How to Say No MSG in Thai

How to say no msg in Thai language

Many people have different beliefs on whether MSG is really that bad for you.  Some believe that Asians have been using it for generations without any problems, while others claim they can feel effects like headaches instantly after eating it.

Me personally, I won’t run from MSG, but I prefer not to have it in my food.

Asians, especially Thai people, use MSG for seasoning it just about everything they cook.  They use it like we use salt.

So whenever I go to an Asian country, one of the first things I learn how to say in the local language is:


Below is a quick video on how to say, No MSG in Thai.  But here is a quick break down of how to pronounce if phonetically:

My Sai Pom Chew Root

(Some prefer this spelling: Mai Sai Pong Chuu Rot or ไม่มีผงชูรส)

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