Quick Nightlife and Party Guide to Phuket Thailand

Party and Nightlife Phuket Thailand

It was brought to our attention that we haven’t posted much information regarding the party and the nightlife in Phuket Thailand.

I’ll admit, I’m not expert when it comes to Phuket, but I do go there a couple of times every year to party it up.

This is the brief guide I usually end up following:

Where To Stay:
Whenever I travel, I always hotel hop…which means that I always stay in a new hotel every time I go to Phuket.  I don’t have any specific hotel recommendations, however you NEED to stay within walking distance to Bangla Road – This is party central area of Phuket.

Go here and book a 4 or 5 star hotel near Bangla:

Hotels In Phuket Thailand

Where To Party:
Bangla Road

Quick Phuket Party Guide:

1- Start drinking at small bars full of bar girls. (10pm – Midnight)
Phuket has a pretty kick ass bar girl scene.  In most places in Thailand you may find one or two bar streets, Bangla Road as 3+ bar streets filled with bar girls.  (Note: One of these streets are only lady boys.  So if you are like me, you’ll skip that street.)

Walk down one of the bar streets, look for the bar with the hottest girls, and start there.  Keep an eye out for the girls dancing on the bars, they tend to be the hottest.

Chat with some beautiful women, have a drink or two, then move to the next bar with the hottest girl.  (Since I hate being tied down with a girl so early in the night, I’ll often just get the girls phone number and tell her that I’ll call her in a couple hours.)

2- Go To Tiger Bar / Tiger Club (12:30am to 3:00am)
This is the biggest club in Phuket and is by far the most fun.  This is where all the hottest girls will be and where all the hottest bar girls will go to when their shift ends at 2:00am – 2:30am.

Grab a table on the bottom floor with a bottle and enjoy life as women are approaching you throughout the whole night.

3- Hollywood Club (3:00am – 5:00am)
This is the after party club to be at, it’s a little small but fun as hell.  There are some others late clubs which are more pretentious and less fun, which is why I won’t even mention them.

Basically, if you haven’t found a girl yet, you have about two hours to find one here before all the hot ones are taken or go home.

GoT Tip: Around 2:30am – 3:00am, hang out on Bangla Road having a beer or two.  A LOT of girls will be walking down the road to go home or to go party.  Find one that you like, say hello, and invite her to Hollywood.  (This is how I ended up losing my friends but also how I walked into Hollywood with the two hottest girls in the place.)

As mentioned, I’m no guru when it comes to partying in Phuket Thailand, however, I have been there 10+ times in the last few years and always end up having the most fun following this simple guide.


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