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review on sex in thailand

Hey Guys,

I recently received an email from one of our VIP members who sent a review of his time in Thailand, which mostly focuses on Sex in Thailand ranging from hookers to good girls.

His name is D, and he spent two weeks in Thailand after spending 9 months in Afghanistan hell.  So little need to say, he went all out.

He Talks About:

  • Nana Plaza Redlight District
  • Reviews 3 girls
  • Nightclubs in Bangkok
  • Koh Samui
  • Pattaya Walking Street

Hope you guys find this as informative and educational as I did.

P.S. The below is not modified in any way besides a few spelling corrections and links being added.

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Enter The Mind of D

Let me start by saying that before I went on this trip to Thailand, I spent 9 months in Afghanistan, so things got pretty wild. I spent 10 days in Bangkok… I will keep all the boring tourist stuff to myself and just focus on nightlife.

Nana Plaza was my favorite the place to go and staying at the JW Marriot puts you right across the street. And Aloft Hotel in Soi 11 puts you within 5 min walk. There’s plenty of beautiful girls and I got most of my girls from there. Also, Annie’s soapy is right around the corner. Spanky GO GO club has some pretty awesome shows and good looking girls. The only thing that I didn’t like much was that Nana Plaza has just as many ladyboys as they do girls. But it’s not a problem as they really don’t bother you unless you make eye contact.

I got some escorts from while in Bangkok. The girls don’t look much like the pictures but they are not ugly, some of them are actually quite hot. They are not as cheap as bar girls but the quality of sex is WAY better. You get them for 2 hours or 2 days and they fuck until you can’t anymore. Pretty awesome.

The first one was Sophia for 2 hours…. maaaaannnn… This girl fucks and sucks like a champ! Although I wasn’t very impressed with her body, her face and personality makes up for it. She speaks very good English.

Second one was Bowie… This girl is tiny maybe 90 lbs but her body is tight, flat stomach, nice round ass, 34B and never gets tired. We had so much fun that I kept her for 2 days. She’s a wild party animal like me. The second night with her she brought one of her friend over and things got really crazy!!

Third girl was Stephanie… Beautiful body and tall around maybe 5’7″ I only had her for 2 hours, it was pretty good but she was kind of shy. They were the only escorts I had in my 2 weeks in Thailand and that escort agency didn’t disappoint, especially with the 10% discount I got from being a VIP in GOT. I wanted to get Tara but she was never available.

Clubs…  I went to Levels, Q-bar, Spicy and Mixx. I pulled two girls one from levels and another one from Mixx. Mixx has maybe the hottest girls out of any club. Although it was Christmas night when I went to Mixx. Another cool club is Maggie Choo on Silom Rd. It’s a very groovy Jazz club, with very pretty girls dressed as 1930s era sitting on swings and walking around but they cannot be bar fined. I asked.

In Samui, I stayed at the Ark bar hotel, good place if you like the nightlife and within 2 minutes of Green Mango and all the bars. I bar fined one really cute girl from one of the bars. The Galaxy Russian club, it’s a fucking money trap, And the girls aren’t really that hot. Last day in Samui I met a really hot French traveler riding elephants and I spent a few days with her afterwards during tourist stuff. I was going to hit up the full moon party but I was too burned out after 6 straight days of drinking, fucking and not enough sleep.

In Pattaya, well it’s kind of dirty but it’s fun. Walking street on Beach Rd. it’s pretty fucking awesome. Alcatraz probably has the hottest girls. They have a lot of scams though. And Devil’s Den is definitely a place to check out. Really cute girls and you a get a room and a huge bed for 90 mins with two girls for like 3,500B. Very fun. I stayed at the Penthouse hotel in a party suite with strip poles, jacuzzi, mirrors everywhere, very interesting hotel and perfect for a couple wild nights. Very good for bringing girls from their own gogo club. Best with 2 or more girls HAHA.

Not only is Thailand a great place to visit for its nightlife and hot friendly girls but if you want to take a break and chill out and relax you can. Koh Phi Phi is perfect for that. I will go back again in April because it’s that fun and I left some girlfriends there I have to see again. ha! And if it wasn’t for your page and the information you give us. I would’ve probably spent a lot more money. Every day in Thailand was an adventure and every night I had a pretty girl to put me to sleep. Highly recommended.

Five fucking stars!

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