How to Understand the 4 Types of Thai Women

How to Understand the 4 Types of Thai Women

For those of you that haven’t been to Thailand before, there is something you need to know about Thai girls. The women of Thailand will always fall into one of these four categories:

1- Good Girls
2- Freelance Girls
3- Prostitutes
4- High Society Girls

1- Good Girls

These girls have real jobs, make their own money, and are disgusted with the thoughts of sex for money. You can meet these girls anywhere in Thailand, but there are specific locations which they frequent. Read some of the articles to learn more.  

2- Freelance Girls

These are the girls that do not work for a bar or club but freelance themselves out and earn money for sex. A few examples of these girls are:
– Low wage girls with real jobs
– Girls in clubs
– Street walkers
– Massage girls (The up-sale)

3- Working Prostitutes

These are the classic whores that will fuck anyone for money:
– Bar girls
– GoGo dancers
– Body massage girls

4- High Society Girls

These girls come from wealthy families. Their families may own land, businesses, or even of the royal line. These are the most difficult women to meet and attract for foreigners.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Thai girls are beautiful, loyal, loving, and a lot of fun.

We are here to help you to understand each type and how to attain them with minimal effort and cost. We are your guide to the women of Thailand.

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  • Matt says:

    Great I do my Thai girl says she believes in Budda and doesn’t give blow jobs?.? She says Budda and Muslim believers don’t do that is this true.. Am I only guy with a beautiful Thai girl that does the give head?

  • Mario says:

    A Thai women working as bargirl for 5 years is it possible to be a good wife?

  • Good Girl Falacy says:

    Good girls “….are disgusted with the thoughts of sex for money”

    Will a “good girl” marry a homeless man with no money, for love???
    Marrying for material benefit IS PROSTITUTION.

    Like the traditional marriage vows say”.. for richer or for POORER, In SICKNESS & in health”. If you have either of these, “good girls” will suddenly make a run for it!!!

  • Mike says:

    thai girls are loyal? Ha ha ha. Last weekend I was sleeping with one while boyfriends around the world we’re sending her ‘what’s up’ texts

  • Emad says:

    You are one of the craziest dude I have ever know.
    If someone doesn’t know Thai wmen how they look like of course he will disagreed with your.
    I am having Thai women for almost 6 years and I know exactly how they look like.
    I want to say that all your notices and classifications about Thai women hit the truth 100%
    I agree with every word you have saied.


  • อากิสเสษ says:

    Why the name Kings of Thailand ?
    Any moron can get a girl in Thailand it does not matter if you are blind,deaf and ugly in Thailand there will be always a girl waiting for you.
    I live in thailand(for business reasons) but I do feel often ashamed about all those farangs who are here for cheap and easy sex because most of them are to dumb to get their hands in the underwear of the girls back home some of them are so out of shape that they even to managed to end up the with a lady boy in bed.

    I reckon you should change the name to “The Fools of Thailand”

    The name Kings is for a complete different league
    Good luck โชคดี

    • LoL, out of all the controversial posts on this website, you consider this one “utter garbage”. A post that has nothing to do with opinion, but solely based on facts???

      There isn’t really a debatable sentence found here. You may be able to make an argument if you find a girl that doesn’t work and doesn’t fuck for money. But that would be considered a freeloading “good girl”.

      If you’re going to take the time to comment, why not add something useful – whether you agree or not…

  • RICHARD says:

    very fair description of thai lady in your comments
    kho samui idem
    richard samui

  • Adam says:

    where would you think a “High Society” girl will hang up?

    • You’ll find most of the high society type of girls in Bangkok.

      Checkout Thai friendly clubs like Demo or Funky. Occasionally you will run into them at RCA in Slim or Route 66. On weekday nights you might see a few of them at the after party club name Scratch Dog.

      Look for light skinned women who have more than one bottle at their table.

      Note: Most of these women are racist against any types of foreigners. So you will need to bring your “A Game”

      • Raleigh says:

        defintely you need to bring your super A+ and even with it is hard … reason is because they dont wanna be associated with foreigners as it seems they may be perceived as prostitutes

        another difficulty on the A+ Game is the language … sometimes girls do not speak good english and then gaming them is HARD as HELL

        • Yeah, the two biggest barriers you have with picking up Thai women is:

          1- Thai Racism

          2- Language Barriers

          For Thai racism, just stay out of clubs near Thong Lor area.

          Regarding the language barrier, “many” Thai girls understand more English than they lead on us to believe.

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