Korean Men Who Party in Thailand have it SO Easy!

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I have to say, life in Thailand is good as a “white man”.  You have a great choice of beautiful Thai women and it requires oh so little effort to take home many Thai “good girls”.

But if you think we have it easy, think again.  Thailand has a huge “hard-on” for anything Korea.  The girls mimic the style of Koreans most popular pop stars – and they drop their panties faster for average looking Korean guys just as fast as they would for Thai celebrities.

There is a HUGE Korean fetish in Thailand and something that shouldn’t be ignored if you are part Korean.

I’m not shitting you, it’s crazy.  Go to RCA or Scratch Dog with a Korean guy and see how the girls react compared to a “white man” or normal looking Thai guys.

If an average looking Korean guy ever wanted to feel what it’s like to be a “super-star” without actually having to be one, book a flight to Thailand as soon as you can!

Enjoy paradise just a little better than me…you bastards – LoL

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