Is Traveling to Koh Phangan Thailand Safe?

Is Traveling to Koh Phangan Thailand Safe

Hi Gods of Thailand, love your website.  I’ve been to Phuket and a very quick top over in Bangkok and I am planning a trip to Koh Samui next year.  But I do have a question, is Koh Phangan safe to travel as a single male?  (I’ve been reading mixed things.)

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Thanks for your email and glad you found the website helpful.

Yeah, Koh Phangan is safe.  It’s actually a pretty relaxed place between the Full Moon Parties.

If you’re traveling as a single guy looking for girls, I wouldn’t highly recommended it, as you’ll find a much better selection on Koh Samui.

Personally, I like and recommend Phangan for three reasons:

1- The Full Moon Party

Even if you aren’t a big party animal, The Full Moon Party is something unique that can’t be experienced anywhere else in the world.

2- The Adventure

Rent a moped and explore the island.  Quite a few of the roads are unpaved dirt which gives you a pretty cool adventure feel when you are driving around.

Enjoy something that I call “waterfall hunting” on Phangan.  Rent a moped, get a map, and drive to the waterfalls.

Careful though, it’s not uncommon for tourist to get in moped accidents on Phangan.  Watch out for sand on the road when going around a corner.  Plenty of travelers, including myself, have been caught by this.

3- The Beaches

The beaches aren’t the best in Thailand, but they are pretty nice.  You can also rent a five star resort for around 100usd a night, which is a great deal. (Careful of the tide in the evening, I got caught in a pretty crazy tide during the end of one of my swims last year, and almost didn’t make it back.)

No need to worry about safety in Koh Phangan.  Besides small thefts during the Full Moon Party, the only real concern you need to have is not getting into a moped accident.

Hope this helps.  Enjoy paradise!

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