Phi Phi Island Party and Nightlife Review – Thailand 2013

phi phi thailand nightlife party review

So it’s been about a year since I’ve last partied on the beautiful island of Koh Phi Phi Don in Thailand.  And it was time for me to take a trip back to see if it’s still as great as it has been in the past.

Short Answer…

It’s Still Fucking Awesome!

My advice is the same to everyone who is visiting Thailand for the first time, there are three places you need to visit for the full Thailand experience:

Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan
Phi Phi Don

3 Reasons Why Phi Phi is Awesome:

1- It’s Beautiful
To this day, Phi Phi Islands is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

2- Girls
This is not the place you visit in Thailand if you want to pick up Thai girls.  You come here for foreigners.  You’ll find a lot of: Canadians, Swedish, Israeli, English, and Japanese girls here.)

3- Partying
This is not a pretentious party spot.  You party here wearing shorts and a tank top.  Everyone is just there to drink, dance, and have fun.

How To Get To Phi Phi:

Boats leave multiple times a day from Phuket and Krabi.  You can book passage at any travel agency in Thailand.

What Hotels Should You Stay At:

This is the tricky part of Phi Phi.  There are very nice hotels on the island, but they aren’t “guest friendly”.  (My 3 favorite hotels charge 60usd if you bring ANYONE up to your room after 9pm.)

Or you can go the backpacker route and not book anything till you arrive on the island.  Then when you arrive at the dock, you’ll be approached by some travel guides who will show you what rooms are available.  Just ask if the hotels are guest friendly and how much.

Or you can book a cheap hotel online here for the first night or two, then look for a different place to stay.  The three hotels that I recommend which are NOT “guest friendly” are:

Phi Phi Hotel
Banyan Tree Hotel
Palm Tree Hotel

(Each of these places run about 75usd a night.  However depending if it is low season or high season, this price will change.)

However, you can rent some “okay” rooms on Phi Phi for around 30usd a night.  But these are the types of rooms that you want to look at before you rent them.

GoT Tip: Nearly every girl you meet on Phi Phi will be sharing a room with other girls, so sex at her hotel is often not an option.  And if you don’t want to pay 60usd for the “guest fee”, just walk towards the “view point steps” and you’ll find some rooms available for around 400 baht (12usd) a night.  They aren’t nice and often have only a fan, but it’ll get the job done.  And most of the girls on Phi Phi are on a budget and used to rooms without air conditioning.

Tips and Advice About Partying in Phi Phi
Most of our other articles that we wrote about Phi Phi still hold true to this day, and they can be found here: Koh Phi Phi Don Thailand

A Few Things to Note:

– The clubs shut down at 2:30am.  After that just about every place is closed.  So if you are looking to take home a girl, you need to have one locked down by around 2am.

– The very hot 18 and 19 year olds are much more difficult to take home the first night than if you were to meet a girl in her low 20’s.  The younger ones usually require a “date” the next day.

– The major nightclubs are all on the beach.  This makes it very easy for you to take a girl by the hand and offer to go for a walk.  A nice quiet place on the beach or in the ocean makes a great place to mess around.

– Don’t be a drunken asshole to the Thai guys that work at the tattoo parlors near the nightclubs.  I saw 2 big fights while on Phi Phi and none of them worked out well for the foreigners.  Follow our two rules of Thailand

To sum everything up, plan about 3 nights on Phi Phi.  If you like it, stay longer.  If you want some Thai girls, bounce to Phuket.


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  • Jay says:

    Hi Steven,

    Me and a mate are going to Thailand over the new year and we’re planning it like this:

    6 nights Patong
    2 nights Phi Phi
    4 nights Bangkok
    5 nights Pattaya

    we have about 2 weeks give or take a few days, do you think we should spend more time in Phi Phi / less time somewhere else?


    • Hey Jay,

      That’s a pretty solid schedule. However, there are a couple tweaks I’d make if I was doing it myself:

      1- Change it so you have three nights on Koh Phi Phi Don
      2- Five nights in Pattaya is a little much…unless you plan on checking out the neighboring islands. (If you plan on staying in Pattaya city, three nights is about right.

      Besides that, be flexible. If you are having a blast in one location, stay an extra day there. (The few dollars you may or may not lose on your hotel will be well worth it.)

      For example, I usually only plan on about 3 nights in Phi Phi when I go every 6 months, but those three nights almost always end up being 5.


      P.S. It’s “Seven” not “Steven”

      • Jay says:

        Thanks Seven,
        We’re planning on heading there on the 27th of December and when I map it out we don’t have a weekend in Bangkok (all weekdays) do you think this is an issue? Also where do you think the best place to spend new years is? 🙂
        Thanks again, the site is awesome.

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