Are Thai Girls Easy? – Yep!

Are Thai Girls Easy - Sex in Thailand

This question has been asked by many men who have visited the wonderful country of Thailand:

What makes it so easy to sleep with Thai girls on the first night?

In fact, during my first year in Thailand, I asked this question to an American expat that’s been living in Thailand for over 15 years.  And to this day I will never forget his answer:

“Sex to a Thai girl is like taking a shit.  It’s just something they do.  There is rarely any emotional attachment involved.”

When I heard this, I cracked up laughing.  However, during all the years I’ve spend in Thailand meeting good girls and hookers alike, I think this guy was right on with this statement.

The fact of the matter is, you can sleep with almost any Thai girl on the first “date”.  And I use the word “date” loosely.  (Which tends to involve meeting up for a drink, going to a club for a couple hours, then taking her home.)

So why is it so FUCKING easy?

As with most things in life, there is no one answer.  However, I’ve got a pretty good idea from the hundreds of encounters I’ve had with Thai women combined with that thousands of encounters my close friends have had with Thai girls.

This is what we’ve come up with:

1- No 3 Date Rule

If you’re America, you know that most “good girls” live by this rule.  No sex till the third date, blah blah blah.  Of course, if you’ve got some game you can always bypass this, but this is the standard with most American women.  (Excluding religious fanatics)

Not so in Thailand.  In fact, when I tell Thai “good girls” that this is what women do in America, the response is always the same, “Why?

2- Thai Girls Hate To Sleep Alone

This is one of my favorite things about Thai women.  They hate to sleep alone.  Which is why the words, “I just want to cuddle” has such a high success rate of getting her inside your hotel.

Growing up, Thai girls share a bed with their parents and siblings.  When they move out, they tend to share a bed with their friends and students in their university.

When they graduate, they tend to have a roommate who they share a bed with or a series of boyfriends they live with.

Thai girls are rarely comfortable living alone in their own apartment without a roommate or boyfriend.

3- No Christian Fundamentals

Whether you hold Christianity beliefs or not, there is no denying that nearly all of western civilization has Christianity fundamentals built into their laws and codes of morality.

Thailand’s fundamental religion is based off of Buddhism where they do not believe that sex was such an awful sin.  Look back and compare how Christianity and Buddhism viewed sex 1000 years ago.

4- Emotional Attachment to Sex

Most Thai girls are “trained” from an early age that sex is just… sex.  It isn’t some giant emotional and spiritual connection that bonds one person to another for the rest of their lives.  After a Thai girl finishes with her first couple relationships, she will begin to adopt this belief.

Sex is merely an enjoyable part of life.  It’s kind of like taking a shit 🙂

– – – – – – – – –

Now there will be haters out there that will say, “My Thai girlfriend wasn’t easy” or “I’m a Thai girl and I’m not easy.”

Although there are always exceptions to the rule, those people are typically full of shit and lack basic self-awareness.  Your Thai girlfriend wasn’t easy because you were playing the good boy card and didn’t push to fuck her the first night.

And to all those haters out there, this not one man’s opinion who only fucks “prostitutes” or “poor village girls from Essan”.   This is the reality of Thailand taken from sampling THOUSANDS of “good girls” throughout Thailand.

So whatever the reason is, this is just the reality:

Thai girls are easy to fuck on the first night…and I love it!

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  • Rodan says:

    What do you guys think about kissing? One of the turn offs to being with a pro is the stigma regarding kissing.


  • John says:

    Thai girls are so easy they took all the fun out of it.
    I don’t enjoy sex any more .
    Only thing what you have to do is speak a bit of Thai with them make some jokes
    and you in business or cut it short you just get raped .
    Playing the good boy card is not going to save you .

  • Matthew Lin says:

    So are Thai girls easy and are they sexy horny most of the times yes could be so so Thailand is a wonderful country to date and relationships even sex with the Thai women that I want I would love to fuck a Thai girl have sex with and sleep with thai women xoxoxo.

  • Pat Uom says:

    Thai girls are easy and let you fuck her if they like you. Some time they just like you. Because most of Thai girls do not think of having sex is a serous activity. Fucking is a way of life for Thai girl. Although, it’s not very easy for every man to have sex with Thai woman. Some men have sex with Thai women like have a cup of coffee. In my experience, I can say that it’s not difficult to have sex with just any Thai woman. But sometimes it’s is difficult to have sex with a particular woman.

  • Meidich Hoertz says:

    Here’s and “interesting” perspective on the whole thing:

    • Yeah, an interesting video, but not really applicable to this article.

      Believe it or not, most Thai women really have no desire to leave their country. They hate living in the Western world.

      When it comes to the abusive mail-ordered bride situations, once again Asians need to look among themselves than blame “bad foreigners”. The largest percentage of child slavery in the form of mail-ordered brides are Asian-to-Asian. Look at poor Thai and Vietnamese villages where these girls are being kidnapped at an unbelievable rate and are shipped to China where there is a lack of females for the poor and middle class.

      This is the typical propaganda of “bad old white men taking advantage of Asians”

      • Meidich Hoertz says:

        Yeah, that’s my point; it’s a total hack job, clearly focused on perpetuating a stereotype, rather than performing a factual examination of the issue. It’s punchline journalism at its finest (or worst, depending upon your point of view).

  • takachi says:

    Yes i am japanese, i work in bangkok financial company. I fucked with good thai girls in university level about 30 girls and master degree. level about 20 up. they so beautyfull and cute.

