Thai Cupid vs Thai Friendly – Which Dating Website is Best?

Short Answer: is a paid website where you can meet a higher caliber of girl (girls with real jobs). is a free website where you can easily meet university and party girls.

Long Answer…

Thai Cupid

I’ve been using both of these website for years now. In fact, I’ve been using Thai Cupid (formally known as: Thai Love Links), ever since I arrived in Thailand 5 years ago.

Thai Cupid is a paid website. Which means, to utilized the full power of this website, you need to pay $30 a month.

Which is good and bad at the same time. The BAD, you have to pay. (But when you compare it with going out at night, drinking, and trying to pick-up girls – $30 really isn’t all that bad.)

The GOOD, the girls on this website tend to be looking for a real relationship. (Though as with all sites, you will have the scammers and prostitutes, but those easy to weed out).

The girls that pay to be on this website tend to be “higher quality” women. They have real jobs or even own a business or two. (In fact, I have two friends who met their “sugar mommas” on this website. They owned many businesses in Thailand, in their mid-thirties, and were still pretty damn good.)

While I actually met my previous girlfriend of six months on Thai Cupid…my longest relationship in Thailand.

Basically, I’m a believer in I’ve recommended them for years and I will continue to recommend them.

Thai Friendly

thaifr2 is a newcomer. They’ve been around for a couple of years, but I first seriously started using them in December of 2013.

This is a FREE website. Which means, you have full access to all the features without paying a dime. (Though they limit the number of messages you can send in a certain time period.)

I’m not going to bullshit you, this website if FUCKING AMAZING! The amount of attractive Thai girls on here looking to meet foreigners is impressive.

Besides the scammers and Ladyboys, there are three types of girls you will meet on Thai Friendly:

1- University girls curious about foreigners (are their dicks really that big?)

2- Party girls

3- Thai girls who just broke up with her boyfriend because he was cheating. Now she hates Thai guys and wants to try dating a foreigner (my favorite type of girl)

If you want to meet a young Thai girl around 20 years old who has never slept with a foreigner before, this is a gold mine for you.

Sometimes I’ll go weeks without t even bothering to meet girls when I party. I pay the $30 a month, I messages the ones I likes, gets them on Line, and video chat with them.

The really hot ones I will take out on a date, but most of them I will invite over for a movie night at my condo in Bangkok. (I tell them I’m a great cook, then just order delivery from ChefsXP. Or have her cook.)

For a couple hour of messaging back and forth, I easily sleep with 5 – 10 Thai girls a month from Thai Friendly. And many of them have never even been with a foreigner before, so it is an exotic and exciting experience for them.

The girls I meet up with are under 25 and simply aren’t interested in Thai guys or want to find out if what they hear about foreigners is true.

Click here to sign up for a free membership and play around with the interface. If you like it, pay the $30 dollars to get full access so you can send as many messages as you want.

My Advice

Spend the 60 dollars and sign up for Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly. It will be worth it!

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  • Nels says:

    ThaiCupid is a scam. I’m a non-paying member. The moment I log back on I will often receive a notification that someone is interested in me or someone has sent me a message. I check my inbox and of course I can’t read their message if they have sent me one. To do this I need to subscribe and pay. It’s a scam because of the timing of the like or message with my logging in. I log in infrequently and often get these likes and messages immediately I do. Another indicator is that the girls who like or message me are not in my list of users who have viewed my profile. Why would / could someone like me if they haven’t viewed me?
    You say you pay for ThaiFriendly, why it’s free and you can put your LINE Id or whatever user id in your pfoile notes. You can’t in ThaiCupid because they filter it out.

    • I’ve had a lot of success with ThaiCupid. But I’m a paying member and I’m active in contacting new girls when they join. The secret is to contact her within 48 hours of her joining. After that all the hot girls will have many dates lined up.

      Yeah, with Thai Friendly you can have your Line in your profile and have great success without paying. However, I’m too fucking impatient. I don’t want to wait 10 minutes until I can send my next message.

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