Warning Relationships Move FAST in Thailand

relationships move fast in thailand
You know, even after all these years this can still catch me off guard. You meet a beautiful Thai girl in Thailand and before you know it…she is your “girlfriend” and living in your home.

You don’t complain because she makes life easier. You receive sex and blowjobs whenever you want. When you check email in the morning, she’ll make you breakfast. After that she’ll clean your house. Then she’ll play around on youtube until it’s time for her to go to work.

She’s a “good girl”. She never wants money, she only wants you NOT to have sex with any other girl.

It’s nice, but still. Once she leaves for work, you ask yourself,

“How the fuck did that happen? I’ve only known her 4 days and now I have a girlfriend. Damn things move fast in Thailand.”

This is not uncommon in Thailand, but is actually quite common. Here is a recap of a recent experience of mine that you can learn from:

One month ago I visit a friend at his apartment. While having a beer I see one of the hottest Thai girls I’ve seen in a long time walking into another apartment.

I ask my friend about her. Apparently she has a boyfriend, moved in a few weeks ago, and works at a restaurant.

She is really fucking hot, but I make a point not even to talk to her. Stealing another’s girlfriend from right under his nose often leads to trouble that I try to avoid.


– One month later my friend mentions they broke up. I wait one day and get a drink at her restaurant around midnight.

– She somehow knows my name and gives me a hug as I enter. (Apparently my reputation isn’t all bad)

– As I drink, we chat. I get her phone number. I ask when she is off work, she says 1am. I ask if she wants to chat and get a drink after work, she agrees but says she doesn’t drink alcohol.

(I’m impressed, a Thai girl that hot and doesn’t drink. Quite rare.)

– We meet up with some of my friends. She is 19 and can’t get into the club. (You have to be 20 year old to enter a club in Thailand…or have a fake ID). However 500 baht later, I bribe her way through the door.

– She comes to my home later that night.


– The next day she goes to work. She asks me if I want to see her after work, I say yes.

– She does and brings a small bag with a change of clothes and her computer.


– She goes to work and leaves her computer at my place, a toothbrush, and a few clothes. After work she tells me that some foreign men were hitting on her at work.

I asked her what she said, and she told them that she had a “boyfriend”.

– Earlier that day my friend sees her as she leaves for work. He warns me, “She’s hot. You better be careful. Because there many others waiting in line for a chance at her.” (I believe him. She is one of the best looking girls that I’ve seen in awhile.)

– Later that night after work, she comes back to my home and brings another small bag of a few clothes.


– She makes me breakfast and cleans my home. She is sitting on my sofa watching some Thai show on youtube.

I know that I’m fucked. I didn’t stick to my rule of only letting a girl stay over at my home maximum two nights a week. (My normal way of managing multiple girls at once.) I got caught up in enjoying the sex and wanted her back in my bed as soon as possible.

Now that she “moved in”, if I ask her to leave it will be too obvious that it will be because I want a different girl.

Normally I don’t care about my girl knowing that I’m with more than her, but I already know two guys that are ready to jump on her once she leaves. Besides that, she made it clear that once she finds me with another lady, she won’t come back to me.

(I usually call bullshit on this because you can get almost every Thai girl to come back after you cheated on her, but I haven’t spent enough time with her to create the “hook” point for that yet.)

So I’m fucked!


1- I let her leave stuff at my home

2- I allowed her to refer to me as her boyfriend

3- I let her stay over more than one night in a row

4- I didn’t make it clear that I was sleeping with other girls

(When I met her, I played the good boy card. I did this because she broke up with her boyfriend because he wanted to fuck new girls on Friday and Saturday nights. But only her Monday thru Friday. I award him for his style, but he wasn’t able to pull it off.)


Well, since I’m not ready to give her up. I have to play the boyfriend role until I either get bored of her or start to like her more.

Either way, she is definitely hot enough to keep my attention for a little while.

Although I try to avoid it, there is nothing wrong with having a “girlfriend” in Thailand. You just have to be more creative when you want to sleep with other girls.

