Why Do Thai Girls Lie So Easily?

why to thai girls lie in thailand

Out of all the complaints we hear about Thai women, this is by far the most common one.  So many men want to know,

“Why do Thai girls lie so much and about such minor things?”

Personally, I find this aspect about Thai women quite fascinating.  I’ve always believed, “If you’re going to lie, lie about something big.”

But Thai women will lie about the most minor things…


It all comes down to two main reasons:

1- To Avoid Confrontation

2- Not Understanding That Lying is Wrong

So why is this?  Why is there such a cultural difference when it comes to how lying is viewed?

Thou shall not lie, cheat, steal, blah blah blah

Whether you’re a believer or not, (I am not), you don’t need to look very hard to see how Christianity has shaped our moralities and “ethics”.  Many of our most basic moral principles stem from Christian Fundamentals.

Even for me (a non-believer), if you lie directly to my face, we will have problems.  “A man is only as good as his word”….I wonder where that come from….

Buddhism on the other hand, focuses on avoiding confrontation and acceptance.   Which is where you can find the roots of many of Thai people beliefs, attitudes, and moralities.

Throw in the idea that Thai people don’t grow up thinking that lying is a huge “sin”, and you’ll get the basic idea how lying is viewed in Thailand.

Don’t get me wrong, if a Thai person lies to a Thai person about something big, there will be problems.  However, little “white lies” are rarely seen as wrong by Thais compared to how we see them.

This should not lower your view of Thai people.  However, it should make you more aware as you grow to understand the differences between East and West.

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  • Ju says:

    I have read quite a few articles from you, its not all wrong, and its no doubt that you have plenty of experience and can be helpful to many farang.
    I have been myself many times to Asia and knows it pretty well, not an expert on this, but I have gotten a pretty good insight over the years. It seems out of the articles that you can pull any girls, and that you are the king and all the usual nonsense that many people believe in.

    The advices you give seems to mostly about girls in the working scenes, and with these girls there is a usual pattern, the same is everywhere in the world. She might have a thai boyfriend, she might have four or five boyfriends abroad, but in the end she is what she is, a whore, and you can not expect anything else.

    There is a well known expression, King of Thailand or King of Pattaya, is the guy who lives or comes regular to Thailand to surround himself in this enviroment, they are all “experts”and “knows best”, but of course its a rather selective field 99% of these people surround them self in.

    There are many things that people forget when they go on a holiday, they forget that in many cases the same rules as for what applies back in Europe or in the US also applies to Thailand. This is if you are dealing with normal people, you might be different but it does not mean you are unique, decades with tourism has taught thai people plenty. If you can pull a good quality girl in your own country you should also be able to do it in Thailand.
    But good girl from a family with money don’t need some washed up farang, its not like we are in the 1950s and they have never seen one.

    what it comes down to is that superficial advices about a certain segment of the population can be quite misleading.
    I am not saying its all wrong, I just say that people should know that today Thailand and most of the world has changed and that middle upper class good girl don’t really apply into this kind of stereotype.

    in the end I am not out to crush someones illusions, just know that whatever applies in Thailand do also apply in other countries, besides some cultural differences.

  • Dwight says:

    So hey, a question. If a thai girl, 20, says she’s a virgin. Should you believe her? It kind of turned me off when she said that because I don’t know if there’s a unwritten rule about that. She’s really hot, her English is terrible and she’s really shy so I don’t know if she’s lying. Should I just stay away and avoid problems with uh… say… Family?

    • Yeah, that’s a tough call. I guess it kind of depends on where and how you met her. If you met her online with a dating website, I’d highly doubt it.

      But…when out in Thailand, you do come across some very attractive virgins. However, the virgin thing is a standard line Thai women use to pretend they are good girls.

  • russell kollins says:

    That’s a very legit point broski, I also think its true across most Asian cultures. In the states where I live, a lot of Asian girls tend to do that. I’ve been mostly putting up great numbers with Koreans and Japs. I can almost always count on a few fibs here and there.

    But at the same time, if she has a great ass and knows how to use it…. all is forgiven!…. In my book anyways

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