The Dark Side of Thailand – Two Killed on Koh Tao

The Dark Side of Thailand - Two Killed on Koh Tao
Okay, if you guys haven’t yet heard, there was a really bad crime committed in Thailand about two weeks ago. Two foreigners from England met on Koh Tao, they partied, and after went to the beach.

Hours later, both of their dead bodies were found. The guy had his head bashed in and was drowned. While the girl was raped and killed with her face REALLY bashed in. (I won’t post the photos on this site, but the girl was ruthlessly murdered!)

A huge outcry came from England which meant the Thai police couldn’t keep this a secret. The Thai government was forced to attempt to solve a crime against a foreigner by pulling in more and more police to assist with the investigation.

After letting 100+ people contaminate the crime scene, the police proceeded to pursue anyone that wasn’t Thai. First they blamed the dead man’s friend (foreigner) by saying that is was secret gay love that caused this. But once that was easily proven to be false, they fell back to the typical plan B…blame migrant workers from Myanmar.

Then they even tried to blame the two dead foreigners because they were “said” to be having sex on the beach. Okay, maybe having sex on the beach isn’t the most respectful thing to do. But does that mean the two deserved to be viciously murdered and raped?

And even after that, they said it was the girls fault because she was wearing a bikini on the island of Koh Tao. And that’s why she was raped and killed.

The police spent days looking at everyone in the world who wasn’t Thai.

The fact of the matter is, a huge majority of the crimes in the Samui / Phangan / Koh Tao area comes from uneducated, local Thai males, between the ages of 14 -20.

The leading theory is that it was done by the son of a powerful family on Koh Tao. But he was cleared of charges due to some “evidence”…which few really believes. Everyone in Thailand knows, if you are rich – you can get away with murder as long as the dead persons family has a “huge” bank deposit a couple months later.

(Example, in 2012 the son of the man who created Red Bull killed a police officer by driving drunk in his million dollar Ferrari. He first paid a fall guy to confess to the crime.  But when that way made public, he paid 97,000usd to the children of the police officer and hasn’t had to step foot into a courtroom.  The strategy is simple: pay people off, delay the trial until people forget about it, and enjoy knowing you will never have to face charges for murder.)

When this vicious crime happened, Thai people from across the country stood up and said, “It had to be those people from Myanmar, because Thai people would never do this”. (So easily they forget about the 11 year old Thai girl raped and murdered on the train two months ago by a Thai male.)

Is Thailand Safe?

All places carry a certain amount of danger that can easily be forgotten when you are having the time of your life. Boyfriends get angry when you hit on their girlfriends, and guys get jealous when they see a good looking guy playing with a girl they like.

The thing about Thailand is, I still believe it’s a safe place (there have been murders in just about every “paradise” location in the world). But I have little faith in the police truly solving crimes against foreigners.  There’s just no real motivation for them unless it becomes world news and then they will “solve” the crime “no matter what”.

P.S. At the time of posting this article, it has been reported by the Thai police that two men from Myanmar confessed to this crime.  The belief with most of the Thai population is these people were paid to confess…typical scapegoating when a murder is done by the wealthy or crimes that “need” to be solved.  I have my doubts as well, and I wonder if Thailand will let an independent forensic team view the DNA evidence from the girl and these “confessed murderers”…

An all too familiar story with the Dark Side of Thailand…

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  • Randy. (aka) Beertogo says:

    Not so much a question but more of a statement.
    I don’t agree with everything you say but I’d say around 90% anyway.
    I just turned 60. Yes, 60. And I spend 6 weeks a year in Thailand and only pay for pussy if she turns out to be on the stunning side….. I almost never pay… I’ll be there three weeks then fly over to vietnam, singapore, only to satisfy my 30 day visa. And as you know, fly cheap, use Nok Airlines to hop around Aisa.
    The biggest thing I have always told people, dont, big time dont, never ever, out stay your money. Sure you need a budget, for myself mine is $200 usd a day. Hotel and all. Most days I never even come close to that. But it’s there if I need it.
    And make sure your bank or card company knows your traveling. And that you can read the cards international phone number…..
    But I don’t enjoy what you guys have to say.
    Maybe will have a beer or three someday.

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