Why We Moved to Gods of Thailand.com

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The Bad News: We have changed our domain name from KingsofThailand.com to GodsofThailand.com.  This won’t affect any of our readers or VIP members because nothing has changed besides the domain name.  However, we will need to get used to saying “Gods” instead of “Kings”.

The Good News: Our website is blowing up and we are getting some very good media coverage that will be released in the next couple of months.  By changing our name, we have saved ourselves from potentially being shut down by the Thai government or worse (details below):

Why We Moved To Gods of Thailand.com

Short Answer:
We did not want our website blocked in Thailand.  We are the only Real Man’s Guide to Thailand, and having our website blocked in Thailand would not be ideal for our readers.

How Could We Get Blocked?
The Thai government blocks websites they don’t agree with.  In fact, there are more than 200,000 websites you are unable to access while in Thailand.

The two main types of websites that are blocked in Thailand are:
1- Porn
2- Websites that criticize the king, government or military

So What Does This Have To Do With Our Website?
As you know, our website does not pull punches.  We tell it as it is without any bullshit, so you can have the best fucking time visiting Thailand.

And with a website like this, naturally we received a lot of hate mail and haters who have tried to make it their life’s mission to shut us down.

Normally we laugh this off and move on.  However, as you have learned from this website, there is one rule of Thailand that you should never break:

“Never disrespect or speak ill of the king.”

If you do and that news reaches the “right” people in the Thai government (Royal Thai Police and Ministry of Information), the website will be blocked in Thailand and the owners could find themselves with a prison sentence up to 20 years in Thai jail. (Google: “Joe Gordon Thai” for an interesting example.)

After one year of these “haters” having no success in shutting us down, a couple months ago they began to blatantly fabricate stories, documents, and emails to falsely represent that our website was designed to disrespect the king.

They took illegal and unethical actions in attempts to shut down us down.

So long story short, our Thailand disclaimer, which can be read below, was no longer holding up when compared to these false documents:

– – – – – – –

“In no way does this website directly or indirectly implies that we are the actual “Kings of Thailand.” On this website, we use the words “Kings of Thailand” as the shortened form of, “How To Live Like a King in Thailand.”  We are using the word “Kings” as a descriptive term, not a proper noun.

At no point do we ever insult or slander the current monarch or any member of the royal family.

We love the King of Thailand and his beautiful country. This website is designed to enlighten the reader on how great this country really is.”

– – – – – – –

Because of this, we have found ourselves on a certain “hit list”.  Even though our website has NOTHING to do with the monarch of Thailand or the Thai government, these false documents convinced some Thai people otherwise.

There are some battles worth fighting; this was not one of them!

At the advice of those I trust with contacts far deeper inside the Thai government than myself, I have taken preventative measures to protect the integrity and worldwide availability of this website by changing the domain to GodsofThailand.com

The fact of the matter is, I expected that I may have had to do this down the road, which is why I’ve been sitting on this new domain for quite some time.  But this site has grown much faster than I ever thought it would, which has turned out to be a double edged sword.

So there it is ladies and gentleman, the reason why we changed our domain name.  Did I take the pussy route by not fighting it more and giving the haters what they wanted?  Maybe…

But this is one of those situations where I had to look at the Risk-Reward Ratio.  Is the possibility of Thai prison or having the website blocked in Thailand worth a minor temporary loss of organic traffic during this transition?

I think not.

And to the haters out there who view this as a win, think again.  Dealing with this bullshit has allowed me to take a step back to see how popular this website has really become and the potential it contains.

This means, it will be getting far more love from me and our contributors in the months to come.

As Porky the Pig would say, “That’s all folks!”


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