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  • Steven says:

    This reminds me of Alongapo, PI. I was 19, NAVY and “stuck” in Subic Bay for 6 weeks. In 3 days, my buddy had a GF. They had an apt, and we partied there quite abit. Well … he lied to her that we had duty rotation for the weekend (we had weekend liberty). SO we went across town to a new bar. We were sitting at a table, I was facing the door … when in walked his GF. Her cousin saw us and made a phonecall. Out came the knife she was going to castrate him with, when he bolted upstairs. He made it to the 3rd story roof and was trapped. So he took a running jump to the next building which was 2 stories and broke his ankle. I disarmed the GF, and told her to go tend him. She could get pissed later. This kinda shit happens folks!

  • Sam says:

    Truthteller thanks for ur comments and advice.
    And yes its true the things u write. i already know most of it because i have had several asian gf´s and i have also visited both thailand and philippines, i know most of them are fake and only after ur money.
    Especially in Thailand the girls love money too much, so even if u can live on low budget there by yourself but if u need a good looking girl to be ur gf even if she is a good girl, then most of those girls will need u to spend a lot of money on them and maybe also on their family.
    And im not talking about bar girls, im talking about normal good girls who want relationship, they will still need u to buy them this and this and this and so on.
    Maybe u can find some good girls who are not after ur money, but most of them will not be that good looking or that sexy and still they are with u to have a place to live for free and to get free food and so on.
    Thats why i have not decided yet if i will move to thailand or any other place in asia.
    Im still young and only 31 years old and i still have time to think and time to plan what i will do in the future.
    And i have other choices too.
    I can choose to stay here in Europe where i already live or i can also choose another country that i will not write here.
    But i have family and relatives in another country that is also cheap as asia, maybe even more cheap to live and same time i have my family there who will back me up and same time i dont have to pay for visa because i also have citizenship in that country.
    And actually things are more cheap in that country than asia and if i get to any kind of trouble my family and friends are there to support me.
    Not same in asia like u said where u only have yourself and can easily get into troubles.

    Why i dont just go and live in that country im talking about?
    Maybe its because there are many other things there i dont like and its also not same as in asia when it comes to the girls.

    Its just another story and private. I have my reasons.
    but i might move there one day and just accept that not all things can be good in the place i choose to stay, i will just have to accept the bad things same as the good things.
    at least i have family and friends there and i have citizen there so its much easier and cheaper for me to live there.
    Then i can always go to asia and fine a gf or wife i like and bring her with me to that country and live there for less money and same time have family and friends around me, and same time the rules will be on my side because its my second country.

  • Bezilax says:


    isn’t that the way it is all over the world? I guess in Thailand we are actually allowed to afford such luxury problems. Here in the states, our wallets are so garden variety empty, that really no chicks are gonna deal with that shit for but a minute.

    Great story. I have gotten my last 4 girlfriends in the same way, only I’m in Jersey…. LOL. But shit, as soon as I get wind that the cleaning may stop, the cooking may end or the FUCKING DEATH BLOW….. that she’s going to give all that sweetness to someone else??? I panic.

    Good Stuff.


  • Dale Nahn says:

    Great story as usual. She sounds real hot, how about a pic?

  • Sam says:

    yeah i was also in bad mood the last week because i meet a pretty sexy phillipina girl, but she was not serious, just playing games and lying.
    so i was upset, because i wanted to know her for serious and she was not serious.
    and i also have a philippina gf. but for 4 weeks she keep making excuses that she is busy with work every weekend.
    then i found out from her that last weekend she dont have work, she told me by herself. but she told me tuesday, then its too late.
    she should have told me friday or saturday when she found out.
    so i got pissed off with her.

    but today i was lucky i meet a nice sweet philippina girl who seems serious and she stayed with me the whole day, and she seems like she wants to visit me every weekend when she is off from work.

    i dont know if i will trust her, but she seems nice and serious.

    but maybe i will do like u and move to thailand or move to philippines after some years.

