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Bam! It’s finally ready…

This has been on the back of my mind for over a year now –create an exclusive, uncensored, and FREE Thailand Forum.

The fact is, I get A LOT of emails from guys asking questions about Thailand. And even if I had time to answer every single email (which I don’t) – you are still only getting one man’s opinion….

Which is why I created our new Thailand Forum. Here anyone can ask and answer questions about Thailand. You can disagree with me or build on what I and others have to say. Our goal is to make sure that you, our reader and future Thailand traveler, will have the best possible time in Thailand.

The fact is, starting a new forum in not easy and takes time to build. This will take at least a year to properly be running the way I want it to be.

In the meantime, you can help by posting any advice or questions you have about Thailand here. I will read and then comment on every new thread.

Just a note, this forum will be uncensored…which is always risky when discussing controversial topics like sex and prostitution.

I mean, look at me. I am by far the most hated “blogger” in Thailand, and it’s because I share my real life experiences without sugar coating it. (And I’m not shitting you, I get death threats weekly. But boys will be boys and naïve idiots will be idiots.)

The goal here is to create an awesome resource made up of many different views points to help first timers and expats alike.

Add to the community by visiting and posting on our Thailand Forum now!

See you in paradise!

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