The Best Muay Thai Kick Boxing Schools on Koh Samui Thailand

muay thai school samui thailand

As many of you know, I’ve called Koh Samui my home for many years.  The beaches are nice, the parties are even nicer, and it’s a great place to sit back and enjoy life in Thailand while being on a tropical island.

If you’re like me and into martial arts, why not do some training in Thailand.  Hell, the national sport is a martial art, how cool is that!

Although there are many Muay Thai schools throughout Samui, there are two giants that pull most of the foreigners…and for good reason.

1- Samui Super Pro (Chaweng)

Not only is this a Muay Thai school which is held at amazingly high standards, this school also has a full sized octagon for those who are interested in UFC / MMA type training.  Rooms can be rented on location.

This is one of the more hardcore schools on Samui.  If you have never trained in Muay Thai before, I recommend that you start with a month of private training to build up your skill and stamina.

2- Pinoy Muay Thai (Lamai)

These guys focus on one thing and one thing only, Muay Thai Kickboxing.  They are often referred to as the top Muay Thai school on Samui, and for good reason.  They pump out some of the most hardcore Muay Thai fighters in Thailand.

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There are many smaller Muay Thai schools on Koh Samui and a lot of them are good enough for 95% of the fighters out there.  However, if you want to train at an elite school, check out these two options and get ready to sweat!

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