Thailand Tip – Save Money by Using a Taxi Meter

Save Money by Using a Taxi Meter

This tip will not work in all places.  However, it will save you money in Bangkok and Pattaya.

The tip, always use a taxi meter.  Never negotiate the price with the taxi driver.

This Is What You Do:

1- Wave down a taxi
2- Tell the driver your destination and say, “Taxi Meter”
3- If the driver says no and tries to charge you a flat fee, go find another taxi
4- Rinse and repeat till you have a taxi driver that agrees to charge by the taxi meter.

If you don’t look Thai or speak Thai, taxi drivers will try to overcharge you.  Don’t play their game by negotiating on the price.  Just find another taxi that will be fair with you.

Only tourists who don’t know any better agree to pay a flat fee instead of the taxi meter.

Heads up, if you are near a tourist area like Khao San Road, Nana Plaza, MBK, ect… you’ll need to walk down the street for two minutes until you can find a driver that will charge by the meter.  The drivers who hang out near the tourist areas will not use the taxi meter.

Note: This will always work in Bangkok.  However, this will not work at places like Samui and Phuket where the taxis are not regulated.  They tend to be controlled by rich Thai families and will always overcharge.  In these places, either pay the price or take a moped taxi.

Gods of Thailand Recommendation:
Don’t limit yourself to car taxis, experience a Tuk Tuk as well.  In fact, bribe the driver of the Tuk Tuk so you can drive.  Will be an awesome experience.

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