Which International Airports Have Good Security – Bad Kuala Lumpur

which aiports in asia have good secuirty

This is more of a random article.

This last year I’ve done quite a bit of traveling within Asia and the United States. So I decided to do an “Airport Security Test” and see which airport security was effective, and which ones were not.

(What prompted this was the missing Malaysian flight. Since I fly within Asia A LOT, I was really curious to see where paranoia ends and concern should begin.)

I wasn’t smuggling anything illegal. When they scan bags my carry-on bags for weapons and bottles of liquids, I “accidentally” had a large bottle of open water in my backpack.  (This liquid could have been anything. )

In additional to that, I have a computer microphone which always causes my backpack to be searched in the United States and most international airports due to the size and shape.

If I was caught, I apologized and threw away the bottle of water. If I was not caught, I become a little more concerned about that airport’s safety.

Let’s see how a few airports stacked up…

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia International Airport (KUL) = FAIL

The airport that is under the world’s scrutiny has failed this test in style. I passed through with my bottle of water no problem. Nor did they search my backpack for the microphone.

(This was pretty eye opening and concerning.)

Bangkok Thailand International Airport (BKK) = Pass

Security caught my open bottle of water. They searched my backpack and did a pat down. Well done BKK.

Bali Indonesia (Ngurah Rai Airport) = Half Fail

Caught my bottle of water. Did not search my bag for the microphone.

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (Domestic) = Half Fail

Did not catch my bottle of open water. Did search my bag for the microphone.

Hanoi Vietnam International Airport (HAN) = FAIL

Did not catch my open bottle of water. Did not search my bag for the microphone. If fact, the security was operated by 3 bored women who only seemed half awake. I even saw the eyes close for a few seconds of the woman who was looking at the screen while my bag was being X-rayed.

I’m not shitting you, and it was only 5pm. My flight was stopping in Asia and then going directly to London.

Well done Hanoi Vietnam!

Los Angeles (LAX) = Pass

TSA agents may be assholes, but at least they can do their job. Every time I fly international from the United States, my open bottle of water is caught and my microphone is always searched. (I should really start putting that microphone in my checked baggage.)

To Recap

1- Fuck you Kuala Lumpur International Airport! You are a Muslim country that offers international flights to the United States and have shit airport security.

2- Fuck you Hanoi Vietnam Airport!

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