Health Check 101: The Truth about STD’s in Thailand

Health Check 101 The Truth about STD’s in Thailand
I receive emails asking about STD’s in Thailand nearly every day. And more times than not, they read just like this one:

Hi Gods of Thailand

Great website! By the way, I was wondering how safe would you say most of these Thai girls are in terms of diseases and etc. I mean, would you have any special precautions? Like condom for sure, but what else can you recommend?

That’s tough to answer, but here is what my experience and research has taught me throughout the years regarding health checks and STD’s in Thailand:

Common Sense

This is what it REALLY comes down to. With the right talk, you CAN fuck just about any Thai girl without a condom!

Sometimes for fun I used to see how far I can take things until the girl brings up the condom talk, and you would be very surprised on how few of these girls will bring it up first. More times than not, it would be me who “broke first” to wrap it up.

While some of these girls would even complain that I ruined the flow by adding protection. (Good girls and prostitutes alike.)

No matter how cute, young, or innocent your Thai girl appears, if you are able to fuck her without a condom on the first night you met. She has taken in A LOT of unprotected dick.

HIV in Thailand

Ladyboys freelancers and “Ladyboy bar girls” in Thailand have the highest ratio of HIV than any other demographic in Thailand. This is due to two reasons:

1- Lack of protection being used

2- Higher chance of transferring HIV from male-to-male than female-to-male.

A while back I wrote an article on HIV in Thailand, it’s worth checking out: HIV in Thailand

Bar girls and GoGo girls still scare the shit out of me if my rubber breaks. These girls can take upwards to 10 dicks a day. That’s a lot of dick! And there are plenty of guys who:

1- Sweet talk for no condoms (PUA Style)

2- Pay extra for no condom (Money Style)

3- Removes the condom during the fuck without the girl knowing (Dirt Bag Style)

Chlamydia in Thailand

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea is probably the most common STD you hear about or will get when you are in Thailand. This is easily passed from female to male, so on those nights where your condom breaks or you decide to “take your chances”, don’t be surprised when your dick hole starts burning like hell when you piss 24 hours later.

Fortunately, this can easily be cleared up with antibiotics in a couple of days.

HERPES in Thailand

Strangely, this does not seem to be as common in Thailand as you would find in the United States or Europe – where Herpes seems to be everywhere with party girls and sluts alike.

Health Checks and HIV Testing in Bars and GoGos

Basically, this is bullshit! If a GoGo club or Bar claims that they do regular HIV testing on their girls, don’t believe this shit. Establishments in the Redlight Districts like Nana Plaza / Soi Cowboy / Patpong Road may claim to do HIV testing on their girls. But the testing is done once every few months.

If the girl doesn’t show up for it, in most cases she is simply fined 1,000 baht (30usd). Then she can continue working for the next couple of months until the next test is required. And then she’ll just pay the fine again.

If the girl is caught with HIV, she will just quit that specific establishment and work at a different one. Nothing will change for her except she will be dancing at a different bar / GoGo.

STD and Health Checks for Professional Escorts

This is a hit or miss depending on the service you use. For example, I know for a fact that the girls at are REQUIRED to be checked every 1-2 months. While many other agencies tend to be more relaxed requiring check-up every 4 months.

If you are very concerned, you can always request to see evidence of the health check.

This is a huge advantage of why many men decide to pay much more for a professional escort than risking freelancers.

Health Checks and HIV Testing for Dirty Soapy Massage Girls

In the nicer soapy massage establishments in Bangkok and Pattaya, they do require tests. But when the girls tested positive for HIV, she just leaves the establishment and goes to a new soapy shop. When she is caught again, rise and repeat. Eventually downgrading to GoGo clubs and eventually cheap dirty beer bars.

Luck of the Draw

I’ve personally known guys who have fucked 300+ Thai girls without ever wearing a condom, and to this day they are walking around just as clean as a Mormon boy in Utah.

But then again, I’ve known people who went “fuck crazy” in Pattaya / Phuket / Bangkok for one night and caught something.

Ask yourself, “When you play the lottery or gamble, are you someone who is on the lucky or unlucky side….”

My Real Advice

Wrap it up when you fuck. Go bareback with the blowjobs…health class in high school may say otherwise, but catching something during a blowjob is on the rare side.

And besides, who the fuck wants a blowjob with a condom on!

Hope this helps. Enjoy paradise…but use common sense.
-Gods of Thailand

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  • Matt says:

    Before actually testing the hookers, I probably would have written the same article. I had a business selling HIV tests back in 2005-6. We tested about 125 hookers — including about 15 ladyboys. Got one positive. And we were using the cheaper ELISA antibody tests, which occasionally give false positives. It’s a screening test. If you get a positive, you’re supposed to do further testing with more-expensive tests. So, the one positive we got might not have been an actual positive. One reason I gave up the business is every time I walked into a bar asking to put an advertisement in the bathroom, some 50-year-old guys at the bar would say: “That’s BS. I’ve banged 300 of these girls without condoms. I still don’t have HIV.” I knew they were right. Fast forward to when I moved back to the USA: I’ve told this story to the 30 or so doctors and nurses I’ve met since I got back. They all say the same thing: “Lots of people in a Dallas [or whatever city] have HIV.” I always ask what kind of people have it. They all say: “All poor, welfare types. 90%-plus are Black. No gay men have it anymore.” So apparently, HIV is a population-control tool — not an STD. They gave it to gays at first to make it look like an STD.

  • Tommy says:

    Are the hotel masseuse’s tested before working there? I got an in room massage at my hotel the other week.

  • Kunal says:

    Does girls of annies massage are free from hiv?

  • AJ says:

    what are the chances of std if you do it with a condom with a go go bar girl from nana plaza?
    Are they checked regularly say in a place like red lips?

  • Rocky says:

    Personally, if I wanted to fuck a “girlfriend” without a condom, I would take her to a clinic, get a blood sample.

    Then drop it off at another clinic that she doesn’t know about for HIV test.

    Remember, Thailand is so corrupt, a girl could easy pay for a “negative” result…

  • Paul Smith says:

    Hi ,
    I have a question . I heard a lot that some girls in Pattaya and Phuket sleep with costumers without protection … So I thought maybe Bangkok Soi Cowboy is maybe a better choice for me … But is in that place (Soi Cowboy) the same ?

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