7-Eleven Stores are Awesome in Thailand

7 eleven store thailand
If you have never been to Thailand before, the title of the short article my seem a little ridiculous.  7-Elevens are awesome?  How is that possible?  In the United States 7-Eleven is known for being an overpriced convenience store with shitty hot dogs.

Which is true.  But it is a whole different story in Thailand.

In Thailand, I’ll buy more than 50% of my household items and food from 7-Eleven.

First of all, these stores are everywhere.  On nearly every street corner in Thailand…it will at least seem that way.

But the 7-Eleven stores in Thailand have much more than good locations:

1- Price

The prices on all items in 7-Eleven are the same, or even less, than the grocery store.

2- Meals

Huge selection of frozen meals that actually taste pretty good.  They even have microwaves to heat up anything that needs to be warm.  You can get great tasting meals for under 2usd here.

3- Hard Boiled Eggs

One of my most bought items at 7-Eleven in Thailand.  They have pre-cooked hard boiled eggs.  Two cooked eggs for 15 baht (50 cents).  And when you are on a gym or Muay Thai schedule, this is a great, easy, and healthy way to get 24 grams of protein for only one U.S. dollar.

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Long story short, 7-Eleven is awesome in Thailand!

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  • Anthony says:

    We we’re just talking about Thai 7-Eleven stores last night at dinner. The “new” couple we were overzealously describing the store to seriously think we are crazy. There’s just no way to describe the stores with out sounding like a nutter. My favorite items are chocolate milk and Red Bull. I always bring a couple cases of Red Bull home with me ’cause it doesn’t compare to what they can and sell to us over here. The 7-Eleven staff laughs with me every time I ask for whole cases of the RB. It’s a bit warped to miss a country because of its convient stores but I do.

  • russellkollins says:

    Usually not only are they overpriced, but they are almost always run by retard’s.
    I would be willing to pay double the asking price NOT to deal with the retards at the cash registers, seems like most of them might be smoking crack or freebase on a regular basis. At least this seems to be the case in the states.

    Cost of two eggs in NyC: $2.19 ( also my favorite post workout bite )
    If it goes any higher, Im considering buying my own live chicken

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