Spiders in Thailand – What To Expect

spiders in thailand

Last week I received this email:

Hi, I really don’t like big spider in my room, is it common to see big spider in apartments in Thailand? it’s the only problem that makes me not travel to Thailand.


Although spiders don’t really bother me, I do have some friends who are deathly afraid of spiders to the extent that they will run out of their house and refuse to enter again until they have proof that the spider is gone. So arachnophobia is nothing new to me.

Advice about Spiders in Thailand:

1- This will be less of an issue in larger cities like Bangkok than it will be in places like Chiang Mai and Koh Samui.

2- Personally, in over three year, I’ve only seen 3 large spiders in my apartments. All three were not poisonous and easy to trap and kill.

3- I tend to stay in “nicer” and more expensive places than the typical backpacker tourist will. Which means, “nicer” places in Thailand have a lower rate of insect and critter problems.

Anyways, not much to be said on this topic. Is it possible that you may encounter a spider or two while being in Thailand? Yes.

But is that possibility really enough to keep you from visiting Thailand???

Only you can answer that question, however I would hope the answer is no.

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