Barcelona Spain vs Thailand – Which Nightlife is Better?

nightlife Barcelona Spain vs Thailand

I’m always curious how Thailand stacks up with the rest of the world in the regards of women and partying.  Since I have yet to visit every city on my list, I like to get opinions of like-minded people.  Recently I received this email a VIP member who gives a brief comparison of Barcelona vs Thailand.

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Dear Gods of Thailand,

So tonight is my last night in Barcelona.  Dude this place is ridiculous! Open all night until at least 6am.  The women are ridiculously hot.  (Not like Thailand where I considered them cute. But hot like European hot.)

It’s pricier than Thailand. What I could get in Thailand for 2 weeks with 10k. I could only do here for about a week. Girls are easy to score of any race. There’s a lot of German, Romanians, Armenians, French and Africans here.

Spanish women might be harder to pull for free because for most women here, you have to speak excellent Spanish for them to consider you. But I didn’t have problem since I speak perfect Spanish.

Or you could always get a Spanish hooker for about 150€ an hour. Pricey compared to Thailand.

Topless beaches everywhere. Women of all races walking around half naked. Club W and Opuim are the places to go. Open until 6am. There’s also jazz clubs and a hard rock casino.

Taxis are cheap – about 6€ to anywhere in the city.

I also went to Madrid but it was kind boring. It’s just a big Spanish city with lots of history.

Overall, I still think Thailand was better because girls were easy and things were cheaper, but not by far. I’ll be in Thailand again in *************


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Me: In my next email to him, I asked if it was worth going to Barcelona without being fluent in Spanish.  This is his response:

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Yeah you can pull some honeys with just English. About 5 out the 15 days I was in Barcelona, I spent time with some French girls and it was all English. Most of the people in Barcelona speak English because of so many different nationalities represented here.

Even some locals like to practice their English with you. Spanish would require if you want hang out at local pubs or restaurants or talk to some university girls.

I will visit Barcelona at least one more time again, it’s addicting like Thailand.

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Have you found a country or city that compares with the awesomeness of Thailand?  Leave a comment and let us know?

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  • Mat says:

    Barcelona being my favorite European city and Bangkok being my favorite Asian one, it’s so hard to say which one is better.. Talking about women, Bcn for Europe has really an amazing level to offer especially Spanish ones but i think no city in the world can beat Bkk regarding fun with women and unlimited choice of beautiful available ladies. Apart from that very important point, i would say that the nightlife in Bcn is better regarding quality and variety of clubs, bars, Dj’s, and for those who like to have fun with drugs, well… Bcn is like an open air supermarket with plenty of good stuff available everywhere, and also much much safer than in Bkk. So in conclusion, if we could combine these 2 cities into 1, the result would be more than awesome, the perfect nightlife ever!

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