How To Get Over The Post Thailand Depression

post thailand depression

This is one article I recommend every visitor to Thailand should read.

The fact of the matter is, Thailand is a fucking amazing place.  And if you do it right, you will have the time of your life living like a god.

The only problem is, for 99% of the men out there, this amazing time must come to an end.  They have to leave the fantasy-land and return back to their normal…very boring lives.

So they go home and within one day they are missing Thailand.  By day two he is trying to figure out when he can return.  By day three he is looking at all of his pictures of the pussy that he slayed…wishing he didn’t leave.

Then the depression hits hard.  The job seems less fulfilling, all the shit that used to matter like bills, daily to dos, playing games, and visiting friends…..seems so dull.

This happens to just about everyone I have met who had a great time in Thailand.  Shit, this even happens to me when I do my yearly trip back to the States.

There is something about Thailand that you miss so much when you leave.  It could be the unlimited amount of easily attainable beautiful women.  The great weather.  The freedom you have.  Or it could even be the awesome friends you met along the way.

Whatever it is, Thailand is a place you will miss.

So How Do You Get Over This Feeling?

1- Acknowledgement
Everyone goes through this, men and women alike.  So understand that this feeling is completely natural.  It sucks, but it’s something everyone goes through.

2- Workout / Fill The Void
Fill the void with something.  I prefer to hit the gym.  Exercise is proven to increase your happiness level and it keeps you busy an hour every day.

3- Give It Time
For me and quite a few others, it usually takes about 2 – 3 weeks to start to feel normal again and the longing gradually lessen.

My Final Advice:

Don’t party back in your home town till you start to feel like your old self again.  Getting drunk and not having countless women approach you will only put you into a bigger funk.

Try to get back to your normal everyday life as soon as you can.  Then plan your next Thailand adventure.

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