How To Spy On Your Thai Girlfriend?

how to spy on your thai girlfriend

How do you keep an eye on your Thai girlfriend or Thai wife while you are on the other side of the world?

I want introduce you to a new service that I’ve been in contact with recently. As we all know from reading this website, you can rarely trust your Thai girlfriend / wife when you are outside of Thailand. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one or two Thai girls on the line while you are gone. But you need to do this intelligently.

This is where ThaiSpy comes in…


ThaiSpy is cellphone monitoring software that comes pre-installed on your choice of new, brand-name device. It allows you to see and hear everything sent and received by a mobile device without being detected.

Spyphone software already exists – a company called FlexiSPY invented the technology in 2005.


1. ThaiSpy can translate messages that are in Thai to English. Considering how many girls use SMS, LINE, Facebook, Skype, Viber, WeChat iMessage and so on, this alone is a huge plus for those of us with Thai girlfriends. These are human translations done by native Thai speakers who provide the true meaning – and not simply the transliteration – of Thai slang, idioms, chat abbreviations and regional dialect.

2. It allows call interception, which is the ability to listen to both sides of a phone call live – as it’s happening

3. The application make it possible for you to open up the mic, so you can hear if she is at home or at a club. You can hear any voices in the immediate surrounding area so you know if she is with another guy

4. The package includes a phone already installed with the software, meaning that there is no need to get ahold of your girl’s phone to do a complicated install job.

5. ThaiSpy can deliver a phone, gift wrapped to any address in Thailand. Its ‘One Click spying’, as it were!

6. It’s developed by a Thai company located right here in Bangkok, so you are supporting local business

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