5 Different Types of “Real” Massages in Thailand

5 Different Types of Massages in Thailand
“Dear Gods of Thailand, I’ve never had a massage before in my life. What are some of the different types of massages you can get in Thailand…I’m not interested in a dirty massage or happy endings.”

Thailand is renowned for its masseurs’ and masseuses’ massaging talents, often accompanied by an array of excellent beauty and stress-relief treatments. From aromatherapy to reflexology, Bangkok has it all.

You can find traditional Thai as well as more specific massages or therapies all around the city. It isn’t hard to find a place, but you do want to make sure that you are going to a reputable one with excellent service and knowledgeable practitioners. Hotels are a good bet for this, but you can easily research smaller local venues as well.

Thai Massage

This is the staple of all massages in Thailand. They usually start with your feet and work your way up your body with a combination of rubbing and stretching.  No oils are used for the traditional Thai massage,

Facial Massage

Facial massages are aimed at relieving stress and muscle tension while also improving energy levels. It is thought they circulation is improved by guided massaging, decreasing facial swelling and restoring a more youthful looking complexion. If you choose to get a facial massage, your masseur will use small, carefully placed strokes performed in a circular motion. If you receive treatments on a regular basis, you will find that your skin is firmer, less dull, and less wrinkled. It is no wonder these treatments are so popular.

Aromatherapy and Oil Massages

The use of essential oils and various aromas during massages is an ancient tradition that many people swear by. Many massage therapists make use of essential oils extracted from plants. These oils are thought to not only improve relaxation but in some cases open the mind and treat muscle aches and pains. During an aromatherapy session, you may smell numerous oils to discover which one yields the right response for you. The essential oils are then blended in order to create the oil for the massage.

Foot Massage

Foot massages also include the legs as well, improving your circulation. The feet are treated with oils and lotions in order to soften and repair skin. The massage itself aims to relax your joints and ease aching muscles. Therapists know exactly where to apply the right pressure to work the muscles and nerves. By getting a Thai foot massage, you will help your feet and your mind feel rejuvenated and refreshed.


An important element of just about every type of massage is reflexology. By getting a reflexology treatment, you will be targeting specific points on your face, hands, and feet. These areas are believed to be especially sensitive to pressure and massage. In traditional Thai thought, these points are not only considered to cause greater stress relief, but are actually thought to stimulate healing in corresponding areas of the body.

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