Thailand’s Full Moon Party – The World’s Greatest Beach Party at Koh Phangan

Ever wonder what the “World Famous Full Moon Party of Koh Phangan Thailand” is all about?  Take a look at this video:

Drinking, women, mushroom shakes – it’s all there waiting for you.  

Gods of Thailand Tip: Do not buy any sort of illegal substances from Thai men in combat boots.  They are police.

You can get to the Full Moon party by taking a boat from the main land where some arrive in Koh Phangan a couple days early.  However, most take a speed boat from Koh Samui the night of the party.

Leaving from Koh Samui the night of the party is preferable.  The nightlife of the days leading up to the Full Moon Party is better in Samui than Koh Phangan.

Getting to the Full Moon Party from Koh Samui:

1-During the Day
If you want to spend the day in Koh Phangan.  Take one of the many boats throughout the day.  The cost is around 500 baht.  Tickets can be purchased at any travel agency.

2-During the Night
The Full Moon party doesn’t really start until around 10pm – Midnight.  No point in going there early if you only want to party.

In Chaweng all the taxis will take you to the pier for free.  When you arrive at the pier you can buy a roundtrip speed boat ticket for 800 baht.  The boat ride is about 20 minutes and leaves every hour.  You can party all night at the Full Moon Party then come back to Samui in the morning.

You can buy tickets at the pier or any travel agency on Samui.

Note: Entrance fee to the Full Moon Party is 100 baht.

Full Moon Party Schedule 2011 – 2012

Full Moon Party Dates 2011
Monday 18, April
Wednesday 18, May
Thursday 16, June
Sunday 17, July
Sunday 14, August
Monday 12, September
Wednesday 12, October
Thursday 10, November
Saturday 10, December
Sunday 25, December – Christmas Party
Saturday 31, December – New Years Party

Full Moon Party Dates 2012
Sunday 08, January
Wednesday 08, February
Wednesday 07, March
Friday 06, April
Sunday 06, May
Monday 04, June
Tuesday 03, July
Saturday 04, August
Saturday 01, September
Sunday 30, September
Monday 29, October
Wednesday 28, November
Tuesday 25, December – Christmas Party
Friday 28, December
Monday 31, December – New Years Party

Note: Be sure to double check the dates.  Sometimes they are slightly different due to Buddhist and Thai holidays.

This is one party you don’t want to miss!

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