    i just think its difficult because of the visa rules there, the visa there is so expensive than some other countries and u have to travel out from the country at least once a year and go back again to renew ur visa.

    and i think i read here on one of ur post that now visa in thailand is even more difficult?

    and also if u want to make business or buy land u cant make it in ur name.

    i know in philippines a foreigner can only own 40 % of a business and the other 60 % have to be in a philippinos name.
    u can only buy a land in a philippinos name.
    so if u buy a house or building then the house or building can be in ur name, but the land have to be in name of a philippino or philippina, or else u have to rent the land.

    so many rules against the foreigners just so the country can make money.

    but im also trying to find out how much it cost to live in thailand?

    i read on one of ur post that in Chiang Mai u can live for less than 1.000 US dollar a month?

    what is the lowest amount of money u can live on in thailand?

    and whats the rent of apartment with 1 bedroom, 1 living room, a kitchen and a toilet?

    • Truthteller says:

      Hey Sam,
      You sound like a nice guy with a lot of frustration about treacherous women. Welcome to the dilemma. The day the Japanese perfect their female robots will be a great day for MANkind. I lived in Asia for 5 years and Thailand for 2. I can answer your cost of living enquiry and give you a few general ideas.

      If you’re on a tight budget, you can rent a room for 4 to 5,000 baht (US$170) per month everywhere. Or a house for 7 to 8,000 in many places in a walled community. You could eat 3 or 4 times a day for a total of say $5 per day. That would be fried rice, pad thai etc from neighborhood stores (30baht per food container). You can EASILY live on US$1,000 per month there and cover all expenses. Elec bill would be around $100/month maximum, but say $40 if you don’t use aircon. Internet is $25 per month for the 6Mb/sec starter pak. Water bill is $10 a month. If you spent $300 a month on extras, you’d still get away with a total monthly cost of $800. Then you have to do ‘visa runs’ every 90 days or be 50 yrs old for a 1yr retirement visa. ATM withdrawals will cost you a $5 fee each time.

      Having said that much, here’s the downsides. Thais are xenophobic in the extreme and you will also get ripped off regularly. Factor in about 10% to cover ripoffs. If you’re into local bar girls for take out, it’s generally 1,000 baht to the girl but the bar will also charge a ‘fee’ of between 300-600 baht ($10-$20). Gogo bars with model pretty girls will cost you 1,600baht for the girl/600baht for the bar ie:$75. “Good” Thai girls could be those from 711, Banks or shopping center employees…but good luck getting them to be interested in a “foreigner”. Just being seen with you could cause her to ‘lose face’ as everyone will think she’s your Thai whore. Finding a nice girl for marriage etc means you marry the whole family. The money hungry mother in law/her family will be your main problem there, although I’m sure there’s exceptions to the rule. Good luck finding it. You can ‘rent’ a live in girlfriend for 10,000b a month, but she’ll want and spend more (of your money) on the side if she can. Consider any money invested in Thailand as money you can afford to lose, and there is no such thing as a ‘refund’. Try not to pay anyone “in advance”, they immediately lose all incentive to do whatever it is you paid them the money for.

      If you’re driving and involved in a vehicle accident, it will always be your fault as a (rich) ‘foreigner’. Thais attitude is that if you weren’t in their cuntry, the accident wouldn’t have occurred. You should pay the other party a few thousand baht ‘compensation’ on the side of the road, and get out of there asap. Try not to involve the Police because then you get to pay them as well.

