How to Plan a Sex Vacation in Thailand

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Of all the places to visit on vacation, of all the grand and glorious holiday destinations that may await you, why Thailand?

The answer is simply this: there may be places as pretty, there may be spots as sunny and sexy, there may be other parts of the world with magnificent beauties waiting to massage the stress out of every inch of your body, and there may even be places just as inexpensive…  but there is no place on earth that combines them all!

Only Thailand can offer the surf and the sand, the natural splendor of the oceans and jungles, the extraordinarily low cost for the highest quality of accommodations, and the naughty charm of Thai ladies! If you want it all, in one place, at an affordable price for any pocket, the only place to go on vacation – especially if you’re seeking a sex holiday! – is Thailand.

The Benefit of a Sex Holiday to Thailand

1. It’s cheap! The costs for everything; from your room to nice restaurants to entertainment and beach travel is often shockingly cheap. The farther you wander out of the main city hubs, the cheaper it will get, too! Even on the beaches just south of Bangkok, you can find a cheap, clean, and safe beachside bungalow for less than US $15.00 per night. If you insist on having European or American style accommodations, you can find modern hotels, right in the heart of Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket, for under US$30.00 per night. If you shop wisely, you can get rooms that would rival Presidential suites in major US and European cities, rooms that would cost thousands per night, for close to US$100.00 per day. The truth is that the only significant expense is getting to Thailand – and even that can be done cheaply if you fly off high season (November to May). Bottom line is that you can have everything you could ever imagine in Thailand, for probably one third the price of what you would expect to pay in any western country.

2. It’s beautiful and fascinating! Okay, you may not have come for the art, culture, history, and natural beauty, but while you’re out chasing the lovely Thai ladies, all of these will be the backdrop to your romantic adventures. You already know that Thai women are some of the most soft and supple and sensual in the world, but Thailand adult vacations also come with natural wonders and cultural curiosities that can be found no place else. This amazing aura and ambiance is part of why Thailand just oozes sexuality and sensuality, so enjoy ALL of these pleasures. Thailand is the best Asian country for single men sex vacations and couple adult holidays.  Which brings us to….

3. The Girls! If what you want are beautiful girls who are easy to get and eager to please, Thailand is the only destination to consider. Thai girls are famous around the world for being free-spirited, open-minded, and ready for sex adventures!

How to plan your Adult Vacation in Thailand

Planning is an important step to achieve our holiday dreams. There are specific steps that will make your your sex vacation planning easy, fast and reliable.  Some brainstorming questions will give you an immediate insight of your goals and desires, ask yourself:

–        What do you want to achieve during your Thai sex vacation?

–        Why are you going to Thailand?

–        When are you planning the visit? Why in this period?

–        How are going to travel around Thailand and how will you spend your days?

–        Whom will you spend the holiday with?

These are just few questions that will open up your real motivations and desires to visit Thailand for an adult vacations. The more you will enquire yourself, the better chance you have to plan a great holiday.

But where should you start planning an amazing Thailand sex vacation?

Best Thailand Destinations

best Thailand sex destinationsThailand is a big country, with the majority of the population living in the city and resort destinations. So if you want to find young and sexy Thai girls looking for love and lust, all eager to provide pleasure beyond your most heated imagination, all you really have to is make sure you head to the popular destinations.

Bangkok is arguably the best and brightest, being the capital city where university and corporations are attracting thousands of young Thai girls every year. Bangkok is the perfect place to have affairs. Months before departure, visit Thai chat sites and get in contact with the girls. Make friendship and meet them during your holiday. Two hours’ drive away, Pattaya is a coast town known for the massive amount of sex entrainments and nightlife craze. Pattaya is the cheapest sex destination in Thailand, great value for your money. Head south and to the other side of the narrow country to Phuket, famous for its VIP clubs, white sand beach and thousands of Thai girls willing to please you. And if you’re looking for scenery, out of the beaten track and the beautiful Thai- Chinese girls, head straight north inland to Chiang Mai, home of ancient ruins and Buddhist temples. Sex and spirituality are a great combination in my advice.

To be blunt, if an airline or bus can take you there, it’s most likely to be a place filled with wonder. You might consider heading inland to some of the less tourism-focused areas, and if you do you’ll find your costs slashed in half – although once again, you must remember that the most adventurous girls, the ones most eager to meet a western man for romance and fun, and can speak English are more likely to be found in the better known tourist areas.

What about Thai Girls

Thai girl posing in the bedroomYou’ll have to experience the culture to truly understand it, but the basic concept is that Thai ladies come from a far different culture. To them, erotic adventure and sexual pleasure are to be experienced and savored, not things to hide from. Thai girls simply find attractive western men! If you are young and good-looking, the girls will go crazy for you. Even if you aren’t so young and handsome, if you have a friendly smile and are ready to be flirtatious yourself, you’ll find plenty of companionship! And like girls everywhere else, having a little money to throw around certainly doesn’t hurt! Keep in mind that in Thailand, your money will go very much farther, so you can treat every girl like a princess without spending like a king! You’ll be surprised just how few dollars you’ll need to seem like a big spender in Thailand! Of course, you can buy pleasure in the massage parlors or bars, if you like, but you really don’t need to pay a thing to find plenty of companionship.


We promise – in Thailand, you’ll run out of energy and stamina a long, long time before you run out of money! The girls are all slender, lithe, young, and stunningly beautiful, and all experienced in the erotic arts. Thailand is an adult paradise beyond your wildest dreams. So take your time and sample every delight!

Rocco sex holiday asiaAbout the Author; Rocco founded and authored The Dream Vacation after sex traveling extensively around Asia.

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