted haha. But I didn’t hook up with thai girls there because I went with a french/spanish girl I met earlier on the day. You also see a lot of foreign girls there if you prefer an european or an australian. Next time I go to Samui, Green Mango is on my to do list again. Can’t go wrong with that place.

  • Looking forward to my first ever visit to Koh Samui between the 22nd-29th May and will be paying the green mango dance club a visit for sure..

    Would I be best to hook up with a thai girl in the bars and take her to green mango or would it be best to pick my thai girl when I get to green mango ?


    • Hey Jon,

      Really, this will depend on your level of “game” when it comes to picking up girls in Thailand. For me, I will bring a girl there if I find one I like at a bar or go solo and see where the night takes me. (There is always Sound Club next door, which is a great place to pick up hot freelancers…though the cost will usually be around 1,500 baht. So there is no stress, you can get laid any night of the week.)

      Green Mango is a place that I like to keep my options open. So I would say I go there solo more times than not.

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