How To Find Wife Material on Thai Cupid

how to find wife material using thai cupid
In case you are planning to travel to Thailand and you want to get to know some beautiful Thai women during your trip, I would recommend that you check out Thai I can say from my own experience that this website is by far the best online dating site to get to know Thai women. Maybe I am a little bit biased because I met an amazing girl through this site. We chatted a little bit before we met in a nice café in Bangkok and now she spends most of the days and especially the nights with me, during the time I am in the city of angels.

Even though I promised myself to never get married and follow the conventional path of marrying, starting a family and having 2.5 kids, I would definitely consider her as wife material. She is intelligent, studies at an international university, works part-time and I never spent one single Bath on her. At the same time she is amazing in bed and loves to spoil me with delicious food and interesting trips all over Thailand.

Maybe you are also interested in finding such a gorgeous Thai girl and maybe you even consider getting married. That’s why I thought it would be quite a good idea to provide you with all the information you need to find a girl on Thai Cupid that can be described as wife material.

Have a Reputable Profile

The first thing you should do to increase your chances of finding the woman you truly want to find is to write a profile that shows that you are an honorable man who really looks for a serious relationship. It may sound obvious but I recently talked to a guy who complained about getting contacted by girls all the time who look as if they would work as bargirls. I mean, some people would enjoy that but this guy was also looking for something serious.

Of course I wanted to know why that happened to him, so I had a look at his profile. He really wrote something like “Nice English man is looking for sweet sexy Thai lady”. If you write something like that in your profile you don’t have to wonder why bargirls and other “sexy Thai ladies” contact you. No woman with a decent job who is looking for a guy who is interested in a serious relationship and not a playboy lifestyle would contact you with such a stupid line.

What should you write in your profile? First of all make clear that you are interested in a long-term relationship and that you are not looking for casual sexual experiences. The next step is to add a picture that shows you preferably well-dressed and maybe with some friends and not with one of those Thailand t-shirts and a bottle of beer in a beach chair.

In addition to that you can indicate that you are looking for marriage and you should write at least a few lines about the qualities that your dream girl should have. This shows that you not only filled out this stuff in 5 minutes because you want a fast bang but that you really took your time and thought about the characteristics the girl who contacts you should have.

Ignore the Naked Girls

In case you are looking for some fun with some hot Asian girls that will definitely have sex with you ten minutes after you are meeting them, you can of course contact the girls who uploaded pictures of themselves in underwear and sexy positions. There is nothing wrong with that but if you look for wife material you should stay away from those girls and don’t even think about writing them. I think I don’t have to tell you about the profession they are working in. As far as I am concerned I wouldn’t consider bargirls who are trained to regard foreigners as walking ATM’s as wife material.

If you are really looking for wife material you should contact girls who have pictures in which they are fully dressed. Just because a girl only uploads pictures in which she is dressed in a nice business-like style, doesn’t mean that she is totally reserved and can’t please you in bed. It only shows that she wants to appear as a good girl, which indicates that she is looking for a man who is looking for a relationship and not just a sexual adventure.

Use the Advanced Search

When you are looking for women who can be described as wife material on ThaiCupid you can use the “Advanced Search” option to your advantage. For me, the three most important boxes I fill out when I am searching for a girl who could be more than a one night stand are Education, English Language Ability and Annual Income. Let me explain to you why those aspects are so important.

When I think about a girl who I want to spend the rest of my life with I think about a woman with whom I can talk about everything and who is intelligent enough to have her own opinion. I don’t know how good you are speaking the Thai language but in case you haven’t studied it for at least a year it is beneficial if the English skills of your future wife are very good. And because you don’t want to have a stupid wife it is never wrong to look for a girl who is studying or who has studied at a university. This together with an average income that is at least over the Thai minimum wage increases your chances of finding a girl who is interested in you and not your wallet.

Avoid the Beggars

In my experience you will receive two types of messages from girls on Thai Cupid. The first type I am going to talk about right now are the messages you should ignore if you are looking for wife material and the second type of messages are the ones that have the potential to lead to a relationship.

The first type of message looks like this:

Hey I am “sexy Thai lady”

I love your pictures, you are really handsome.

You can contact me on Line. This is my Line: “Line ID” and you can add me as friend on Facebook. I want to meet you. Text me.  

Kiss Kiss

Don’t even think about answering those mails, when you are looking for a girl who is interested in a serious relationship. I compare those girls with beggars and in the same way a beggar begs for money, those girls beg for the attention from a foreigner, which is sometimes related to money.

On the other hand you might receive a message like this:

Hey, I am “wife material lady”

I really like your profile and I think we are having the same interests and hobbies. It would be nice to talk to you.

If you receive a totally normal message like this, that shows that she has a genuine interest in getting to know you because of the way you present yourself, you should definitely answer and find out if she deserves to be described as wife material.

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  • Capt Nimal says:

    I m an airline pilot divorced looking for a Thai bride with good qualities who can speak English well. Where shall I start from.

  • Reality007 says:

    If you want a good wife then look for one in your own country, from your own culture and race. If I had a dollar for every guy I’ve met in Thailand who claimed he’d met a ‘good girl’ and later regretted it I be very rich now. Even if the girl is good (unusual) the culture differences are almost always a relationship wrecker in the long-term. If you were a gambler who plays the odds you’d never bet on such a method, because that is betting to lose.

    Like attracts like. If you can’t get a decent wife in your own land then you need to up your game and go into serious self-improvement mode; physical fitness, reading the classics, getting into interesting hobbies etc..!

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