5 Best Places Meet Hookers and Prostitutes on Koh Samui Thailand

hookers and prostitutes on koh samui thailand

It’s funny writing this because if you want to meet a Thai Bar girl or GoGo dancer on Koh Samui Thailand, you can meet them almost anywhere just by going out at night. But I’ll focus on the main locations.

If you like bar girls then Chaweng will not disappoint. You’ll also find the quality is better than Lamai with more choices.  Below we list 5 great places to meet hookers and prostitutes on Koh Samui Thailand:

1- Soi Reggae

Soi Reggae is the most well-known bar street on Samui. It’s along Chaweng Lake and consists of over 30 bars full of girls and fun. Located at the end of the bar street is a two story disco, Reggae Club. (Note: Reggae Club is an “okay” place to meet Thai girls, but the quality of the women is never up to my personal standards.)

2- Green Mango

The Green Mango area is full of different styles of bars, including girl bars. Simply walk around the Green Mango area and you’ll have your options. Then if you find a girl you like, you can “bar fine” her and take her to the dance club which is right around the corner.

3- Dream Girls

Dream Girls is Samui’s main “strip club”. However, we use those words loosely. The women do not get completely undressed; they will always have clothes on. These girls are professionals, so don’t expect them to go with you at a discount. The price is set by the establishment. The cost is about 70usd for “one shot” with the girl.

(There is also a new Russian strip called Galaxy which just opened in 2012. The women aren’t cheap, starting at 5,000 baht (160usd). If you like Russian hookers, this is an easy solution.

4- The Resort (Happy Inn)

This is the premium Thai GoGo / Gentlemen’s Club on Samui. They have by far the HOTTEST girls and they rotate them out every month so the regulars don’t get bored by seeing the same ones over and over again.

It’s not cheap, but it features the best looking Thai girls on the island. You’re looking at spending about 3,000 – 5,000 baht (90 – 150usd) per fuck, but it is worth it if you have the cash to spend.

This place is located past Club 99 in Bangrak just about 100 meters beyond “Ghost Road”. It’s not easy to find, but every taxi driver will know of it.

5- Sound Club

This is heaven if you like freelancers. Around 3:30am all the freelancers out that night will converge in this one location.

Here you can easily have your choice of beautiful Thai women and even negotiate down to a very reasonable price due to the lateness of the night.

It’s not uncommon to take home a VERY beautiful Thai girl for 1000 – 1500 baht here (30- 45usd).

Samui’s nightlife has something for everyone. Enjoy!

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