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black men traveling thailand

I’ve received a few different variations to this question the last couple months, so I’ve decided to answer on the website:

The question can be summed up like this,

“What kind of treatment will black men traveling to Thailand receive from Thai women?”

Two years ago, my answer to this question would have been much different than it is today. I would have simply said that Thai women do not respond well to darker men. (This is because many black men living in Thailand are from Africa who sell drugs and are eventually are caught and then thrown in jail.)

I “would” have said that you’ll hit more Thai racism being black than being white in Thailand.

Now, I would say that isn’t entirely true. Basically Thailand can be summed up like this:

There are Thais who are EXTREMELY racists against foreigners and there are Thais who are not.

It doesn’t really matter whether your skin is white or black, it comes down to whether you’re from Thailand or not.

I’ve tested this theory many times and it holds true.

“I have a black friend from Europe who now lives in Thailand. When we party, he gets just as much attention as me; maybe even more so because of his good looks.

When we are out partying, I’ll run into just as many Thai girls that refuse to talk to me because I’m white as he will because he is black.

With this in mind, my advice is simple:

1- Come to Thailand

2- Stay away from racist Thai clubs (Think Thong Lor in Bangkok.)

3- Get drunk and party it up!


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  • Rebecca Keberstein says:

    Where can women meet decent black Americans/British in Bangkok?

  • gs123 says:

    In the past few years there has been more hostility towards Indians and Arabs. Some of it I understand (we can be loud and cheap – but that goes for all races).
    I personally have never faced it, but I have seen others on the receiving end.


  • percy says:

    Hello fellow travellers.

    Quick and to the point…I’m a black American, was in Bangkok for 3 days, and only had one problem. It was a comment from another foreigner said out loud but not directed at me. But I directly told the guy that we don’t have n**gers in America and he apologized. I went back to drinking my beer and talking to the cute Thai lady that was chatting me up. Think he was a bit jealous I took some of the attention away from him as a few bar girls stopped talking to him and came to me.

    Take care.


  • Marco says:

    Don’t let a little racism scare you away from theThonglor clubs. Yes it exists but here’s where you need to be for the real Thai ‘good girl’ stunners. It is not easy to find ‘good girls’ in the lower Sukh clubs amongst the freelancers. Try clubs like MUSE, Funky Vila and Safe House. You need to work harder and learn a few Thai phrases but the end result is worth it. Very much worth it!

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