What Thai SIM Card Should You Get in Thailand

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One of the first things you should do when you visit any country is get a local SIM card.  This is VERY important when you are in Thailand and very simple.  There is no paper work involved and can be done in a matter of minutes.

If your phone doesn’t have a SIM card slot, buy a cheap phone for 20usd that you simply throw away when you leave Thailand.  (These can be found at any shopping mall or shopping area in Thailand.)

The idea is very simple, when you meet a girl in Thailand:

  1. Get her number
  2. Call her from your Thai phone number
  3. Have her program in your name
  4. Then call her for later to meet up and/or booty call

There are four major mobile phone companies in Thailand.  We recommend two companies because of their coverage and 3G speed.

  1. DTAC
  2. True Mobile

Neither of these companies is better than other, they are simply the two best mobile phone companies in Thailand.

Both are inexpensive, have fast internet speed, and are found anywhere throughout Thailand.

Where to Buy a Sim Card

– Airport
– Major Shopping Malls (Terminal 21, Paragon, MBK, etc…)
– Some 7/11s
– Khao San Road
– etc…

Of just ask any Thai worker where you can buy a SIM card for your phone.  They will point you in the right direction.


$1 – 3 for the SIM card
$.06 for each text or phone call minute
$10 for unlimited internet for a month

Final Advice

If you were only to take one piece of advice from our entire website, this would be it.  Get a Thai phone number!

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  • Paul Lucas says:

    Whats a good fone to get in Thailand that’s both reasonably proceed for a one month say and wont make you look like a cheap Charlie? Id like to get a good fone that’s reliable and has good internet text etc etc for as little as possible. Ill spend a few bucks more to look better to hook in some better pussy though.

    • You can get some pretty decent smart phones in Thailand for 30 – 100usd.

      Go to a shopping mall and look at the small shops (not the stores associated with the phone companies.)

      You can go to Tesco Lotus (grocery store) and find one there too.

  • lucky31 says:

    Truly awesome advice. I found that just chatting to any hot girl at a bar was worthwhile, even those going home early because of work – we swapped numbers, and the next day, incoming calls galore…

  • Stove says:

    Two more pieces of advice:

    (1) Your phone must be sim unlocked in order to use a Thai sim. For example, most phones in America come locked to the company you buy it from (meaning you can’t use the phone with any other company). If your phone is locked, try calling your telco and asking them to unlock it, or you can sometimes buy a cheap unlock code online.

    (2) If you are arriving at Suvarnabhumi airport (the main Bangkok airport), all of the telcos have booths on the 2nd floor of the arrivals hall that are open 24 hours. The representatives at the booths speak great English and will set up your phone for you.

  • Tripp says:

    This blog post couldn’t have come at a better time.

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