3 Tips For Booking Hotels in Thailand

3 hotel booking in thailand tips
Lately I’ve been getting a lot of question about hotels in Thailand. Some are looking for individual hotel recommendation while others are looking for advice on how to save the most amount of money.

Below are a few tips I always use when booking hotels in Thailand:

Hotel Comparison Searching

Before coming to Thailand, I’ve never heard of this website for booking hotels. However, 9 times out of 10 you will find the best prices for hotels in Asia from this website: hotelscombined.com

Note: When I went to Brazil and Argentina early this year, this website was not the best. But for some reason, they offer the best prices in Asia. On my recent trips to Singapore, Malaysia, and Bali, I always booked with this site

4 Stars and Up

A 4 star hotel in Thailand is more like a 3 star hotel in western countries. I NEVER stay at hotels under 4 stars in Thailand unless I’m “slumming” it or I’m doing the backpacker thing on Koh Phi Phi islands.

I always stay at hotels with star ratings of 4 or 4.5

Note: I try to avoid 5 star hotels in Thailand. Although they are incredibly nice, they also tend to have ridiculously overpriced room service and mini bars. And on those hangover days, room service is your friend. If you’re just visiting for a few days, this probably won’t bother you. But once you have lived in Thailand, paying 15usd for a Pad Thai is annoying.

Guest Friendly Hotels

Some hotels charge you a fee if you want to bring a girl back to your room. Stupid, I know. But this is one annoying thing about Thailand. (The fee is usually about 10usd per girl.)

You’ll usually find this around the high tourist areas in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. But rarely in other locations. If you plan on bringing a bunch of girls back on your place, it never hurts to contact the hotel first to ask about their policy on “guests”.

Special Tip

I have never had a girl rob me in Thailand, but it has happened once to a friend of mine. He passed out drunk and woke up with his wallet, watch, and cologne missing.

Almost all the rooms in Thailand will come with a lock-box safe to keep your valuables in. Use it!

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  • Bezilax says:

    So booking night to night is not an issue with Agoda? I was thinking I was gonna need to use priceline,

    I like the name your own rate bit.

    what about Pattaya? I see you can pretty much stay in a dump for like 15.usd.

    How dumpy are they?

    I am trying to do the broke traveler thing. Especially once I hit Pattaya. I just wanna bang bones and eat good food.

    • In Asia, Agoda tends to be king when it comes to hotel bookings. I use them all the time. The one downside with them is their cancellation policy which is NOT hassle free.

      I book through them when I know there will be no changes to my itinerary. They are the best and if you book using our link, we get a little kickback.

      Regarding Pattaya, I NEVER stay in a hotel under 4 stars unless I’m doing the backpacker / hostel thing. A 4 star hotel in Thailand is more like a 3 star hotel in America.

      If you’re doing the broke travel thing, then 2 – 3 star hotels is what you’re looking for (Note: the quality can greatly range, read the reviews first). Also, make sure they are guest friendly without a charge 🙂

      In Bangkok, head to Khao San Road.

      Hope this helps,

  • Sam says:

    by the way i also talked with a girl in another hotel in philippines but i guess she had already seen me with 2-3 different girls at the hotel so she didnt seem so interested to be with me.
    she only give me her number or facebook and she said if i want to know her better then i have to meet her father first. lol
    so i didnt go more far with that girl.
    i just talked some other girls.
    i did few mistakes in phillipines.
    the biggest mistake is that i stayed same place the last 15 days of my 28 days vacation in philippines than visiting more places.
    mostly because i was too tired to go other places and keep travelling.
    but also because the last place i was staying was really nice with 3 swimming pools, nice restaurant and disco.
    but also because i meet a girl that place that i falled in love with.
    and even she only could stay with me in daytime in the hotel/resort, because her family didnt allow her to overnight with me.
    but i did that mistake i falled in love with her, thats also why i wasted 15 days in same place instead of visiting 3-4 more places and meeting more girls there.
    and the last 1 week im there the girl didnt even take so much time to me because her father didnt want.
    so i wasted almost half of my vacation in same place and on same girl because of i was stupid to fall in love and stupid to believe that this girl really love me.

    so now i will try not to do same mistake again and waste my vacation on same place and same girl.

    of course i also meet other girls in philippines, but the last 15 days i only meet 2-3 other girls beside that girl, and i didnt go to boracay and some other places i wanted to visit.

  • Sam says:

    but if u already bring a girl to the hotel then the girl working in the hotel would already have seen u with that girl.
    or u make a date or invite the girl in the hotel out first when u arrive to the hotel?
    or how u do?

    because when i was in philippines i talked with 1 nice looking girl working in the hotel, but i got her number just before i leave the hotel and go to other hotel and after that i went to other city so i didnt see her again and i think she already had a fiancee, because some guy texted me and ask me who i am and he said that he is her fiancee. haha

    one other thing.
    i read in one of your other post that normally next morning u will tell the girl u are with that u need to do some work on your laptop so she will leave?

    but i dont have laptop now. im thinking about buying a netbook or a samsung galaxy s2 phone?
    i think i have decided to buy the samsung s2 next week before i go to thailand for taking pictures and videos and also for internet use.

    so what u say to the girl next day?
    and what if u dont find a new date next day and u want to bring that girl to ur place again?
    im sure that girl will be pissed off with u and know that u are not serious and she will not come back again?
    or what? lol

    and if im not using netbook/laptop and im using phone, can i still convince the girl that i have some work to do or make her leave?

    in philippines mostly they will leave by themself next day, or i will just tell them to leave or something. lol

    but with the mobile phone, can i still go to internet pages like dateinasia.com and thaifriendly.com and other webpages like that?
    or some webpages cant be used by mobiles?

  • Sam says:

    Yes the “hotel hop” will also help u so the girl u bring to ur hotel last night will not come back to ur hotel and see if u are still there. lol
    and then she will find u with the next girl. hehe
    i know u. and i know how u do. lol

    • Ha, that is one advantage. And by hotel hopping you get to meet more cute girls working in hotels….one of my favorite types of girls. Girls that have jobs, so they need to leave on their own in the morning. And hotel girls NEVER want money. Just to go out and have fun.

  • Stove says:

    The thing I don’t like about Agoda is their cancellation policy. A lot of times the booking is non-refundable or they charge a cancellation fee. I found booking.com offers very similar prices (the selection isn’t quite as good in Asia though), but they have a GREAT cancellation policy (even though I realize a lot of cancellation policies are hotel imposed and not based on the website). But I think flexibility is key when traveling around Thailand.

    • I’ve never had any issues with their cancellations, but this is always something to think about. But if you are staying a Thailand for just a few days and don’t plan on doing hotel hopping, Agoda is my recommendation. Hands down the lowest prices in Asia.

      Booking.com is okay in Asia. I found that in Argentina and Brazil they had the best rates.

      When “traveling” through Thailand, I always like flexibility. I’ll book a couple nights with Agoda then check out the city to see what area I like. When I stay in a new city, I tend to “hotel hop”. Makes it much easier to explore different parts of the city.

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