Non Guest Friendly Hotels in Thailand – What Up With That?

One of the more annoying things about some hotels in Thailand is the “Guest Fee”.

What Is A Guest Fee?
For those of you who haven’t been to Thailand, a “guest fee” is an additional charge some hotels in Thailand will charge if you bring a girl back to your hotel room.

If a hotel in Thailand does not charge you a fee for bringing a girl into your room, they are considered “Guest Friendly”.

Where Are Guest Friendly And Which Are Not?
As a whole, you will find most non-guest friendly hotels in high tourist locations in Thailand. Think of places like:

– Khao San Road in Bangkok.
– Some of the nicer hotels near walking in Pattaya
– Hotels along the main strip of Chaweng on Samui
– Most of the nicer hotels on Koh Phi Phi Don

How Much Is The Fee Per Girl?
Most hotels will have a flat charge of 300 baht (9usd) per girl.  However, this is where the pricing starts.  Many of the bigger hotels on the island of Koh Phi Phi Don charge 2,000 baht per girl! (60usd)

But you will find that most non-guest friendly hotels will be in the range of 300 – 500 baht (9 – 15usd) per girl.

How To Find Guest Friendly Hotels in Thailand?
Personally, I avoid hotels that charge a guest fee like the plague.  The idea of paying an extra 300 – 500 baht (9 – 15usd) per girl I bring back to my room pisses me off. And since it’s not uncommon for me to bring back a new girl or two back to my room each night I party, I never stay an non-guest friendly hotels:

What Can You Do To Avoid Guest Fees?
Although there are many websites online that lists Thailand guest friendly hotels, you’ll find that many of these are outdated.  (I have been burned by this more than once.)

Since hotel policies change in Thailand, the only “sure fire method” is to call or email the hotel before you book it.  (Or look at the reviews which will often mention if the hotel is guest friendly or not.

As you may or may not already know, I book all of my hotels in Thailand here because they are often the cheapest and have the most legit reviews:

If the review mentions that the hotel is guest friendly and the review is less than a year old, then you will be fine.

If there are no reviews which talks about it being guest friendly, then you will need to contact the hotel directly.

Go here and find three hotels you would like to stay in.  Then do a simple google search for their phone number or email address.  (I prefer to make a quick call on skype and know instantly instead of waiting a day or two for an email response.

Most of the reception staff at the nicer hotels in Thailand will have a solid understanding of English.  Call and ask:

“Hello.  I have a question, is your hotel guest friendly?”

If the person who answers the phone seems confused by this question, ask: “If I bring girl to my room, is there an extra charge?”

Then you will get a simple yes or no.  If you are shy or embarrassed about asking this type of question, you don’t need to leave your name or contact information.  Once you get the answer to your question, hang up the phone.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Non-Guest Friendly hotels in Thailand suck balls.  However, they can easily be avoided with a couple extra minutes of research.

Hope this helps guys.  Happy hunting!

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  • russell kollins says:

    Seems redundant when hotels in Thailand do this…. I mean most people probably come to get some ass, being that its the biggest part of the countries economy.
    what’s the point of isolating yourself like that? If they want to be a “classy joint” they can always put up a sign that reads “No shoes, No shirt, No Service”

    Very good Article and Thanks for the link!

    • There are a few things that really annoy the shit out of me when it comes to Thailand. And non guest friendly hotels is one of them. But with a few extra minutes of leg work, you can avoid them quite easily.

      Keep in mind, this isn’t limited to a certain type of hotels, it doesn’t matter if the hotel is 5 stars or 2 stars. Just because the hotel is 5 stars, don’t automatically assume that it is guest friendly.

      Hope this helps,

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