      I left the place because of their rampant xenophobia and rudeness, the pathalogical lying (they call it ‘greng jai’), and because I was sick of being ripped off all the time. They know you are far from home and have no local support structure as such. The law is NOT on your side…in Thailand. When dealing with Thais, you should also consider every word that comes out of a Thai mouth as a lie…until you can prove otherwise. This will save you much money. I’d suggest you VISIT the place for 2-3 months and live as you intend to live, to get an idea if it’s for you. By then you’ll know if you can tolerate ‘Thai culture’. Look behind the Thai smile for what’s really going on. They perceive your niceness as a weakness to be exploited, so if you know this in advance you can act to extricate yourself from the situation before they get into full swing with exploiting you. Watch out for the curious-envy-jealous-resentful-hateful progression with Thai people who know you over a period of time. Their attitude is you are rich and can afford to give them some (or all) of what you have. If you resist their wishes, they may escalate the concept to simply taking what they want…with or without violence. It’s best to be a “moving” target…if you decide to live there permanently, move every 2 months or so to a completely new area. It takes them about 3 months before they are in full feeding frenzy mode with you as the chosen target, so the early move resets you back to day 1 in a new area. Short term tourists don’t suffer from this phenomenon but there are other problems like dual pricing which ALL foreigners including you, get slugged with.

      Hope this helps.

  • Sam says:

    i wrote if ur so strong and have such a strong hard.
    Of course i mean strong heart.

    and the girls i was talking about who have contract here in europe are au pairs, mostly philipina girls, also few thai girls.
    but mostly girls from philippines.
    they are all fake. the one who stay with u is not love, its because they hope to stay longer in europe.
    and some dont stay with u because they like to look for other guy because they have many guys here who is attracted to them they can choose between.
    or some just want to make money and send home and safe money here so they dont need a guy.
    then same time they can go disco and bars here and having fun.
    some will not have fun but just save money.
    some will apply for new au pair contract for 1 or 2 years in other country, and when they are near from 29 years old and are at the age thats not allowed to work as au pair then they start to look after any guy to marry them so they can stay here.
    if not then maybe they have already saved enough money here in europe in the 5-10 years they worked here as au pair.
    maybe they have send money home to their family and have bought a house with garden in their country and maybe they have bought some rice farm or other kind of business so they will go home again to their country and have their own house and money and then they dont need bf or husband in europe.

    so they are all fake and liars.
    i know this because i have meet so many philipina au pairs, i have meet at least 100 girls, if not 200, and i have had at least 50 gf or even more from philippines here in europe, and i have been in philippines also.
    and i have also meet some thai girls and also some african girls.
    they are all same, they are fake.

    and the thai girls here in europe they are mostly married because some european guy go to thailand and marry them and bring them here, and most of them get divorced after the girl get the visa and papers to stay here, then she dont need the guy anymore.

    and the next generation of thai girls who dont have husband are daughters and kids of those thai woman who came here 20 years ago and married a guy here.

    so even u find some 20 or 22 years old prety thai girls here who are single and not married, then they are kids of a thai woman who her european husband find her in thailand and bring her here.

    those second generation thai girls they are exactly same as european and american girls, they are difficult to get, maybe even more difficult than the european and american girls.
    they are very choisy and go after ur look or money. mostly after look.
    because girls in europe and usa, they have their own work, money, apartment or house, car and so on.
    and they dont need a guy for his money, even some girls go after guys with money.
    but first of all its about ur look.
    so even if u try to know a girl here who is thai, then its difficult because they are even worse than the european and american girl.
    they know there are only few of them and they have a look that turn on the european or american guy, and they know that the guys here think they are easy, so they just play them and make it hard to get them.
    they know the guys here like them because they are in better shape than most european girls and only few of them.

    but look in thailand u get a thai girl so easy, but here in europe the same thai girl very difficult to get.

    so when those girls say they love, its just a few letter words that have many meanings as someone told me.
    love is just a 4 letter words with many different meanings.

    those thai girls in thailand or the girls in philippines who love u after few days and want to move in with u, its not love.
    there are other reasons for why they do like that.

    thats why those girls dont deserve love or respect or anything.

    and if u forgot that and think those girls deserve ur love, then go back to usa and try to meet and know some girls there from usa or europe or thailand or philippines or anywhere who are already american or european citizen and dont need ur money or visa.
    then see how they will treat u.
    when u see how bad they treat u and how difficult they are to know and what kind of shit girls they are.
    then u will remember that those girls dont deserve love or respect or anything.
    then when u come back to thailand again u will not fall in love.

    so if u are starting to fall back and starting to think about falling in love with some girl, then just take vacation to us and try to do like i said then u will remember that those girls dont deserve love or respect just because they live in thailand and act so sweet and nice and act as if they love u. its all pretending and lies.

