How To Safely Buy Drugs in Thailand

buying drugs in thailand

Lately I have been getting a lot of emails about how to buy illegal drugs in Thailand.

I don’t judge. If some people want to smoke a joint or try a mushroom shake while in Thailand, who am I to judge. I am definitely not the one to take the high road here and I’d prefer if none of our readers end up in jail for making easily avoidable tourist mistakes.

Below I’m going to go over some strategies that you can use to buy drugs in Thailand without getting into trouble with the law, but first I’ll go over some of the risks.

– If you are caught buying weed. Expect to pay a 3,000usd fine / bribe to the police!

– If you are caught using or buying Yaba / Ice / Meth, expect to spend weeks in jail!

– If you are caught buying coke, expect a huge bribe or jail time!

– If you are caught buying “E”, expect to pay a 3000usd fine / bribe!

– If you are caught SELLING drugs…you’re completely fucked. Enjoy prison!

The basic idea is simple, do not get caught buying drugs and NEVER sell drugs in Thailand!

How to SAFELY buy drugs in Thailand

This is by no means a full proof method. However, these tips can save you jail time or the cost of a huge bribe while in Thailand:

1- Never buy from a Thai guy in tourist areas like Khao San Road in Bangkok or on a public beach. These Thai guys are working for the police. They will take your 500 baht for the drugs and instantly turn you into the police. Many of these Thai guys will even be part of the police and will be wearing black military boots.

2- Marijuana is pretty easy to get in Thailand, but never buy from Thai guys. Have a hooker from a bar or gogo club arrange it for you. You’ll over pay, but it’s much better than the alternative. This is also a good way to get coke (although I’m told the quality of “white powder” in Thailand is terrible).

3- There are always a few hidden places that will sell joints in Thailand. Koh Phi Phi Don has “Stone Bar” while Koh Samui has “Rock Bar”.

4- If you want steroids, just look for the gym with all the body builders. Thailand has a HUGE bodybuilder community and the majority of them use steroids and more than happy to help out a fellow body builder. There is always one main gym in each major city in Thailand where the “monsters” workout at.

5- Mushroom shakes are pretty easy to get in Koh Phangan for the Full Moon and Half Moon parties. Just ask a few tourists and they will point you in the right direction. When you order, let the staff know if you have done it before and they will mix the correct amount for your experience level.

6- Thailand currently has a huge drug war against Ice / Yaba / Meth. Do not touch this stuff! You will find yourself in jail and not be able to get out for years.

7- Many brothels and lady bars in Thailand can arrange drugs for you. Make friends with the mama-son and slyly ask about what she can set up for you.

In conclusion, “blah blah blah drugs are bad blah blah blah”. Alcohol and Thai women are more than enough to keep my attention, however if you want to “kick it up a notch” while in Thailand, BE SMART ABOUT IT!

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