  • AW says:

    Very good point that girls hate sleep alone, really make sense now. I had a girl sleep in my hotel room two nights even though I already told her I not gonna do anything with her and that I later same week was gonna hook up with another girl that I had met before

    If I by any chance would have problem pick up on my next visit then I will play the “only cuddle” card, it’s brilliant!!

  • nicolas says:

    It is a shame to read such an article and show so much disrespect for so beautiful and kind women.

  • RP says:


    I have my friend in thailand, she is 35 and I m an indian I went to her house and she was alone. Not yet we sex, as I want to sex but I afraid of my good friendship. As she have no boyfriend. What should I need to do as I think I love her but can’t say only for sex or only her

  • Jim says:

    Hi, guys, I’m off for my first visit next year, and although travelled a bit never to Thailand. So i have been doing a lot of checking about, and this website is great I love the no BS approach telling it as is, and to be honest I feel a lot safer going there after reading what i see here.
    I am planning a bit of sight seeing, but of course having a great deal of fun is my main plan, and I am spending 10 nights in Phuket, your advice on wearing a condom to me is common sense, but what’s your advice on bj’s should i need one, is there a big risk? Also is there anything these girls won’t do once back at your hotel?
    Many thanks for the work you put in look forward to reading more


    • Hey Jim,

      That is a very good question and one with no easy answer.

      Is it “possible” to catch something getting a BJ without a rubber? Yes

      Is it very likely? No

      Do many man use condoms for BJs in Thailand? No

      This is one of those choices that you just have to decide for yourself.

      Regarding your other question, many Thai girls are not into anal. But besides that, if you get a hooker, just be clear what you want upfront. If you get a “good girl”, you’ll just have to wait until the bedroom and see.

      • Jim says:

        Many thanks for the reply, not in to anal, but many western girls like a bit fun, like bondage and whips and stuff, not for me never really fancied that, but just want to be careful don’t want to get it wrong and find myself tied up and getting whipped lol

  • Rabie says:

    Wow, this guy! Sounds like a fucking prick! I lost words. Sounds like only world you are living is bars, whore houses and night out at the pubs or cafe where are just those women are seeking boyfriends and money!? I have 2 nieces, one 19 and 22yrs both are virgin and studies. None of them want to talk about boyfriend but learning. Dude, I don’t think person like you ever have a chance to go out with normal girl but whores, save your breath and maybe shit head, whores master like you need to get out of my country soon, what a scum!

    • Thanks for your comment. Have a great day!

      • Jerry says:

        He really believes his nieces are virgin…..ahahaha
        I remember many of the students i have fucked in the university dormitories like in Rangsit were telling their parents they were virgins, but they were fucking like rabbits ! Maybe one of these was one of his niece , who knows ahaha

        • Yes, if I believed every Thai girl that told me I was a virgin. I think I’d be well into 50 virgins by now, LoL!

          • Pinnara says:

            how could you write this article,man? I really hate you. how long have you stayed in Thailand.? what a pity you are! you never stay away from perverts. that’s why you wrote it as bad side. you know? it’s also reflect about you! …………………………………………
            I’ll pray for you to open your mind more than this.

        • someIndianBro says:

          I don’t know, most Thai girls who like to bang openly admit it. I was on a date with a 21 year old thai girl who said she’d had over 30 partners. It’s not a huge stigma for foreigners to find out about their fun side. (yes they like to maintain a good girl image at home and it’s unlikely for your niece to ever admit that – why would she?)

  • Paul says:

    Well buddy you can’t be that clued on, it’s actually Issan, not Essan.

  • CURIOUS says:

    It says at the bottom of this article you know this through thousands of thai women. Are you saying youve personally had thousands since 2008? If so, thats nuts. I personally hate condoms. Is it possible to go with the good girls without condoms and not catch some bugs? thanks

    • Ha, can’t say thousands. But you definitely stop counting after triple digits.

      My advice is always the same, wear a condom. Your chances of catching HIV is actually pretty low, but your chances of catching something Chlamydia is very high if you don’t wrap it up.

      If you can sleep with her on the first night, there have been hundreds of men who have done the same before you.

      • CURIOUS says:

        Ha, I wouldn’t say they are “good girls” if theyve been with hundreds! I think I would have a problem there, I just can’t effing stand rubbers. Are there a lot of real “good girls” that can be found easily if youre a decent looking shy white guy that you wouldn’t think have been with hundreds? Also, do Thai females in general if youre their boyfriend, or client, etc.. let you slide it up their bum or swallow the load?? Had to ask! ha

        • Jerry says:

          The point is in Thailand a girl who sleep with a guy is not considered a bad girl. Sex is a normal stuff. Just about any girl you find had surely had lots of guys. Most of Thai girls love to do BJ (not 100% of them) while only a portion of them will swallow the load. The past 6 girls i have been laid with, 5 of them had swallowed it , so…. it’s possible. Take always a good care of your body, Thai people are really clean and they disgust any minimal body smell…

          • If you want the girls to swallow, be straight about it and tell her that’s what you like…and she will almost always do it.

            Thai girls go out of their way to please their mae. You just have to tell them 🙂

  • Jonh A says:

    For a few months i am an interested reader of this website.
    I’ve got my first holiday to Thailand planned very soon 🙂
    After reading almost every article on this site, i just imagine what happens to men that aren’t aware of all this. I guess many guys already fell in love with some Thai girl, before they even slept one night in Thailand. I’ve got some experience in other places in Asia, so i hope my first time Bangkok will not be a real shocker to me.
    Can’t wait to go to club Levels after reading your review.
    Will check-in again to confirm this article soon.

    Actually i started typing a comment to make a compliment about the site. Keep up the good work, and a big THANKS to KoT

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