    • Hey Sam,

      Thanks for your all your comments, they are interesting as always.

      Thailand is what you make it. As they say, “What is good in Thailand is really good. And what is bad in Thailand is really bad.” It’s all about how you decide to spend your time here.

      Personally, Thailand to me is more about fun. I work a little bit, fuck new girls, go to the beach, eat out a lot, and party with friends. Do I plan on being here for 20 years, probably not.

      But I will say, whenever I go back to visit family and friends in the States I get so FUCKING bored after a few weeks. The freedom of your lifestyle in Thailand is very addictive.

      Do I plan on marrying a Thai girl, no. I have fucked way too many of them and it is so hard to commit to just one. But I do have a theory. All the greatest pickup artists and players in the world tend to be single. Look at Neil Strauss, Mystery, Richard Branson, etc…

      Once you have unlimited options, you don’t feel the need to settle for one that you are content with…which is ultimately what marriage ends up being. And then you have a 55% chance of getting completely fucked over when your marriage ends.

      Just a few thoughts…

  • Sam says:

    i also forgot to say that love is also something religion and religious people made because they want us to get married and have wife, kids and family life and they think if u live else way then its a sin. so they made the word love because of that.

    and i was also in philippines on vacation january last year and its same shit there, there any girl i meet even the most beautiful sexy model she love me from first time she meet me and she want to marry me, any girl there are like that, they will love u and want to marry u.
    but the same asian girls who are here in europe not all of them are like that, only few of them love u and want to marry u. if they love u and want to marry u so its just so they can stay here in europe.
    but some of them dont love u and dont want to marry u and also dont want to date u or be ur gf, because they can just choose another guy here in europe if they like him more.
    but if ur in their country then they will love u or pretend they do because u are their only choice.
    but here in europe they are more choicy because they can choose between they guys because they are already here.
    or they can choose after their work contract end here that they can find contract in another european country for some years, so they are not in hurry to be ur gf or marry u, they are more busy to work as much they can here to make more money and they dont have time to u even they are ur gf, they always so busy working or with their friends, or maybe even cheating on u meeting other guys or sleeping with other guys.

    they are all full of shit and lies. thats why now i dont trust any asian girl anymore.

    even the girls i meet in philippines they lie a lot even their family they lie to me.

    so if u want to fuck those girls and life ur life then do it.
    just fucking enjoy and dont care about them.
    because they dont fucking care about.

    the girls who care about u they are just fucking pretending.

    they dont care about u because of u, but for other reasons.
    because there is no such thing called love.

    so just be selfish and fuck those girls and dont love them.

    if ur so strong and have such a strong hard and dont fall in love like i do, then just fucking enjoy it.

    i wish i could have such a strong hard and not easily fall in love.

    so u just fucking enjoy and fuck those bitches.
    because i think most woman are bitches. but in different ways.

  • Sam says:

    Just forget my advice before and that opinion.
    i wish u good luck to fuck those girls. because they are all shit and liars. just enjoy ur life.
    i live here in europe and same as u know from US the girls are not good and not easy to get.
    but i have had many asian gf´s here, especially from 2008-2010.
    Also 2011 and 2012 i have had several asian gfs.
    but i played them a lot and had so many gf´s in 2008-2010.
    and the last 2 years i meet less, but i also have 1 gf now and i still meet few other asian girls here.
    but they are mostly not serious or playing games or lying, and its only few who are good and serious.
    but the good and serious one its just only because they want to get married to stay here to get visa to stay in europe.
    there might be very very few who are good and only want u because they really love u.
    but mostly u cant trust them.

    i dont really believe in love anymore, but the funny thing is that i still sometimes fall in love. or maybe im just a bit sensitive guy.

