Luxury Serviced Apartments in Bangkok Thailand

The time has come for a few of the members of the Gods of Thailand community to return to Bangkok where some of the nicest clubs in Asia and the most beautiful women in Thailand are awaiting us.

Before the ladies and the parties begin, we must get our accommodations in order.

And as I’m sure most would agree, apartment hunting sucks.

Most cities in Thailand you can simply taxi around the area and find something in a day or two.  In Bangkok this is more difficult.  Bangkok is large, most apartments want a minimum 6 month lease, and a high security deposit is almost always required for foreigners.

We avoid all these hassles by staying in a Serviced Apartment, also known as Corporate Housing.  Most Serviced Apartments have monthly rental agreements and utilities all set up.

By staying on a monthly basis, you are living in a luxurious four or five star hotel with all the amenities you’d ever want, for a fraction of what it would cost you if you stayed on a per night basis.

On top of all that, every morning you’ll have the most amazing buffet breakfast with over 40 different entrees from all around the world.

We’ve wastes countless hours on the internet trying to find the best Serviced Apartments in Bangkok.  Most of what we found was shit.  It took us years to collect the list you now have before you.

If you are looking for something cheap, go stay on Khao San Road with all the other hippies.  We’re talking about luxury living at its finest, not slumming it in some flee ridden motel.  

(Unlike all Google search results, we don’t have any kick back incentives from these establishments nor have we listed them in any particular order.)

17 Great Serviced Apartments in Bangkok Thailand

Marcopolo in Sukhumvit 2
One Bedroom prices range from 30,000 – 40,000 baht

Aspen Suite in Sukhumvit 2
One Bedroom prices start at 44,000 baht

Citadines in Sukhumvit 8
One Bedroom prices range from 35,000 – 42,000 baht

Centre Point in Sukhumvit 10
One Bedroom prices start at 48,000 baht

Grand President in Sukhumvit 11
One bedroom prices range from 32,000 – 44,000 baht

Royal President in Sukhumvit 11
One bedroom prices range from 32,000 – 45,000 baht

Citadines in Sukhumvit 11
One Bedroom prices range from 40,000 – 51,000 baht

Ramada Suites in Sukhumvit 12
One Bedroom prices start at 45,000 baht

Citadines in Sukhumvit 16
One bedroom prices range from 38,000 – 50,000 baht

Oakwood Trilliant in Sukhumvit 18
One Bedroom prices start at 49,000 baht

Admiral Suites in Sukhumvit 22
One bedroom prices range from 33,000 – 48,000 baht

Citadines in Sukhumvit 23
One bedroom prices range from 39,000 – 52,000 baht

Varindavan Park in Sukhumvit 63, Ekamai 12
One Bedroom prices start at 30,000 baht

Cordia Residence Saladang in Soi Yommarad, Saladang
One Bedroom prices range from 27,000 – 32,000 baht

Silom Convent Garden in Soi Pipat 2, Convent Rd., Silom
One Bedroom prices start at 36,000 baht

Tanida Residence in Soi Surasak Road, Sathorn & Silom Road
One Bedroom prices range from 30,000 – 40,000 baht

P.S. Number 17 is currently left out of this list. Can’t have the place so full that we can’t get our rooms 🙂

P.P.S. There are a few Serviced Apartments in Bangkok that did not make this list. Those are the overpriced places such as Shama Residence and President Park. In these places, you pay double and tend to get less.

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  • Mike says:

    Hey Guys… Do you have a similar list for serviced apartments / villas in Koh Samui? I’m going to be staying there for 3 months (or longer) and the google searches I’ve done are driving me crazy? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hey Mike,

      Can’t say I’m put forth the time to to create one of these lists for Samui, however we should.

      I agree, searching online is a complete pain in the ass. But as of now, that is probably your best bet. Just remember, that many of the villas will say available until you call. Then you’ll find the pricing doubles and / or is not even available.

      My recommendation is, create a list of all the properties you like, then start email and calling.

      Also remember, price is almost always negotiable.

      You can also give these guys a call: (Best to call, not email.) Johan has access to some nice villas and is my go to guy for renting on Samui.

  • Jason says:

    Is it possible to stay in these places for less than a month? I’m coming back in September for 15 days and like the luxury living.

    • Yeah, many of them also run as hotels…so daily rates are available. Sounds like you’ve been to Thailand before, so my recommendation is that you find a nice 4 or 5 star hotel on Sukhumvit. I usually recommend Aloft or Dream Hotel. But if you are looking for something a little nicer, get a larger room at President Park or just work off this list.

      Or head here and rent a 5 star hotel: Agoda Hotel Booking

  • Erik says:

    I must say I find most of these very poor value for money compared to renting a furnished condo apartment.

    I don’t want to rent a condo for min 6 months, but I also don’t want to pay 41.000 baht for the smallest (32 sqm) apartment in Citadine Suk 8. For that price I could easily get a furnished 2 bedroom, 100+ sqm apartment in Ploen Chit, Thong Lor or Phrom Phong.

    Staying in serviced apartments is massively overpaying even if it’s the only decent choice for staying a few months.

