3 First Date Options For a Thai Girl in Thailand

3 First Date Options for a Thai Girl in Thailand
As most of you know, I’m a huge fan on online dating in Thailand. Unlike in western countries, you can actually pick up plenty of attractive women in Thailand from the internet.

I use online dating in Thailand when I’m either:

1- Too lazy to go out to bars or clubs.


2- Outside of Thailand visiting family and want to line up women for my return.

When the time comes to meeting these women for the first time, I tend to keep it simple and inexpensive. You don’t want to spend too much time or money on a woman you are meeting for the first time. 

The first date is NOT meant to WOW her, it is designed to build a little comfort before you take her home.

Do not try to impress her with fancy diners or expensive wine. Thai people rarely appreciate such things, most of the time they are just as happy with noodle soup which costs about two dollars.

After I’ve spent a few nights talking with the girl on MSN and video chat with Skype, my first dates will always be one of these three:

1- Movie At Home

This will work with about 1 out of 4 girls and will happen more easily if you spend a few nights talking with her on Skype. You simply have her meet you at your home to watch a movie. Tell her you have a few movies you haven’t seen and some good wine or whiskey.

Chat for a little bit, start the movie, and have a few drinks. In a couple hours you should be having sex

2- Starbucks

Lets face it, sometimes girls don’t look like their photos or you want to meet her before you invite her to your place. For most of my dates I set up a 20 minute meet-and-greet at Starbucks. You chat for a few minutes, check her out, and if she passes the test, you invite her out later that evening or immediately up to your room.

3- Partying

Never understate the power of alcohol and fun to lower inhibitions. You combine that with the promiscuousness of Thailand and you are almost always guaranteed that you will be taking her home that night. If this is more your style, set up the first date a bar or club.

For your first date in Thailand, you want to keep in simple, inexpensive, and a little fun never hurts.

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  • Dwight says:

    One thing that annoys is that after spending a night, they don’t want to leave. So I have to lie to get them to leave. Like “oh hey I’m leaving to the airport soon” and they say they will hangout with you while you pack…. Faaaaccckkk!!

    You should come up with a blog on how to get rid of them after a night HAHA

    • Yeah, we’ve all been in that situation. I always tell them the night before that I have to work in the morning. Then after we wake up and fuck. I let her know it is time to work and I’ll call her later.

      This will work with most of the clingy Thai women you’ll meet. Although, with some of the “class 5 clingers” you may need to be a little more creative.

  • Mike says:

    Coming to Thailand in September and wouldn’t mind setting something up before i get there. What websites do you find succesful in meeting girls online in Thailand..

  • Sam says:

    By the way i hope u didnt misunderstand me. i didnt mean its your fault.
    I mean those guys or also girls who have a disease and already know or who dont make a check up regulary at their doctor and then they fuck around then they make the disease go to much more people.
    but yeah better use condom to be sure. even it feels better without.

    by the way im planning to go to thailand this coming winter.
    i will go to bangkok first.
    but still not sure what more places i should visit there?

    i have 4 weeks vacation.
    but im thinking maybe its too long time to stay for 4 weeks.

    Is 2 weeks enough to spend a nice vacation there in Thailand?

    because longer i stay then more days with hotel bills and other spend money.

    what do u think?

    is 14 days enough there?
    if i just say 1-2 days in bangkok and the same other places, then i have time to see different places in my 14 days vacation there?

    or is it better to stay a whole 4 week even it will cost me 1500-3000 dollars more?

  • Sam says:

    ok thanks. i have just read that post about HIV u wrote.
    But i was in philippines and i think the risk there is smaller, or maybe i was just lucky not to get any disease there.
    i think in thailand much bigger risk because so many foreigners go there and fuck around with the girls. same as u do. haha
    the problem is not when the guys go and have fun and sex there.
    the problem is when a guy have a disease and he just go there and fuck around and bring the disease to the girls and then it goes around.

    by the way im circumcised.
    i heard and read on internet that if a guy is circumcised there is smaller chance to get sex diseases like HIV?

    Is that correct?

  • Sam says:

    King of Thailand,

    I have a question for u.

    The webpage for the thai consulate in denmark they give advice about thailand.

    And 1 of their advice is not to have un protected sex in thailand. They write that there is a big chance to get HIV (Aids) in thailand.

    Do i have to use condom with any girl i meet in Thailand?

    I know that with prostitutes and the girls who takes money its normal to use condom (protection) with them because they sleep with many guys.

    But if i meet girls i meet from internet or girls outside or in bar who is not asking for money, do i need to use condom?

    Is there a big risk of getting HIV (Aids) from any girl there, also the girls who are not asking for money?

  • Sam says:

    Hi King of Thailand,

    I have not been in Thailand yet, but im planning to visit soon.
    But i have been in Philippines and meet many girls there, also meet philippina girls in Europe.
    And i have meet few Thai girls in Europe where i live.
    And now i have started to talk with Thai girls online.
    But my experience is that girls from philippines are much more nice, sweet and easier to talk to than thai girls.
    But maybe its different when im there in Thailand in person.
    But still untill now what i have experienced is that girls from philippines are much easier to talk to and to get laid with.
    But from your page i can see that maybe thai girls are also easy.
    but maybe its because the thai girls after they move to europe they become different, they become cold and snobbish and bad attitude like european girls.
    And most thai girls in Europe are either married to some old guy here, or their kids, the thai girls who are in the 20´s adopt the cold and snobbish personality from the european girls.

    But still my experience with girls from philippines is that they are much more nice, sweet and easier to get than thai girls.

    But i will try to chat more online with thai girls and see.
    i have just been chatting for few days on a thai webpage and after i start talking with them on skype i see the few i started to chat with are not that nice to talk to, and they get easy irritated and they are also very slow and bad in replying.

    • Yeah, I’ve been told that once Thai girls move to Europe or America, they adopt the western snobby attitude. But once you’ve been to Thailand, you’ll just laugh at girls like that. Remember, in Thailand you are the prize. Not the other way around.

      My advice is simple, “When you’re in Rome, do as the Romans do.”


      When you’re in Thailand, fuck Thai girls.

      When your in Brazil, fuck Brazilian girls.

      When your in America, fuck American girls.

  • Alpha Travel says:

    Like yourself I’ve met many Thai girls from the online dating sites as the quality is high and about 90% of dates end in sex. Compared to going out partying to clubs it’s a much better option as unless you’re hanging out in clubs filled with pros the chances of taking a good girl home, for a one night stand, is low.

    My tried and tested formula is to meet them for dinner and drinks. Usually take them to somewhere inexpensive for food near my place then bar crawl to some good live music bars. End the night at a 24hr restaurant and bar I know next door to my place. I don’t tell them my place is next door but if I’ve got them that far they’ll always end up in my bed. I don’t bother with clubs on dates.

    Never done a Starbucks date but Swensens is a good bet for ice cream. It’s considered expensive by a lot of Thai girls and everyone loves ice cream. Sharing a big sundae and having a flirt, feeding her ice cream etc works a treat.

    Definitely find that alcohol should be involved because a lot of Thai girls are naturally shy and need a few drinks to loosen up.

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