    but love is shit, because it dosent really excist. its just a word the stores made to make us buy valentine gifts, wedding gifts and other shit like flowers, chocholate, teddy bears for the girls so the stores can make money.

    girls dont love. the girls who have money they dont need ur money, if they love u so its because of ur look or other thing.
    the girls who is poor and need money, they love u for ur money, visa or look.

    guys loves girls because of their look and body and because of sex.

    so there is no fucking love and woman cant be trusted. they are all full of shit.

    i have also been thinking to move to thailand or philippines to live same way as u. but i dont know yet if i will.
    because even i think it would be nice to just enjoy live and have new girl all the time, but same time im sensitive person and i will get tired of it and i get too easy hurt, so at the end i will lose doing that.
    i think i cant do like u for too long, maybe only for few years and then i will be missing something. missing having someone i can live with and have a life with.

    but maybe with time i will be strong enough to give something called love my fuck finger and say fuck u love and fuck u woman. because they dont deserve love and they dont know love.

    so i actually congratulate u for the way u are living.
    u are living life the right way it should be lived. and congratulations for have the strength not to feel a lone or feel that u miss having a relationship.

    so just fuck those girls, because they are all shit and they should just be fucked like the shit bitches they really are.

    just go for it and fuck those mother fucking bitches, because they are all shit and liars.

  • Sam says:

    So are u looking for a serious girl in Thailand?
    Or the only plan of ur life is to fuck a new girl every day till u die? lol

    My opinion, u stay with that good looking girl for some months or some years till u get tired of her or till she starts to look bad and ugly, then u find another girl.
    or at least u keep her for some weeks or time.
    better than u find new girl every day who is less sexy or pretty than her.
    im sure its also tiring to have new girl every day.
    or maybe u like it that way.

    but its funny in one post u complain u cant find serious girl and then when u find a serious girl u complain also.

    so this page is only about how to play the game and how to fuck as many thai girls as possible?

    then its not about thailand or life in thailand this page u have here.

    its only about fucking.

    of course thats also nice, but if someone go there as tourist im sure they also like to see the beach or see other things, even if they have plans to meet girls.
    but they also want to experience other things than drinking and fucking.

    im actually going to thailand soon, first i was so excited. but now im less excited if its all about fucking there only and if so many have sex disease too. haha

    of course its nice to meet girls and have fun, but i can also do that in philippines where i have already been.

    and even its fun to enjoy girls, but for me i think i will get tired of girls who are not serious or girls who are only after foreigner for marriage, money and visa and so on.

    i think ur page is too much about sex. i think u mostly get attention here from sex tourist and old guys looking for young thai girls. lol

    maybe u should also make more post about thailand and the nature and beaches so there are more things to read about.

    i have been thinking about moving to philippines and thailand after some years and live there, maybe also to live like u and have fun, but im not sure anymore if i will feel pleased to have new girl everyday as u do, before i think it would be fun.

    but there are also something nice in having a serious gf to spend time with than just meeting and fooling girls and playing them, and also tiring to meet girls who also play games and fool guys.

    can u tell me how much a person needs every month in cash if i live in thailand?

    how much money do i need every month if i live there?

    and are there girls there who are real? or is it just only for ur money they like u? lol

  • Sam says:

    U have another post on this site or a comment where u complain that u cant find good thai girl because they all cheat.
    and now u complain u have girl who is serious.

    oh poor guy u have good looking sexy girl who is serious to u.

    oh what should we do?

    should we cry for u because the hot sexy girl is good and serious to u?

    oh ur so much in trouble because u found good serious girl who is also beautiful and sexy.

    i feel so sad for u.

    what a bad luck. haha

    • Haha, yes. Life can be so tough in Thailand.

      I shared this story because many guys make this mistake with unattractive girls and get stuck.

      Fyi, finding a “good girl” in Thailand is easy. But you must be prepared that relationships are much different in Thailand. They move VERY quickly. Within one week most Thai girls will want to live with you.

      This is more of a heads up for newbees to Thailand.

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