    On the low end, something like Interchange Tower in shitty Ratchaprarop location only costs 11K baht. Still looking to find a good deal around 20K, but so far no luck.

    • Yeah, these are the more expensive – luxurious options. Going the Service Apartment route is not for everyone, but if cash is not a major concern, this is the way to go.

      Personally, I hate signing leases. And besides the lease thing, foreigners have to go through extra hoops when renting long term (in most places.) Like high security deposits, massive language barriers, and poor customer service.

      If you are looking to rent a “normal” apartment in Bangkok, check out this website for CHEAP options: (You’ll need a translator when you call.)

      Or talk to one of the many rental agencies. If you don’t mind leases, you can rent a pretty kick ass apartment in the center of Sukhumvit for around 40k.

      The problem with apartment hunting in Bangkok is that it’s so damn big. There may be some diamonds in the ruff, but they are very difficult for foreigners to find.

      Lately, whenever I pick up a girl in a club and sleep with her, we go to her house. This is my new strategy for apartment hunting in Bangkok. And sometimes I’m quite surprised with how nice her place is. Though many seem to be in the Ratchada area which is a little far for my taste.

      Note: This can be risky when her ex boyfriend comes knocking on the door drunk at 4am 🙂

  • Jordan says:

    When I was in Bangkok I stayed at both Aspen Suites and Grand President Sukumvit 11.

    Aspen Suites: Great Room. I only spent one night here because the internet access was only via LAN cable and my Macbook Air doesn’t have an Ethernet port. If it had Wireless I probably would have booked a month there and stayed. I think I stayed in the nicest room they had, 1 bedroom suite, and it was like $80 for the night. The room was HUGE. Like super huge. I don’t remember the Sq meters but it was a great room, and the breakfast was adequate. Pool was kind of lame which might be a detractor as hot as bangkok is. The bed in my room was the most comfortable bed I’ve slept in in Thailand which might make up for the pool. Hope they go Wifi soon.

    Grand President: Breakfast was superb. Room was adequate, a bit dated. The desk was in a stupid position where the living room carpet was right behind it so anytime you’d slide the desk chair back the carpet would get all rolled up and confused.

    I was in Tower 2, which had an awesome pool on like the 8th floor, great view of the city. Staff was accommodating. The room was way way smaller than the room at Aspen Suites though and for roughly the same price I might just buy a new laptop or my own router to hook up at Aspen Suites.

    I should add though neither of these places blew me away. For $1800-2,000/month the room was OK. But I wouldn’t have been excited to pay that much for either of them.

    I don’t really know Bangkok at all so maybe Sukhumvit is a more expensive place to stay. Probably worth it as there is a lot of cool stuff to do nearby and gorgeous girls aplenty.

    For me it didn’t really fit into the “Thailand is Cheap” paradigm though. For $2,000/month I can get a pretty nice apartment in most major cities in the US. Although I guess in Manhattan it’d get a small closet somewhere which might be a more accurate comparison to the Sukhumvit area.

    I am curious if there are better accommodation options in nearby areas that either less expensive or nicer for the same price. I didn’t really learn how the BTS Skytrain works or what it’s routes were.

    I think next time I go to Bangkok I’ll make sure I go with people who’ve been there before or use some online resource to meet expats who have been there a while. Being there solo really sucked as it turned into just constant touting and me not even really wanting to go out and do anything.

    An even better idea might have been to bring a Thai girlfriend or get a Thai girlfriend there quickly. That’d cut out a lot of the “MASSAGE” touts and shit and things like that and also make navigating the city a bit easier if she knows her way around. BUT…. it could cut down on the random sex with bar girls 7 nights a week and what not unless she’s one of those special Thai girls that likes other girls or doesn’t mind you sleeping around. I hear those exist….

    All in all, Bangkok chewed me up and spit me out and I left eagerly after 10 days feeling like a kid that had grabbed one too many hot pans on the stove.

    That being said, I can’t wait to go back.

    • I’ve heard good things about those hotels, but haven’t stayed in them personally.

      A friend of mine used to stay in President Park, a service apartment that cost over 2,000 a month. He loves luxury.

      If you plan on staying in Bangkok for 6 months, you can save a lot of money using an apartment agency or using

      However, for short term stays, you’re almost always better with hotel style of living.

      There are some nice hotels in Bangkok between 30 – 50usd a night.

  • mouhcer says:

    Thanks for the excellent list! I know how long and hard it is to put together a list like this. This will save me hours and hours or research.

    Thanks dude!

  • makato says:

    Hi! Great list, I think I will need this later this year. Do you have an idea which of these apartments are “guest-friendly”? Thanks!

    • All of these Serviced Apartments are “Guest Friendly”

      Although the policy regarding female guests may vary a bit. For example, some Serviced Apartments are firm that all “new” Thai female guests must check in. While others don’t enforce this.

      This is not a big deal though. If you bring home a girl who might be working in a “questionable” trade, then a little security like a photo copy of an ID card is nice to have.

      It is very rare, but it’s possible that you might wake up and find a few things missing from your room. Chances are you won’t waste your time to track her down, but having her check in works as a good deterrent.

      Learn from our mistakes and use the safety box for valuables.

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