My Guest Friendly Hotel in Thailand Wants My Thai Girl To Check In – Q & A

Guest Friendly Hotel in Thailand Wants My Thai Girl To Check In

What’s the deal with this? I don’t want to check in with reception every time I bring a new girl back to my hotel room, especially since I go through three different girls a day. Why is this the policy in Thailand and how can you avoid this?

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I know where you are coming from. When I first visited Thailand, I thought that this was not only stupid, but also a little embarrassing. Every time you bring a new girl to your hotel, you need to take her to the reception, have reception take her ID card, and sign her in. And since I’ve always been an “under the radar” type of guy, this has always annoyed me.


When in Rome…

This is an annoying rule, but it was created for a reason. A little over 5 years ago there was a HUGE problem in Thailand with Thai hookers stealing from foreigners as they were passed out drunk in their hotel room.

(Waking up to find your laptop and wallet missing is not fun.)

So to fight this problem, almost all hotels in Thailand (in major tourist locations) started requiring female Thai visitors to leave their ID card at reception before they are allowed into your hotel room.

This is for your safety and security!

In addition to that, if you order an escort, they will not send the girl up to directly up to your room when she arrives. You will need to come down to reception and “claim her” before she is allowed to leave the reception area.

In the morning, it depends on the hotel. Some hotels will require you to walk her down to the reception to collect her ID. While other hotels will simply call you from the reception and check with you to make sure everything is alright before giving her back her ID card.

This rule may seem stupid and annoying, but it is designed for good reason and has greatly cut back on Thai girls stealing from foreigners.

Is it 100% effective? No. There are still issues where Thai girls drugging foreigners with sleeping pills and stealing from them. But it isn’t nearly as bad as it was 5 – 10 years ago. Just be sure to keep your valuables hidden, or the in safe. And double check everything before you give the receptionist the okay.

A side note, this is actually a great way to tell if your “good girl” is really a “good girl”. If your Thai girl is confused about having to leave her ID with reception, then that’s a good sign she might be a “good girl”. But if she gives her ID card to the receptionist without asking questions or creating a fuss, then you know what that means…

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