Why Do Thai Women Cheat On Their Boyfriends?

thai women cheat on boyfriends in thailand
We’ve mentioned multiple times on this website that Thai women are very easy to have sex with.  In fact, if you didn’t have sex on the first night, it’s probably because you were too lazy or allowed her to fall asleep on your bed before the fun started.

Which is why I always play a fun little game of making sure all Thai women know that my bed is the “naked bed”, no clothing allowed.

Anyways, I digress….

Yes, Thai women are easy.  But is this only for the single women of Thailand?  What about those who have boyfriends living overseas or living in Thailand, do they cheat just as often?

Short Answer:

Long Answer:
As one reader so elegantly put it, “I love Thai women…I just don’t trust them.”  And this is absolutely the attitude you need to have.

If you live with your Thai girlfriend and see her every day, she’ll be faithful to you.  In fact, she won’t ever want to leave your side.  (Thai women are the clingiest women in the world.)

However, the problems begin when you are no longer living in Thailand.  When you go back to visit family for a couple weeks or when your vacation ends and you must return to your old boring 9 – 5 life.

This is when your girl will stray.

Basically, Thai women cheat for two reasons:

1- They Are Lonely

2- Looking To Upgrade

– – – – – – – – –

1- She Is Lonely:
Thai women HATE to be alone.  They want to be around someone 24/7 and have fun.  Even when you’re back in your home country, she will call you multiple times a day and video call with you every night.  But eventually, that won’t be enough.  Her friends will invite her out to party and she’ll tell you some lie why she won’t be home tonight, and go party.  (Or she will be “asleep” when you call.)

She will get drunk, she will meet a guy, she will fuck him, and the next day she will continue to tell you how much she misses and loves you.

Trust us, we know.  We are normally the guys fucking her while you are gone…if she is hot enough.  In fact, I’ve sat through so many video conversations listening to “good girls” tell their boyfriends how much she misses him, only to have her jump on my dick 5 minutes later.

2- Looking to Upgrade:
Thai women want their man to be in Thailand, plain and simple.  She will seek a guy that will be in Thailand -OR- depending on the girl, someone that will take better care of her…aka…give more money.

If fact, she won’t even have to be doing the seeking.  If she is attractive, she will be approached daily by Thai and foreign men alike.  Only one of them has to be able to get her phone number.  And once you have her phone number, the deal is all but done.

– – – – – – – – – –

Thai women are amazing, but they simply can’t be trusted to be faithful when you are not around.  The hotter she is, the less she can be trusted.

This shouldn’t bitter your opinion of the women in Thailand, this should only make you more aware of what’s really going on.  Enjoy them while you are in Thailand, and enjoy talking with them when you are away from Thailand.  But be realistic about what is really happening.

She will take great care of you while you are in Thailand, but when are not, she will find another.



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  • IplayedThailand says:

    Dude. Dont get so judgemental. The girls you are describing are the party / bar / social kind of girls. I know local thai girls who are not what you described. They come from high-so and its definitely not what you describe. I know because I have been with them. But it didnt work out because we dont want to relocate.

    You are a loser who abuse those under-privileged. You need to open your eyes.

  • Steve Anderson says:

    I unfortunately was in a four year relationship with a Thai woman, (name removed at request of the Thai woman mentioned here), after she moved here from Chiang Mai.. After years of deceptive and selfish acts by her I finally let her go and feel so relieved! She was a pathological liar, sent to America by her family to screw white guys and take their money so she can send it home to her family. She’s now an illegal alien and her main purpose in life is to find a guy to marry for their money and her green card. No matter what she says that is her number one priority. She comes off as a “good girl” who has a “high education” but it’s all apart of one big lie, she tries to make you believe she has a heart and that she’s different than other Thai girls you read about but she is a cheating liar. She’ll always say she’s the best while referring to all American women as Bitches. She’s jealous beyond belief because she projects – it’s her that does the cheating. Thank god she’s out of my life, I’ve since found a beautiful American woman that’s monogamous and trustworthy.

  • Jay says:

    If you have EVER been cheated on by somebody you love, then there is no way, NO WAY you could sleep with a girl who has a boyfriend. Let alone sit through her skype conversation with him, THEN have sex with her and then BOAST about it online.

    You are a jerk. You may be giving advice, but that is an asshole of a thing to do, let alone be proud of, you are an absolute J.E.R.K!!!!

    • Tom says:

      these women are going to grab a penis…

      whether or not it is yours… deciding
      to remove yourself from the equation
      is only for your self perspective… it is
      not for saving her from herself.
      so your act of being noble is simply
      that, an act for recharging your halo.

      and that act will have no effect on the
      loyalty of that female.

    • ollo says:

      Hi fucker!! I don’t know who are u
      But please don’t act smart like u know everything about all thai girl. Because someone different and not like u say. And I don’t know how special ur cock but sure u can’t get me. First time I see stupid people call his self god. Hahaha this so funny
      I hope no one stupid pay money for stupid things like this. U just take care of ur self. Don’t forget to go hospital for check HIV

  • Tiki says:

    “Having a girlfriend at the other side of the world just makes no sense anyway and I would assume she wasn’t faithful to me.”
    I fully agree, we all have our needs. But question is – why thhai women are such compulsive liars?

  • Skins says:

    Solid advice here. I am always amazed by the men who meet a sweet girl here on their holiday and say OK sweetheart I’ll be back in three months when I get a week off of work. She is in the clubs the next night! I’ve had several girls tell me they have a man overseas while they are laying in bed with me. Don’t be one of those guys!

  • BO says:

    LOL… dude you nailed it so good.
    They are always looking for a upgrade and hate being alone.
    But who the heck cares, they are great fun.

  • worst website ever says:

    You should stop going out with bar girl so maybe you can meet normal girls that stays or love not money. Worst website ever,laughing my ass of while reading this bullshit

  • Mark S says:

    Thai girls definitely are very clingy creatures and yes many get lonely far too easily. Though many don’t have too much friends either and do nothing but work, eat, and sleep so are genuinely lonely.

    Having a girlfriend at the other side of the world just makes no sense anyway and I would assume she wasn’t faithful to me.

    If you want a thai girlfriend make sure you live in Thailand.

  • Jango says:

    Another great advice is stop hanging out with low class “good girls”. And go for the real good girls which are the truly amazing women of thailand.

  • Dwight says:

    Um I didn’t understand a word that dude just said but anyways… That seem to be women in the states too! No woman can’t be trusted anymore Haha good for me though

  • Paul says:

    Maybe it is true. But i see: in asia and Europe, many mixed couples. Those women were all cheat? ….. And you say: …her jumb on my cock! ..wowww You have been lucky I believe doing this only 10% of thai women. Again congratulations for your beautiful funny and useful site ciao Paul

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